May Mobility, 123.Net Partner to Power Autonomous Shuttles

Ann Arbor’s May Mobility, an autonomous vehicle company, has selected Southfield’s 123.Net Inc. to provide data center and connectivity services.
May Mobility shuttle
May Mobility, which operates autonomous shuttles, has selected 123.Net as its data center and connectivity services provider. // Photo courtesy of May Mobility

Ann Arbor’s May Mobility, an autonomous vehicle company, has selected Southfield’s 123.Net Inc. to provide data center and connectivity services.

123.Net is a large colocation and fiber network provider. May Mobility was founded in 2017 and develops autonomous vehicle systems and operates autonomous shuttles primarily for use in urban environments. It operates shuttles in the U.S. and Japan and has completed more than 270,000 passenger rides.

“May Mobility is pioneering autonomous tech in both lab and real-world settings, an endeavor that puts an absolute premium on connectivity, capability, and reliability,” says Ryan Duda, chief technology officer for 123.Net.

Traditionally, enterprise networks are built over an extended time with a blend of conventional and modernized systems. For May Mobility, 123.Net had to design a scalable, complex enterprise network from scratch on a tight timetable.

Each shuttle generates more data in an hour than the average U.S. household uses in a month. May Mobility has seen a 400 percent increase in data generated per hour compared to a year ago, and the figure is expected to grow as the company incorporates new technologies to collect insights for autonomy and municipalities.

“At May Mobility, our manufacturing and fleet operations are dependent on moving and processing petabytes of data, backed by extremely high-speed, reliable connectivity,” says Daniel Marks, network team lead on the project for May Mobility. “We’re working with 123.Net to help meet this challenge as we continue to deploy our autonomous vehicles in more cities around the country. Our ultimate goal is to leverage this technology to help in creating a safer, greener, more accessible world.”

123.Net is leveraging its Connectivity Hub Network, which is capable of meeting changing industry needs, for May Mobility. The hub is further backed by 123.Net’s close affiliation with the Detroit Internet Exchange, a carrier-neutral exchange housed within 123.Net’s headquarters that connects it with more than 40 global carriers.

“The connected and autonomous vehicle sector recognizes that one of its greatest challenges is exchanging and housing massive amounts of data gathered through an increasingly connected world,” says Noah Lessaris of strategic accounts at 123.Net. “A core tenet of 123.Net’s strategy is to provide a technological backbone for Michigan businesses, so we’re pleased to work with May Mobility and apply our Connectivity Hub strategy on behalf of this forward-thinking, next-generation and socially responsible mobility company.”

More than a dozen Fortune 500 companies and thousands of Michigan businesses use 123.Net’s connectivity services. It operates a carrier-neutral data center and peers with technology leaders such as Google, AWS, General Motors, and others.