Detroit-based LIFT Partners to Offer Aerospace Manufacturing Programs, Resources


Detroit-based Lightweight Innovations for Tomorrow (LIFT) is collaborating with the Sterling Heights-based Michigan Aerospace Manufacturers Association to offer programs and educational resources for the state’s aerospace manufacturing industry.

“In aggregate, aircraft production will increase at a compounded growth of 2.3 percent annually by value to reach $211 billion by 2024,” says Gavin Brown, executive director at the association. “The LIFT- (Michigan Aerospace Manufacturers Association) collaboration assures our member companies will have the resources and innovations necessary to capture an increasing share of that growing aerospace market.”

Through the collaboration, which will be available to members of the association and LIFT partners, the two organizations will offer joint education, forums, and events that focus on lightweight material solutions.

Brown says the focus of the collaboration is to try to go from heavy metals to lighter weight materials that are more durable, which can increase the fuel efficiency of the next generation of commercial and private aircraft.

The collaboration will also teach manufacturers how to work with 3-D additive and digital manufacturing, as well as learn new processes to develop workforce development and business opportunities.

Last year, Michigan was ranked as the No. 2 state in the nation for aerospace manufacturing facilities, according to PwC, a London-based auditor.

Brown says there are more than 230 aerospace companies manufacturing in Michigan, such as commercial-manufacturers Airbus and Boeing; defense-manufacturer Lockheed Martin; and engine-manufacturers Pratt & Whitney, Rolls Royce, and GE Aviation.

Additionally, Michigan is ranked 24th in overall dollars spent on the aerospace industry, with $1.5 billion spent annually.