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Pandemic Pitfalls

Special Report: 2021 Michigan Economic Forecast – Pandemic Pitfalls

The 2021 economy will be influenced by the coronavirus pandemic, the approval (or not) of a vaccine, more federal stimulus, and who wins the presidential and congressional elections.
Toasted Oak

2020 Top Business Restaurants in Metro Detroit

All restaurants are reviewed anonymously, all expenses are paid by Hour Media, and the listings have no relationship to advertising in the magazine.
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July โ€“ August 2020 Commentary

In summer 2021, Macomb County will embark on a $217-million project to reconstruct a nine-mile stretch of Mound Road, from I-696 to M-59, which runs through the cities of Warren and Sterling Heights. While funding for such large-scale projects is challenging โ€” the county secured a vital federal grant in 2018 โ€” the fact is itโ€™s also crucial to have the vigilance to identify mistakes before they occur.
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May โ€“ June 2020 Commentary

A major concern regarding COVID-19? Michigan had the fourth-highest death rate in the country at 19 per 100,000 people (as of April 16 according to a database from The New York Times). The fatality rate trailed Connecticut and Louisiana, both at 24, New Jersey (36), and New York (59). Washington State, which was impacted early on, was at 8, while California was at 2 deaths per 100,000 people.
2020 Lincoln Navigator

2020 Auto Dealership Consumer Guide

For 259 auto dealerships in the Detroit metropolitan area, sales and leases of new vehicles dipped from 336,963 vehicles to 305,341 for full-year 2019....
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March โ€“ April 2020 Commentary

Service providers like Google, Facebook, and Amazon have the ability to listen in on customersโ€™ meetings and conversations, and track buying patterns and travel schedules.
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Spring Into Fashion

As the temperatures rise, these accessories will take your outdoor style to a whole new level.
January February 2020 Commentary

January โ€“ February 2020 Commentary

As technological innovations seemingly advance at the speed of light, it can be difficult to keep pace with new offerings in manufacturing, medicine, artificial intelligence, machine learning, or robotics. Every 18 months computer processing speed doubles, according to Mooreโ€™s Law, yet it seems much quicker.
Economic Uncertainty

Economic Uncertainty

Foreign trade wars, national elections, impeachment inquiries, sliding auto sales, and UAW/GM strike aftershocks could slow the stateโ€™s economic progress in 2020.

November โ€“ December 2019 Commentary

Itโ€™s time the Trump administration worked directly with the automotive industry to maintain electric vehicle credits and lower fuel economy standards lest it risk higher prices for new cars and trucks, and more production losses. Right now, automakers are building electric vehicles at a loss to appease โ€œgreenโ€ politicians, regulators, and environmentalists.