Women’s Clothing Boutique to Open in Birmingham


Boston-based fashion designer Sara Campbell — who has ties to Michigan — will open her first boutique in the state and 17th nationally in May with a storefront in downtown Birmingham.

“My (parents are) born and raised in Michigan … so I’m very happy to be able to plant a store there,” says Campbell, founder and owner of the stores that bears her name. “I like the sensibility of a Mid-western person … I think we fit in well with the demographics.”

The new store, to be located at 146 W. Maple Road, will be 1,100 square feet and feature women’s apparel such as dresses, coats, and accessories with a modern yet classic style, Campbell says. Price points for the apparel range from $200 to $500.

“(The clothing is) made in U.S.A. (although) the cashmere is not,” Campbell says. “We only sell through our stores and a handful of our specialty stores … you’re really buying into a boutique business.”

The company Sara Campbell does its marketing through events that give back to a cause such as homeless shelters and fundraisers.

“Our core values are to give back to the community, to be part of the community, to work for the common good, (and to) do something bigger than yourself,” she says.

Campbell says although opening other storefronts in Michigan is not in the works, it remains a possibility.