Romulus Trailer Manufacturer Benlee Acquires Lugger Truck Builder


The Romulus-based roll-off trailer company Benlee has acquired the assets of Wisconsin-based Huge Haul Inc., a manufacturer of lugger trucks and trailers for the waste management industry. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

“Lugger trucks have been used in scrap yards for the scrap metal and recycling industries for decades,” says Greg Brown, president and CEO of Benlee. “We currently (use) Huge Haul lugger trucks at our North Carolina wholly-owned, Raleigh Metal Recycling and Goldsboro Metal Recycling operations. Based on our experience, we understood the applications and the needs.”

Brown says Huge Haul’s lugger hoist manufacturing operations will be moved to Romulus, and the trucks will be built in the same facility as Benlee roll-off trailers and trucks. He says Benlee’s online parts store will soon offer load lugger truck and trailer parts.

Huge Haul lugger trucks were designed by Brooks Equipment in the 1930s and became a part of the Ingersoll division of BorgWarner until 1960 when Heil purchased the Load Lugger division. In 1991, Huge Haul purchased the division from Heil.

“We will be doing with Huge Haul what we did when we acquired Benlee and later Dunright roll-off trailers,” Brown says. “We took great names with great products and improved on the basic designs, increased the support, and expanded the product line …”

Benlee manufactures roll-off trailers for the recycling, construction, landscape, and environmental services industries, among others. The company has three facilities in Romulus dedicated to manufacturing, service, and engineering and sales.​