Troy’s Woodberry Wine Premieres Nain Rouge Red for March Parade


Woodberry Wine, a Troy-based distributor of wines from the United States and around the world, launched Nain Rouge Red in time for the Marche du Nain Rouge parade in Detroit’s Midtown district set for March 22.

“The Nain Rouge is as authentic as the city of Detroit itself,” says Dan Gilsky, CEO and managing partner of Woodberry Wine.

Nain Rouge Red is a French blend of Syrah and Grenache that has both spice and fruitiness. The wine is inspired by the Detroit legend of Nain Rouge, or red dwarf, that is believed to foretell doom when sighted.

Every year on the Sunday after the vernal equinox, Detroiters disguised in costumes have celebrated liberation from the fiendish dwarf and the success and future of the city at the Marche du Nain Rouge along Cass Avenue.

During the Preparer le Nain Semaine Week from March 16–22, local businesses including Downtown Louie’s Lounge, Grille Midtown, and Traffic Jam & Snug will host events leading up to the Marche and celebrate the launch of Nain Rouge Red. 

“Detroit is in the midst of a tremendous renaissance, and we support the efforts of Woodberry Wine in bringing a Detroit-inspired, French red wine into the market,” says Evan Hansen, a partner at Selden Standard. The Midtown restaurant will host the Nain Rouge Red launch party on March 22.

This year, due to construction, the parade will begin at 1 p.m. in the parking lot of Traffic Jam & Snug on Canfield Street and proceed down Second Avenue. Marche du Nain Rouge features performances, neighborhood-built chariots, cash prizes, and after parties at the Masonic Temple and the Old Miami. 

Nain Rouge Red will be available along the parade route, and is now being stocked in stores, restaurants, and bars throughout Michigan.

The Nain Rouge story was recently brought to fictional life after Royal Oak author Josef Bastian wrote a trilogy and full-color graphic novel. The series follows 13-year-olds Elly and Tom, who are tasked with rescuing Detroit from the Nain Rouge, originally a sprite who guarded the river’s narrow straights, and grew vengeful after being mistreated by the French settlers in the early 1700s.

A Nain Rouge movie is also in the works in partnership with Folkteller Stories and Radish Creative Group, both in Royal Oak, and Lakeview Pictures in Los Angeles. For more information about the books or movie, contact Josef Bastian at

To learn more about Dan Glisky, check out the “In Vino Veritas” article in DBusiness’s March/April 2015 issue.