Plymouth Township Software Company to Launch Cloud-based Automotive Platform


Movimento, an automotive software company headquartered in Plymouth Township, has partnered with Sierra Wireless, a British Columbia-based wireless technology company, to provide automotive original equipment manufacturers with a cloud-based platform to upgrade vehicle software.

The Sierra Wireless-Movimento platform will allow automakers to use a secure network dashboard to send software updates that car owners can install at any time.

“Our combined solution removes all of the complexity for auto OEMs and Tier 1 vendors who supply the connected car industry,” says Mahbubul Alam, chief technology officer at Movimento. “Rather than worrying about maintaining all the different software and firmware versions, we created a centralized solution from car to cloud.”

Alam says the platform will use push technology — a notification technology that is used for cell phone and computer updates — to alert vehicle owners when new software updates are available. After they receive a notification, the owner will be able to decide if they want the update.

Safety updates, such as security patches, will occur silently in the background while the vehicle is running. Warranty and new feature functionality updates will need the vehicle to be off while they occur.

The Sierra Wireless-Movimento platform has been sent to original equipment manufacturers, and they can install it for aftermarket use now, Alam says. The built-in technology will not be available until 2018.