Martin Midwest Group’s Spinoff to Offer Biodegradable Cleaning Products


Northville-based Martin Midwest Group, a provider of sales, marketing, and distribution services for a variety of manufacturers, has launched a subsidiary offering industrial cleaning products, called Detroit Garage Works.

“(We) developed a line that could really fit that hardcore, blue-collar guy that works in a plant that needs to get clean and wants to do it in a way that doesn’t use harsh chemicals and solvents,” says Gary Martin, president of Detroit Garage Works.

Martin says the products are bead-free (meaning they don’t have any plastic scrubbing agents), and instead use a pulverized walnut shell powder as a scrubbing agent. Products include a glass cleaner, an auto wash solution, and a degreaser that works on oil and grease stains, among others. He says the walnut shell powder is easier on drain systems and is biodegradable.

Marin says he plans to eventually spin off Detroit Garage Works from Martin Midwest Group. The three-employee company, which launched in September 2015, is headquartered in Northville, although there are plans to move Detroit Garage Works to a facility in Detroit along Fort Street.

The products are currently available online, and Martin says he’s starting to set up national distribution for the products.

To purchase the cleaning products, click here.

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