Ludington Ice Cream Shop Plans to Create World’s Longest Sundae


The ice cream shop House of Flavors in Ludington will attempt to break the Guinness World Record for the longest ice cream dessert by constructing a half-mile long ice cream sundae in June.

Barry Neal, general manager of House of Flavors, says the dessert will be made with more than 12,700 scoops of ice cream (760 gallons) along eight city blocks of Ludington Avenue. He says the dessert must be consumed, and 6,000 people will be needed to eat at least two scoops of ice cream at the event.

“This world record attempt really gets us in the spirit to kick off the summer season,” Neal says. “And what could be more fun than a giant, free ice cream social and community celebration in downtown Ludington?”

To break the Guinness World Record, the dessert will be measured in terms of physical size, and it must be one continuous dessert with at least one topping and is entirely edible. Neal says Ludington’s dessert will feature 800 pounds of chocolate syrup, 600 cans of whipped cream, and 2,000 Michigan maraschino cherries, along with several different flavors of ice cream.

The current record is held by the city of Manurewa, a suburb of Auckland, New Zealand. The city built and consumed an ice cream dessert last February that was nearly 2,000 feet long, less than a half-mile.

House of Flavors was founded in 1948.

Guests can register for the event, to be held on June 11, here.