International Artificial Vision Congress to be Held in Dearborn


Health care experts from around the world will gather in Dearborn this September to collaborate and discuss the advances and challenges in the global pursuit of artificial vision during The Eye and The Chip, the Detroit Institute of Ophthalmology’s ninth biennial congress on artificial vision.

The Grosse Pointe-based institute, a division of Henry Ford System’s Department of Ophthalmology, will host the event at the Henry Hotel, located at 300 Town Center Dr., and feature five keynote speakers.

Topics that will be addressed at the congress will include advancements in retina implants, the approval of an eye implant in Europe, a device being developed at Harvard Medical School, a brain implant for those who have lost both eyes, and the FDA-approved Argus II device.

“This three-day congress is the world’s leading meeting on artificial vision,” says Philip Hessburg, medical director of the Detroit Institute of Ophthalmology. “The gathering enables the exchange of scientific advances among international researchers. The collaborative relationships created help to advance research at a faster pace.”

Complimentary registration for the congress, which will be held Sept. 18-20, is available for Henry Ford Health System ophthalmology residents, neurology residents, neurosurgery residents, and medical students. Tickets for other attendees range from $175 to $500.

Hessburg says the event specifically targets neurobiologists, bioengineers, and those in the field of optometry, radiology, pathology, and anatomy, given the specific focus on the relationship between neurobiology and nanoelectronics in artificial vision.

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