Beaumont Health Seeks Participants for Last-Phase Cancer Study


Beaumont Health urologists today announced they are seeking participants for a minimally invasive, Magnetic Resonance Imagining (MRI) guided prostate cancer study. The technology, in its final phase of development, locates the tumor and safely applies ultrasound energy to destroy the cancerous cells in a precise manner.

Urologists and past study participants say the MRI-based technology is a much better alternative to traditional prostate cancer treatment, which usually consists of surgery and radiation therapy. The latter procedure has been known to leave patients with significant long-term urinary, bowel, and sexual function complications.

“The first study proved the technology was very precise, accurate, and it did what it was supposed to do, and in a manner that didn’t cause the patient any harm,” says Dr. James Relle, principal investigator and Beaumont Health urologist. “This opened the door to proceed to the next and last phase of the study. Our goal is to be the first to receive approval from the Food and Drug Administration to make this treatment available to patients across the world.”

The process is not only quicker for patients, but it is found to create less long-term issues.

“Once approved by the FDA, this will usher in a whole new set of options for patients who are worried about managing their prostate cancer and are worried about incurring unwanted side effects,” says Relle.

Beaumont’s urologists are seeking at least 10 patients for the final phase of the study. Patients must meet the following criteria to participate:

  • Male, 45-80 years old
  • Biopsy-confirmed adenocarcinoma (cancer) of the prostate
  • PSA level equal or lower than 15ng/ml
  • Eligible for MRI
  • Able to tolerate general anesthesia
  • Life expectancy greater than 10 years

Additionally, study participants will be monitored for a period of five years after treatment.

For more information on study enrollment, call Beaumont Urology Research at 248-551-3355.