30 in Their Thirties: Matthew Loria // 39


Matthew Loria // 39

Partner // Auxiom, Madison Heights // Employees: 10 // Revenue: $1M- $3M

Oakland University

While Madison Heights-based Auxiom supplies small- to mid-sized businesses with IT services, the company’s philosophy reaches further than laptops, spyware, or internet connections. “AU is the chemical symbol for gold, and ‘axiom’ is defined as a rule of something known to be true,” says Matthew Loria, an Auxiom partner.

“It’s our little way of saying the Golden Rule: It’s a lot easier to walk in the client’s shoes if we treat them how we would want to be treated.” Loria says the company’s focus on customer service — from the front desk receptionist to IT experts — also drives the way he approaches management and business decisions.

Whether it’s contributing fresh ideas or cultivating relationships, an emotionally charged approach to entrepreneurship is something Loria has subscribed to throughout his career. That includes a side project he’s been working on, which he describes as a happiness tool called the SmileStick.

Prior to joining Auxiom, Loria had been drafting up a business plan for a company that would supply business owners with IT services that fully met their needs. The sweet spot would be clients that were traditionally too small to have their own-in house IT team. When the opportunity to join Auxiom came about, he jumped at the chance. “I enjoy dealing with other business owners and truly being able to help them stabilize and grow their businesses,” he says. Moving forward, Loria says the company’s goal is to become the namesake IT firm for businesses in metro Detroit, before expanding the enterprise nationally.