Rock Holdings in Detroit Acquires and


Need a quick definition or a synonym? Look no further than Rock Holdings, which has acquired and from their creator, IAC of Oakland, Calif. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

The Detroit-based company announced its acquisition with a press release rife with vocabulary requiring the use of the popular online language resources that receive more than 540 million hits per year.

“From the genesis, we admit to invariable conjecture in the unmitigated competency of online mechanization to ameliorate the total sum of completed undertakings throughout our mortal existence,” says a tongue-in-cheek Dan Gilbert, founder and chairman of Rock Holdings. “Cognition and discourse are conjointly associated. Whilst the cosmos that encompass us are invariably in flux, an aphorism has perpetually prevailed – the desideratum for efficacious articulation to connote doctrine, conjecture, et al.” and were started in 1995 and quickly became the go-to source for writers and others looking for meanings to words and different words that hold the same meaning. and join a host of internet services, and content and entertainment providers under the Rock Holdings umbrella including Rocket Mortgage,, LowerMyBills, StockX, the Cleveland Cavaliers, Robb Report, and Genius, among others.

“This is an exhilarating juncture for and,” says Liz McMillan, CEO of, in a manner similar to Gilbert. “We endeavor to excogitate amidst a portion of the eminent monikers in industrial science. Rock Holdings is the epicenter of a plethora of headmost enterprises in the commonwealth of cyberspace and we apperceive that considerable capability for additional ontogenesis is situated within the aforementioned alliance.”

Rock Holdings says it expects “an explosion of innovative and creative functionality, products and integration opportunities that will propel this enterprise into leading a viral era of knowledge expansion and communication skill development across the nation from preschool well into senescence.”