Novi’s Stoneridge to Expand Rearview Camera Trial for Truck Fleets


Stoneridge Inc., a Novi-based designer and manufacturer of electronic components, is expanding its evaluations for the company’s camera monitor system that replaces a truck’s traditional mirrors with integrated external digital cameras and internal digital monitors to provide drivers with enhanced vision.

Stoneridge had an initial fleet evaluation period for its MirrorEye CMS system and is extending its program so more fleet owners can try the system.

“We have been conducting MirrorEye CMS fleet trials for the past year as we prepare to launch in North America,” says Stephen Fox, vice president, business development at Stoneridge,. “After conducting very successful fleet trials with some of the top safety fleets in North America, we are prepared to offer this advanced vision and safety solution to a greater number of fleets for evaluation.”

Fox says the new system offers blind spot reduction, night vision, trailer panning, expanded fields of view, and high-definition camera and display technology.

North American fleets are legally required to have physical mirrors, but Fox says, removing them from European trucks has improved aerodynamics and demonstrated a fuel cost savings of about 2-3 percent per year.

“Our camera monitor system is a technology that can transform the transportation industry, making it safer for all who share the roads and highways with commercial vehicle drivers,” says Jon DeGaynor, president and CEO of Stoneridge.

Stoneridge has engaged Spangenberg Partners to support commercial fleet trials in North America.

To try MirrorEye during this fleet evaluation period, click here.

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