New Technology Allows Cars to Drive Directly onto Trailers


Montrose Trailers, a mid-Michigan-based manufacturer of aluminum trailers, today announced a new product line with a technology that allows cars to drive directly onto the trailer without damaging the front lip of the vehicle.

Gary Palinsky, owner of Montrose Trailers, says the low profile lift technology uses hydraulic power to raise and lower the front of the trailer to the preferred height and angle. Once the vehicle is in the trailer, a wireless or manual switch will lower the trailer back down to a level position.

“Worrying about the height of wheel covers or the need to crawl to tie down the car will be a thought of the past,” Palinsky says.

He says the weight of the low profile power tilt enclosed trailer, including the winch, spare tire, battery, and toolbox is about 2,900 pounds, compared to the more than 4,500 pounds a flatbed, open trailer, and power tilt a steel version weighs.

Palinsky says Montrose Trailers will custom build to customers’ specs so the trailer can be as long and high as needed.

Montrose Trailers, founded in 1971, offers automobile, snowmobile, ATV, motorcycle, and utility trailers.

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