Live Answering Services Company Launches in Harper Woods


Clementine, a new company formed in Harper Woods, is offering customers such as medical professionals and property managers live answering services so they never miss a call.

“Reliability is key in our industry — when a doctor receives an after-hours call in an emergency situation, the performance of the answering service can literally be a matter of life or death,” says Kelly Smythe, vice president of sales and marketing at Clementine. “Clementine’s team has a wealth of experience acting as an extension of our customers’ businesses.”

Smythe says Clementine, which officially launched today, has more than 1,600 customers nationwide with regional offices in Massachusetts, Illinois, Oklahoma, North Carolina, and New Hampshire. The company has a team of live answering agents that are trained to answer calls based on the customer’s customized script. She says Clementine offers 24/7 service and also can manage emails and text messages.

Smythe says Clementine, which has 130 employees, offers services for professionals in the medical, property management, home services, and oil and gas industries, as well as for small business owners.

“With regional offices across the country and a disaster recovery plan in place at all sites, Clementine is positioned to efficiently answer calls, even in emergency situations,” Smythe says. “Clementine also invests in HIPAA compliancy, a certification of particular importance in the medical sector.”

Pricing starts at $100 for 90 minutes of answering calls along with unlimited email messages. Smythe says over the next year, Clementine plans to expand into more cities throughout the Midwest.

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