Canton Township IKEA Expands Solar Array


IKEA, an international home furnishings retailer, today announced it expanded the solar array on top of its store in Canton Township to 40,000 square feet. The array produces nearly 294,000 kilowatt-hours more electricity annually for the store —  the equivalent of powering 26 homes. 

Matt Hunsicker, store manager of IKEA, says the 780-panel solar expansion sits on top of a 44,000-square-foot store expansion completed in July in order to expand the self-serve furniture area (where shoppers collect flat-packed furniture), rearrange customer service functions, and increase the size of the home delivery area.

Hunsicker says IKEA now has a solar installation that generates clean electricity yearly equivalent to reducing 970 tons of carbon dioxide, eliminating the emissions of 204 cars, or powering 134 homes.

"We are proud to make this investment, to grow our local sustainable footprint, and to contribute to the IKEA goal of energy independence," Hunsicker says.

Hunsicker says IKEA selected Inovateus Solar for the development, design, and installation of the store's system.

IKEA has the goal of being energy independent by 2020, and has installed more than 700,000 solar panels on buildings across the world and owns about 300 wind turbines, including more than 100 in the U.S.

The IKEA store in Canton Township, which opened in June 2006, has 52 different room settings, three model home interiors, and a 300-seat restaurant. IKEA has more than 370 stores in 47 countries, including 41 in the U.S.

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