Comcast Business Unveils SmartOffice Video Surveillance Solution for Businesses


Comcast Business has announced the availability of SmartOffice, a video surveillance solution designed to improve efficiency for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) through advanced monitoring. Using SmartOffice, SMBs can oversee their organizations by recording, storing, accessing, and sharing surveillance footage on a 24/7 basis. The system also provides secure cloud storage and instant access via mobile devices, and is professionally installed and backed by 24/7 customer support.

SmartOffice is now available in select markets, including Detroit, with plans for future expansion throughout the entire Comcast service area. Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan credits SmartOffice with much of the success of Project Green Light, the real-time crime fighting program that relies on high-definition video feeds from nearly 120 partnering businesses.

“Without the complete video technology system Comcast provides, Project Green Light would not be the success it is today,” says Duggan. “Because business owners know they can get everything they need from one provider to meet the requirements of the program, enrollment is growing at a rapid pace, and we are seeing improvement across the city.”

SmartOffice’s advanced capabilities include commercial-grade, 720p HD surveillance cameras with flexible zoom, wide view, and night vision settings, cloud storage for up to 30 days of video, and access permissions for up to four employees on smart phones, tablets, or a desktop. The first camera is included with the service, and additional cameras are available for a monthly fee.

“The growing trend for building ‘Smart Cities’ will lead to the rise of connected devices across the private and public sectors, and our SmartOffice solution can provide video surveillance to organizations that want to monitor their locations more closely,” says Christian Nascimento, executive director of premise services at Comcast Business. “This new service aligns well with our high-capacity internet and Ethernet offerings and allow SMBs to use the cloud for easy access to, and sharing of, video footage, which can benefit a business in many ways.”

Ordering information can be found here.