Crittenton Launches Tumor Ablation Program


Rochester Hills-based Crittenton Hospital Medical Center today announced their Tumor Ablation Program, which specializes in using a minimally invasive surgical procedure to destroy cancerous tumors in any area of the body. An outpatient procedure, ablation is similar to a needle biopsy, but is performed under CT Scan or ultrasound guidance for tumor visualization.

Tumor ablation can be performed with either heat or cold, optimally using microwave or cryotechnology. Cryoablation can also be used to treat benign tumors, such as breast fibroadenomas, chest and abdominal wall desmoids, and endometriosis of the abdominal wall.

“Image-guided tumor ablation can treat many cancerous tumors as thoroughly as other treatment options with less pain, less risk, faster recovery time, and lower recurrence rates,” says Dr. Peter Littrup, a Crittenton interventional radiologist and scientist in medical imaging.

Dr. Littrup has conducted extensive research regarding cancer screening, ultrasound technology, biopsy guidance, and tumor ablation, and will be leading the program. He has over 100 publications and holds several publications for cryoablation technology and ultrasound tomography.

Cryoablation is less invasive than traditional, open surgery, and reduces harm to healthy tissues because the treatment is centralized to the tumor. Ablation may also be used when surgery isn’t an option, and requires a shorter hospital stay and recovery time.

Dr. Littrup adds that tumor ablation is most commonly used to treat breast, lung, kidney, and certain ovarian cancers, as well as a focal treatment for endometriosis. It can also be preferable for high-risk patients, including those with obesity, poor heart and lung status, and those with one kidney.