Bosch Group in Farmington Hills Establishes SEG Automotive, Independent Company for Hybrid Technology


The starter motor and generator division of the Bosch Group in Farmington Hills has announced its completed transition to an independent company, SEG Automotive. The new company is owned by Zhengzhou Coal Mining Machinery Group Co., and has established its headquarters in Novi, which will employ 60 people.

“The name is new, but SEG Automotive is committed to continuity, especially in terms of location strategy and our employees,” says Jon Husby, president and CEO of SEG Automotive North America. “There many years of experience in the company, competence, and commitment contribute significantly to our success. In the future our locations in Novi and Lerma, Mexico, will play an even more important role in the worldwide SEG Automotive business, and we will continue to be an attractive employer in North America.”

From the outset, SEG Automotive will be dedicated to creating cost-efficient and environmentally friendly hybrid technology for vehicle manufacturers and their customers. Specifically, the Boost Recuperation Machine enables regenerative braking and energy storage via a 48-volt electrical system to save fuel, enable a performance boost when passing, or coast with the engine switched off.

The company is also committed to reducing carbon dioxide emissions from passenger cars and commercial vehicles to address the challenge of climate protection across all drive technologies. Though e-mobility continues to gain traction worldwide, the combustion engine is expected to remain a staple of individual mobility systems and will challenge vehicle manufacturers to lower carbon dioxide emissions without reducing fleet consumption.

With the BRM, SEG Automotive already offers a technology for hybridizing gasoline and diesel engines in a cost-effective manner. Through the use of BRM, fuel consumption and CO2 emissions can be reduced by about 15 percent.

“With our product range, we efficiently support automobile manufacturers worldwide in the reduction of CO2 emissions — regardless of the drive technology,” says Ulrich Krischner, CEO of SEG Automotive. “Together with the new owner ZMJ, SEG Automotive has a great potential for innovations and further global growth, in particular in the significant Chinese and North American market.”

SEG Automotive currently operates 16 locations worldwide and employs more than 8,000 at various automotive markets.

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