Ann Arbor’s Duo Security Partners with Virginia’s OPAQ Networks to Create a Security-as-a-service Platform


Duo Security in Ann Arbor, a company that helps defend organizations against cyber breaches through its cloud-based product, has partnered with Virginia’s OPAQ Networks, a security cloud company, to integrate Duo with the OPAQ security-as-a-system platform. OPAQ managed security services partners can now offer Duo’s Trusted Access platform to protect its customers’ systems and data from unauthorized access.

“Incorporating Duo’s capabilities into OPAQ empowers our partners to deliver enhanced access control best practices,” says Ken Ammon, chief strategy officer for OPAQ Networks. “Duo is best-in-class when it comes to zero-trust security. This partnership allows us to extend our enterprise-grade protection capabilities, which managed security services providers can centrally control and enforce from the OPAQ 360 portal.”

Duo verifies the identity of the user and the security posture of the device before allowing access to any critical applications. The integration of Duo and the OPAQ platform enables partners to centrally enforce user authentication and device authorization as a component of the cloud-delivered security service.

“Both Duo and OPAQ strongly believe in democratizing security best-practices for organizations of all sizes. In delivering effective security for our customers, both companies are taking a cloud and mobile-first approach,” says Ruoting Sun, head of technology partnerships for Duo. “This partnership between Duo and OPAQ makes it easy for mutual partners to ensure that only trusted users and devices are accessing OPAQ 360.”

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