30 in Their Thirties: Dwight Brown // 35


tDirector of Features and Technology Planning, General Motors Co., Detroit
tEmployees: 212,000 Revenue: $155.4 billion Education: University of Iowa

tAlthough he started working for General Motors Co. full time in 2004, Dwight Brown’s history with the automaker stretches back to his days as an undergraduate at Iowa State University. While studying mechanical engineering, the Iowa native interned with GM and received a job offer from the company — but he turned them down. While Brown accepted a different offer, boredom set in and he left to pursue an MBA from the University of Iowa. Again, he took an internship with the automotive giant. “I always really loved automobiles — cars, trucks — but I was always scared of the automobile industry, due to the cyclical nature of it and not being from Michigan,” Brown says. Once he accepted the position, where he and a team seek out new automotive technologies and features, he knew the industry was for him. “I call them ‘surprise and delight’ features,” says Brown, who notes that small details help guide purchase decisions for consumers on tight budgets. Brown attributes his success to his genuine enjoyment of the industry, and encourages young people to find a career in line with their passions. “It can be hard to find your footing in such a big company, but with time you can really find your footing. I definitely see myself sticking with this industry down the road — I’ve fallen in love with it, and what I do.”