Plymouth Township’s FZB Technology Rebrands to Dare Auto, Moves to Bigger Headquarters


FZB Technology Inc. Thursday announced it has rebranded as Dare Auto Inc. and moved its North American operations to a new, larger facility in Plymouth Township.

The 28,500-square-foot office building is located at 47548 Halyard Drive and will accommodate the Dare Auto’s current and anticipated growth of its product and service offerings.

The new name reflects the company’s shift from a research and development firm to a full-service provider of brushless motors, electronic controller systems, electric pumps, and all other hydraulic pumps. It also reflects the name of its Chinese parent company, Fuxin Dare Automotive Parts Co.

“This strategic move enables Dare Auto to increase our size and scope to operate as a full-service supplier in North America,” says Jim Yang, CEO and chief technology officer. “We believe the expansion and name change better aligns with our corporate strategy and goals, especially as we look to increase our North American automotive business.”

The company was founded in Plymouth in 2013 and focuses on research, development, and application of smart brushless motors, body electronics, and pump products. Its parent company is based in Fuxin, China and is a full-service automotive part supplier that offers pumps, electric pumps, motors, electric controllers, automotive electronics, industrial heat insulation, and noise and weight reduction material used in steering, transmission, braking, body, and driver assistance systems.

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