Elite Detection K9 Launches in Rochester Hills to Breed Scent-detection Labradors, Seeks Hosts for Mother Dogs

Elite Detection K9 in Rochester Hills is breeding and training scent-detection Labradors and other working breeds in response to an increase in shipping security. // Photograph Courtesy of Elite Detection K9

Elite Detection K9, a new Leader Dogs for the Blind company in Rochester Hills, breeds, raises, and trains scent-detection Labradors and other working breeds as well as provides certified K9 teams.

The American-bred scent-detection dogs will be used to protect schools, hospitals, businesses, public venues, and more.

A recent federal bill requires the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) to use scent-detection dogs to scan every package transported via ground shipping or air cargo. With the growth of eCommerce, the demand for such dogs has skyrocketed. There is an estimated shortage of 6,000 dogs to detect explosives.

“We are fortunate to have the backing of Leader Dogs for the Blind with its 80-year history of breeding, raising, and training guide dogs,” says Greg Guidice, president and CEO of Elite Detection K9. “We are adopting this knowledge base to breed healthy, consistent, and high-quality American-bred explosive-detection dogs for the private sector to address this national crisis and public safety issue.”

The company is looking for volunteers to host breeding moms whose puppies will become scent-detection dogs. No experience is necessary.

“Not only will host families have fun volunteering and playing with puppies, but they will also get a sense of pride knowing they’re contributing to the future safety of communities across our nation,” says Guidice.

Elite Detection K9 provides guidance through birthing, complimentary boarding when vacationing during the breeding life of the dog, one-on-one support from an Elite Detection K9 breeding specialist, and the option to adopt the mother dog after she retires, which is usually at four years of age or after four litters.

More information about the program and consideration as a host family is available here. Those interested can also email info@elitedetectionk9.com or call (248) 218-6661.