Birmingham’s Cover Crop Ranch Develops Sustainable Method for Meat Production


Birmingham-based Cover Crop Ranch has developed an all-natural method for meat production that feeds animals with a mixture of kale, peas, clovers, and turnips and eliminates the use of grasses and grains.

Owner Jeff Rasawehr says Cover Crop Ranch has found a way to eliminate the need for natural or artificial fertilizer by regenerating the soil with the plants used in feed crop fields, which unlocks the natural nutrients of the soil. He says the method is being used on farms in Celina, Ohio, west of Columbus.

“By using this methodology we have a nutrient dense meat … it’s healthier meat, from healthier crops, which is better for human consumption,” he says. Additionally, he says the method is better than organic.

He says the runoff water from Cover Crop Ranch’s farm is nearly clear, compared to the water from an average farm, which is a cloudy dark brown.

Rasawehr says the meat — available in beef and pork — is available at Fairway Distributing by name and will be available in restaurants soon.

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