Battery Giant Expands into 3 More Markets


Madison Heights-based Battery Giant will open stores in three new markets, including: Orlando, Florida; Denver, Colorado; and East Lansing later this year. The company has seen great success in franchise development in the past few months, in part to the focus that they have put on the battery recycling effort in the local community.

Utilizing the metro Detroit area as a test market, Battery Giant began distributing buckets for the collection of used batteries to local businesses surrounding the stores. The response has been tremendous, with most businesses and groups welcoming the opportunity to dispose of their used batteries in a proper manner.

“We knew that we did not want to throw the old batteries in the trash but never had a proper way to dispose of them,” said Jim Dundas of the Southfield Fire Departmen. “The Battery Giant green bucket recycling program gives us a method to make sure that the old batteries are disposed of correctly.”

The excitement of the recycling program, in addition to the move to a newly renovated 110,000 square-foot corporate headquarters, training facility and warehouse has driven increased interest in the battery store franchising opportunity.

“Great things are happening at Battery Giant,” said Greg Danziger, president. “The battery distribution industry is an $88 billion business, and the market is continually growing. Additionally, the green movement of battery recycling is another profitable revenue stream for the business.”