Capital Gains

dog balancing a treat on its nose
Detroit-based Happy Howie’s has seen its sales skyrocket since Capital One began airing a national advertising campaign in December 2020. // Stock Photo

Since being featured in a national advertising campaign for Capital One bank that began airing in December 2020, Happy Howie’s — an all-natural dog-treat manufacturer on Detroit’s west side — has seen its sales explode.

Online sales have more than doubled, and distributor sales are up more than 30 percent compared to the previous year.

“A few years ago, the Capital One small business team was looking for customers to feature and they came across our story, which we had submitted to a customer contest,” explains David Collado, owner of Happy Howie’s. “They connected with us to learn more, and the rest is history. Filming the ad was a lot of fun for me and my team, and we’ve gotten a lot of great feedback since it began airing on TV late last year.”

Collado’s online sales team can trace orders to the Capital One campaign via the ordering system’s referral box.

As a result of the increase in business, the company, named after Collado’s dog, has made numerous improvements to its plant. “We have a lot more plans to continue expanding our production capacity through new equipment and by adding floor space,” Collado says.