The #1 Sales Myth of All Time: It’s the Holidays. Companies Don’t Want to See Me Let Alone Buy from Me


It’s December of 2009 and even though it hurts me to ask… I have to: Do you know companies that start to wind things down right about now? It’s the holidays and since not much happens during the holidays they might as well run on cruise control until the New Year. Do you know salespeople like this, also? They figure that since, “it’s the holidays” … companies don’t want to see salespeople… besides their budgets have already been spent… and the decision-makers take a lot of time off during the holidays. You know what they call companies and salespeople that think like that? Soon to be out of business!

Successful companies don’t go on cruise control — ever. Successful salespeople don’t either. You will find the odd salesperson or two (maybe in your own office) that makes excuses (buys into his or her own BS) & will take it easy in December because “it’s the holidays”. These salespeople will try to bring you down to their level. Do yourself a favor — run far away from these people… RUN FORREST… RUN!

The holidays are great times to see prospects and current clients. Here are 7 reasons to keep prospecting for new clients and keep seeing current clients during the holidays — David Letterman-style:

7. It’s your job

6. Companies are still buying what you sell

5. Companies review current year incumbent products and services and decide what to do for the next year

4. Prospects will see you — it’s their job

3. It’s a great time to plan new programs for 2010 with current clients

2. As my mother always said, a Thank You is never inappropriate — thank your clients for their business

1. Your competition is on cruise control because “it’s the holidays” — lots of time for you to see prospects

Salespeople hear this: Business does not stop between Thanksgiving & New Years Day. Some salespeople do. That’s what should make it easy for the rest of you. Make a point to call 5 to 10 current clients per day between now and New Years Day. Make another point to call 10 to 20 prospects per day. Gatekeepers will put you through. People will take your call. You will schedule appointments. You will make sales.

Or you can do what the other salespeople do — go on cruise control and see how long your company keeps you around.

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