Top Lawyers 2010

From administrative law to zoning law, DBusiness presents 2010’s Top Lawyers in Wayne, Oakland, and Macomb counties.


From administrative law to zoning law, DBusiness presents 2010’s Top Lawyers in Wayne, Oakland, and Macomb counties. (Based on the highest ranking available from Martindale-Hubbell’s peer-review ratings.)

The legal industry in metro Detroit has generated plenty of recent headlines, from successfully guiding automakers and their suppliers through bankruptcy proceedings to responding to the ongoing investigations of political corruption to overseeing copyright issues in the entertainment world. Through it all, our barristers have protected the rights of corporations, businesses, and individuals with certainty and steadfast care.

As we close the century’s first decade and prepare to enter the next, the work of more than 2,800 attorneys practicing in Wayne, Oakland, and Macomb counties stands out. Based on the 2010 Martindale-Hubbell Peer Review Ratings, the rankings on the following pages were compiled through peer voting for the best attorney in one or several practice areas. (Metro Detroit attorneys specialized in 180 of 215 categories provided by Martindale-Hubbell.)

In essence, these lawyers possess the highest professional ability and ethical standards.

To be considered for Martindale-Hubbell’s top ranking — the so-called “AV Preeminent” designation — a lawyer must have been practicing for at least three years and be in good standing in both their professional and personal lives. In addition, the attorney must participate in an anonymous review process of other members admitted to the bar. The key areas for review are legal knowledge, analytical capabilities, judgment, communication ability, and legal experience.

Once added to the Martindale-Hubbell Peer Review Ratings, it is incumbent upon each attorney to maintain his or her listing. To ensure the accuracy of the list, DBusiness invited all of the attorneys to either confirm or update their areas of practice (maximum of three categories, with the first category representing an attorney’s primary specialty). To provide the most practical search results, we’ve arranged the attorneys’ names under their primary specialty in alphabetical order. For second or third areas of practice, simply match the number following an attorney’s name to the categories listed on page 74.

In addition, we’ve profiled five metro Detroit barristers who’ve been practicing law for 50 years or more. Not only is their wisdom and experience reassuring, but it’s also refreshing to note that none of them plans to retire anytime soon. All of the results, as well as a glossary of the law firms, can be found online at

— R.J. King, editor

Administrative Law

John J. Rae, John J. Rae
Brian J. Renaud, Foster Swift Collins & Smith
Robert A. W. Strong, Clark Hill PLC

Admiralty and Maritime Law

Thomas W. Emery, Garan Lucow Miller PC
Adam K. Gordon, Garan Lucow Miller PC


Monica Farris Linkner, Monica Farris Linkner

Agricultural Law

Ina C. Cohen, Ina C. Cohen

Alcoholic Beverages

Loretta M. Ames, Plunkett Cooney
Scott L. Feuer, Feuer & Kozerski
Kenneth C. Merritt, Collins Einhorn Farrell & Ulanoff

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Tracy L. Allen, Bodman
Dennis W. Archer, Dickinson Wright
James R. Austin, Law Offices of James R. Austin PC
Daniel Bates, Daniel Bates PC
Martin Baum, Baum & Associates
Edmund M. Brady Jr.
Richard L. (Tony) Braun II
William M. Brukoff, Sommers Schwartz
Rockwood W. Bullard, Bullard Anderson PLC
Charles C. Cheatham, Hickey Cianciolo Fishman & Finn
James T. Ellis, James T. Ellis
Gene J. Esshaki, Abbott Nicholson PC
James H. Finney, Finney & Henderson
Jonathan B. Frank, Jonathan B. Frank PC
Byron P. Gallagher, The Gallagher Law Firm
Arnold P. Garber, Law Offices of Arnold P. Garber
Franklin D. Gettleson, Franklin D. Gettleson
William D. Gilbride, William D. Gilbride
Wallace H. Glendening, Walton & Donnelly
James J. Harrington, James J. Harrington
Richard C. Kaufman, Zausmer Kaufman August Caldwell & Tayler PC
David D. Kohl, David D. Kohl
Michael D. Kratchman
Sheldon G. Larky, Sheldon G. Larky
Costanzo Z. Lijoi, Bellanca Beattie and DeLisle
John B. Lizza, John B. Lizza
Ralph L. Maccarone III
Marilyn A. Madorsky, Provizer & Phillips
Henry J. Maher, Henry J. Maher
Daniel P. Makarski, Secrest Wardle
Patrick A. McDonald, Law Offices of Patrick McDonald
Edward M. Miller, Edward M. Miller
Paul F. Monicatti, Paul F. Monicatti
John A. Obee, Wood Kull Herschfus Obee & Kull
Gerald V. Padilla, Padilla Kostopoulos
Martin I. Reisig, Reisig Mediation Services
John M. Rickel, Rickel & Baun
Alvin A. Rutledge, Rutledge Manion Rabaut Terry & Thomas
Michael D. Schloff, Michael D. Schloff PLLC
Bruce R. Shaw, Tanoury Corbet Shaw Nauts Essad & Beutel
Anthony S. Spokojny, Anthony Spokojny
Robert J. Stowe, Robert J. Stowe
Norman D. Tucker, Sommers Schwartz
Martin C. Weisman, Weisman Young & Ruemenapp
Michael H. Whiting, Stark Reagan

Animal Law

Charles Y. Cooper, Gabe Quinn & Seymour
Brian A. Kutinsky, Mindell Panzer Malin Kutinsky & Benson
William Mitchell, Mitchell & Associates

Antitrust and Trade Regulation

Irwin M. Alterman, Kemp Klein Law Firm
James E. DeLine, Kerr Russell & Weber PLC
David A. Ettinger, Honigman Miller Schwartz & Cohn
Harry Christopher Goplerud, Honigman Miller Schwartz and Cohn LLP
Paul F. Novak, Milberg

Appellate Practice

Lanie Anderson, Secrest Wardle
Janet Callahan Barnes, Secrest Wardle
Ernest R. Bazzana, Plunkett Cooney
Michael J. Brady, Michael Joseph Brady Sr.
Evan A. Burkholder, LeClair Ryan
Mark Granzotto, Mark Granzotto
James G. Gross, Gross & Nemeth
Deborah A. Hebert, Collins Einhorn Farrell & Ulanoff
John P. Jacobs, Jacobs & Diemer
Robert G. Kamenec, Plunkett Cooney
Joseph Levin, Joseph Levin
John A. Libby, John A. Libby
John A. Lydick, Bendure & Thomas
Gail P. Massad, Cummings McClorey Davis & Acho
Juan A. Mateo, Juan A. Mateo
Michelle E. Mathieu, Nemier Mathieu Nash & Johnson
Charles T. McCutcheon Jr.
Raymond W. Morganti, Siemion Huckabay
Mary T. Nemeth, Gross & Nemeth
Angela J. Nicita, Granzotto & Nicita
Julie McCann O’Connor, O’Connor DeGrazia Tamm & O’Connor
Christine D. Oldani, Plunkett Cooney
David R. Parker, Charfoos & Christensen
James M. Pidgeon, James M. Pidgeon PC
Robert W. Powell, Dickinson Wright
Rosalind Rochkind, Garan Lucow Miller PC
Joseph M. Rogowski, Berry Reynolds & Rogowski
Mary Massaron Ross, Plunkett Cooney
Daniel S. Saylor, Garan Lucow Miller PC
David M. Shafer, Garan Lucow Miller PC
Brian G. Shannon, Jaffe Raitt Heuer & Weiss
Richard E. Shaw, Shaheen Jacobs & Ross
Noreen L. Slank, Collins Einhorn Farrell & Ulanoff
Christopher L. Terry, Rutledge Manion Rabaut Terry & Thomas
Richard D. Toth, Sommers Schwartz
Michael L. Updike, Secrest Wardle
Victor S. Valenti, Fieger Fieger Kenney Johnson & Giroux
Noah Eliezer Yanich, Noah Eliezer Yanich
Susan Healy Zitterman, Kitch Drutchas Wagner Valitutti & Sherbrook

Architects and Engineers Liability

Howard E. Gurwin, Howard E. Gurwin
Scott H. Sirich, Plunkett Cooney

Automobile Accidents

David E. Christensen, Michigan Auto Law
John H. Cowley Jr., Secrest Wardle
Jeffrey H. Feldman, Gursten Kottonow Gursten Christensen & Raitt PC
Scott A. Goodwin, Goodwin & Scieszka PC
Mayer B. Gordon, Mayer B. Gordon
Gregory Gromek, Plunkett Cooney
Lawrence E. Gursten, Michigan Auto Law
Steven M. Gursten, Michigan Auto Law
Leonard M. Koltonow, Michigan Auto Law
Robert A. Koory, Koory & Fakhoury
William J. Lynch, Plunkett Cooney
Michael Morse, Michael Morse
Robert M. Raitt, Michigan Auto Law
Mark A. Roberts, Siemion Huckabay
Scott W. Rooney, Nemes Rooney & McKindles PC
James A. Scieszka, Goodwin and Scieszka

Automobile Insurance

Daniel J. Fleming, Moblo & Fleming
Thomas A. Law
Terrance M. Lynch, Secrest Wardle
Mary Catherine Rentz, Plunkett Cooney
Kenneth A. Rich, Rich & Campbell

Automotive Products Liability

Richard M. Goodman, Goodman Kalahar
Robert J. Haddad, Miller Canfield Paddock & Stone
Deborah Lujan, Collins Einhorn Farrell & Ulanoff
Stephen J. Ott, Miller Canfield Paddock & Stone
Frank H. Porretta, Harvey Kruse PC

Aviation and Aerospace

David I. Katzman, Schaden Katzman Lampert & McClune
Bruce A. Lampert, Schaden Katzman Lampert & McClune
Scott R. Torpey, Jaffe Raitt Heuer & Weiss

Banking and Finance

Lawrence R. Abramczyk, Sotiroff & Abramczyk
Anthony T. Finn, Bodman LLP
Sol M. Friedman
Stephen I. Greenhalgh, Bodman LLP
James T. Heimbuch, Bodman LLP
Kathleen O’Callaghan Hickey, Bodman
Joseph J. Kochanek, Bodman
Michael R. Kramer, Dickinson Wright PLLC
Patrick J. Ledwidge, Dickinson Wright
Russell A. McNair, Dickinson Wright
Larry R. Shulman, Bodman
Ted Sylwestrzak, Dickinson Wright
Donald A. Wagner, Couzens Lansky Fealk Ellis Roeder & Lazar PC
Wendy L. Zabriskie, Bodman

Banking Law

Seymour M. Nayer, Plunkett Cooney
L. Jeffrey Zauberman, Maddin Hauser Wartell Roth & Heller


David W. Allard, Allard & Fish
Joel D. Applebaum, Clark Hill PLC
Karin F. Avery, Silverman & Morris
Marc M. Bakst, Bodman
Salvatore A. Barbatano, Foley & Lardner LLP
Donald F. Baty Jr., Honigman Miller Schwartz & Cohn
Michael E. Baum, Schafer and Weiner
Judy B. Calton, Honigman Miller Schwartz & Cohn
I. William Cohen, Pepper Hamilton
Steven J. Cohen, Lieberman Gies & Cohen
Thomas E. Coughlin, Jaffe Raitt Heuer & Weiss
Gary H. Cunningham, Giarmarco Mullins & Horton
George P. Dakmak, Dakmak Peurach PC
Jerry M. Ellis, Couzens Lansky Fealk Ellis Roeder & Lazar PC
Earle I. Erman, Erman Teicher Miller Zucker & Freedman
Karen E. Evangelista, Karen E. Evangelista
Gail A. Eynon, Bodman LLP
Richard F. Fellrath, Richard F. Fellrath
Joseph M. Fischer, Carson Fischer PLC
Deborah L. Fish, Allard & Fish
Leo J. Foley, Leo J. Foley
Jerome D. Frank, Frank & Frank
Martin L. Fried, Goldstein Bershad & Fried
Timothy A. Fusco, Miller Canfield Paddock & Stone PLC
Leon A. Gant II, Law Offices of Gant & Taylor PLC
Rodney M. Glusac, Bernardi Ronayne & Glusac
Stuart A. Gold, Gold Lange & Majoros
Robert D. Gordon, Clark Hill
Jonathan S. Green, Miller Canfield Paddock and Stone
Judith Greenstone Miller, Jaffe Raitt Heuer & Weiss
Wallace M. Handler, Sullivan Ward Asher & Patton PC
Robert S. Hertzberg, Pepper Hamilton LLP
Steven G. Howell, Dickinson Wright
Donald J. Hutchinson, Miller Canfield Paddock and Stone
Peter A. Jackson, Clark Hill PLC
Daniel M. Katlein, Allard & Fish
Dennis Kayes, Pepper Hamilton
Richardo I. Kilpatrick, Kilpatrick & Associates
Kay Standridge Kress, Pepper Hamilton
John C. Lange, Gold Lange & Majoros
Stephen S. LaPlante, Miller Canfield Paddock and Stone
Lawrence A. Lichtman, Carson Fischer PLC
Michael D. Lieberman, Lieberman Gies & Cohen PLLC
Elias T. Majoros, Gold Lange & Majoros
Ralph R. McKee, Allard & Fish
David M. Miller, Erman Teicher Miller Zucker & Freedman
Thomas R. Morris, Silverman & Morris
Kenneth A. Nathan, Nathan Zousmer
Judy A. O’Neill, Foley & Lardner
Robert A. Peurach, Dakmak Peurach
James A. Plemmons, Dickinson Wright
Douglas D. Roche, Dickinson Wright PLLC
Louis P. Rochkind,Jaffe Raitt Heuer & Weiss
Barbara Rom, Pepper Hamilton LLP
Ronald L. Rose, Dykema
David Wm. Ruskin, David Wm. Ruskin
E. Todd Sable, Honigman Miller Schwartz & Cohn
Raymond J. Salloum, Law Offices of Raymond J. Salloum
Todd Schafer, Schafer and Weiner
Basil T. Simon, Simon Stella & Zingas
Stephen P. Stella, Simon Stella & Zingas
Michelle Epstein Taigman, Honigman Miller Schwartz & Cohn
Charles J. Taunt, Charles J. Taunt & Associates
Julie Beth Teicher, Erman Teicher Miller Zucker & Freedman
Sheryl L. Toby, Dykema
Daniel J. Weiner, Schafer and Weiner
Robert A. Weisberg, Carson Fischer PLC
Robert B. Weiss, Honigman Miller Schwartz and Cohn
Jay L. Welford, Jaffe Raitt Heuer & Weiss
Stanley E. Wise, Wise & Wise PLC
Michael I. Zousmer, Nathan Zousmer
Craig E. Zucker, Erman Teicher Miller Zucker & Freedman

Breach of Contract

Thomas P. Casey, Thomas P. Casey PC

Business Law

Joseph A. Ahern, Ahern Fleury
Robert P. Anderson, Dawda Mann Mulcahy & Sadler PLC
Gustaf R. Andreasen, Howard & Howard
Keith M. Aretha, Dean & Fulkerson PC
Paul P. Asker, Asker Perlmuter PLC
Donald H. Baker, Safford & Baker
B. Gerald Bartush, Denison Mulvoy PLC
Anthony J. Bellanca, Bellanca Beattie and DeLisle
Jay A. Bielfield, Law Offices of Jay A. Bielfield
Jerrold M. Bigelman, Bodman LLP
Jon J. Birnkrant, Birnkrant & Birnkrant PC
David M. Black, Sommers Schwartz
Joseph H. Bourgon, Sommers Schwartz
Barbara A. Bowman, Bodman LLP
Henry J. Brennan III, Howard & Howard Attorneys PLLC
John F. Brennan, Musilli Brennan & Associates
Richard C. Bruder, Enterprise Law Partners
James C. Bruno, Butzel Long
Mark Bucchi, Novak & Bucchi
William R. Buesser, Buesser & Buesser
Rae Anderson Bullard, Bullard Anderson PLC
James R. Cambridge, Kerr Russell & Weber PLC
Russell G. Carniak, Hardy Lewis & Page
Robert M. Carson, Carson Fischer PLC
David G. Chardavoyne
Carl E. Chioini, Chioini Sarnacki Reynolds Doherty & Piatt
P. Daniel Christ, Hafeli Staran Hallahan & Christ PC
Charles E. Clos, Clos Russell & Wirth PC
Albert M. Colman
William G. Coon, Dean & Fulkerson PC
Dennis G. Cowan, Plunkett Cooney
Michael G. Cruse, Warner Norcross & Judd LLP
Richard Daguanno, Richard Daguanno
James P. Dean, Dean & Fulkerson PC
Herold Mac Deason, Bodman
Donald A. DeLong Esq., Law Offices of Donald A. DeLong PC
Mark S. Demorest, Demorest Law Firm
Gordon W. Didier, Butzel Long
Forrest O. Dillon, Bodman LLP
Michael R. Dinnin, Raggio & Dinnin
Dennis J. Dlugokinski, Law Offices of Peter M. Schneiderman
James M. Dworman, Dean & Fulkerson PC
William C. Edmunds, Carson Fischer PLC
Frank J. Ellias, Ellias & Elias PC
Robert E. Epstein, Barris Sott Denn & Driker
Russell F. Ethridge, Russell F. Ethridge
Kirk D. Falvay, Falvay & Associates
James G. Fausone, Fausone & Bohn
Alan J. Ferrara, Finkel Whitefield Selik
William E. Fisher, Dykema
Raymond I. Foley, Foley & Neville
Sidney L. Frank, Frank Haron Weiner & Navarro
Paul T. Garvey, Thomas Garvey Garvey & Sciotti
Robert E. Gesell, Blake Kirchner Symonds Larson Kennedy & Smith
Michael F. Golab, Butzel Long
Melvyn S. Goldstein, Melvyn S. Goldstein
Stuart Goldstein, Goldstein Litt & Slinger
Robert J. Gordon, Jaffe Raitt Heuer & Weiss
Judith S. Gracey, Judith S. Gracey
Stephen M. Gross, McDonald Hopkins
David P. Grunow, Grunow & Associates
David L. Haron, Frank Haron Weiner & Navarro
David M. Hess, Hess Law Group
Robert S. Hollander, Robert S. Hollander
Marvin I. Horowitz, Marvin I. Horowitz
Jeffrey L. Hudson, Dean & Fulkerson PC
Wayne C. Inman, Howard & Howard Attorneys PLLC
Amy M. Johnston, Miller Canfield Paddock & Stone
Douglas P. Kolly, Douglas P. Kolly
Phyllis A. Kozlowski, Phyllis A. Kozlowski
David L. Kull, Wood Kull Herschfus Obee & Kull
Robert Labe, Williams Williams Rattner & Plunkett
Mark G. Landau, Couzens Lansky
Kenneth R. Lango, Bodman LLP
Eric I. Lark, Kerr Russell & Weber PLC
Michael J. Leavitt, Law offices of Sullivan & Leavitt
Charles A. LeFevre, Colombo and Colombo
F. Thomas Lewand, Bodman
Richard R. Lewinski, Morris Rowland Prekel & Lewinski
Michael B. Lewiston, Bodman
Paul Lieberman, Paul Lieberman
Edwin J. Lukas, Bodman
George M. Malis, Abbott Nicholson PC
Michael V. Marston, Michael V. Marston
Thomas P. Martin, Dean & Fulkerson PC
Paul J. Mastrangel, Dean & Fulkerson PC
Charles L. McKelvie, McKelvie DeLuca
John P. McKinney, John P. McKinney
Frederick Melamed, Melamed Dailey & Milanowski
Richard M. Miettinen, Howard & Howard Attorneys PLLC
Henry E. Mistele, Campbell O’Brien & Mistele
Henry J. Mittelstaedt, Mittelstaedt and McNeely
Donald C. Morgan, Donald C. Morgan
Joel J. Morris, Jaffe Raitt Heuer & Weiss
Mark E. Mueller, Driggers Schultz & Herbst
William M. Nance, Heritier Nance & Sheridan
Robert B. Nathan, Nathan Zousmer
Deborah Groban Olson, Deborah Groban Olson
Ian D. Pesses, Butzel Long
Daniel N. Pevos, Pevos & Pevos
Donald A. Pierce, Dean & Fulkerson PC
Joseph P. Puzzuoli, Puzzuoli Hribar Iafrate Majerowicz Gaber Seay & Jansen
Steven M. Raymond, May Simpson & Strote PC
Noam Y. Raz, Jaffe Raitt Heuer & Weiss
Willard M. Reagan, Stark Reagan
Paul E. Robinson, Law Offices of Sullivan & Leavitt
Anthony D. Rosati, Rosati Associates
William L. Rosin, Dawda Mann Mulcahy & Sadler PLC
Anthony J. Rusciano, Plunkett Cooney
Ralph R. Safford, Safford & Baker
Stephen G. Schafer, Jaffe Raitt Heuer & Weiss
Jack M. Schultz, Jack M. Schultz
John F. Shantz, Beier Howlett
Stephen E. Shefman, Law Offices of Stephen E. Shefman
Joseph A. Shore
William E. Sigler, Maddin Hauser Wartell Roth & Heller
Sidney W. Smith, Dawda Mann Mulcahy & Sadler PLC
Ronald A. Sollish, Maddin Hauser Wartell Roth & Heller
David C. Stone, Bodman LLP
Del A. Szura
Edward S. Toth, Driggers Schultz & Herbst
Douglas A. Tull, Esq., Douglas A. Tull PC
Ann Marie Uetz, Foley & Lardner LLP
Gregory L. Ulrich, Cummings McClorey Davis & Acho
Stephen K. Valentine Jr., Valentine & Associates
Frank B. Vecchio, Butzel Long
Martin G. Waldman, Martin G. Waldman PC
Neil E. Wallace
Steven W. Wells, Schnelz Wells
L. James Wilson, Wilson Rode PLLC
John A. Wise, Howard & Howard
Ronald J. Zadora, Monaghan
Norman L. Zemke
Milton Y. Zussman, Milton Y. Zussman 

Business Litigation

Ronald G. Acho, Cummings McClorey Davis & Acho
Frederick A. Acomb, Miller Canfield Paddock and Stone PLC
Ruben Acosta, Williams Acosta
Diane L. Akers, Bodman LLP
Dean Altobelli, Miller Canfield Paddock and Stone
Le Roy L. Asher, Miller Canfield Paddock and Stone
Dennis M. Barnes, Barris Sott Denn & Driker
Leland D. Barringer, Miller Canfield Paddock and Stone
Donald E. Barris, Barris Sott Denn & Driker
Seth H. Barsky, Collins Einhorn Farrell & Ulanoff
Michael J. Barton, Plunkett Cooney
Marjory G. Basile, Miller Canfield Paddock and Stone
Dirk A. Beamer, Wright Penning & Beamer PC
Lucy R. Benham, Zausmer Kaufman August Caldwell & Tayler PC
Daniel J. Bernard, Vercruysse Murray & Calzone
Daniel G. Beyer, Kerr Russell & Weber PLC
David A. Binkley, Giarmarco Mullins & Horton
Richard D. Bisio, Kemp Klein Law Firm
Matthew J. Boettcher, Plunkett Cooney
Andrew J. Broder, Payne Broder & Fossee
Keefe A. Brooks, Brooks Wilkins Sharkey & Turco PLLC
Robert G. Brower, Bodman LLP
Mark T. Butler, Mark T. Butler PC
Sheri B. Cataldo, Sullivan Ward Asher & Patton PC
Mary Patricia Cauley, Plunkett Cooney
Michael P. Coakley, Miller Canfield Paddock and Stone
Ronald L. Cornell, Seyburn Kahn Ginn Bess and Serlin
William M. Donovan, The Donovan Law Group PLC
David R. Draper, The Draper Law Firm
Frederick D. Elias, Ellias & Elias PC
W. Mack Faison, Miller Canfield Paddock and Stone
Thomas M. Fallucca, Fallucca & O’Shea
Robert K. Firsten, Abbott Nicholson PC
Joseph F. Galvin, Miller Canfield
Stephen E. Glazek, Barris Sott Denn & Driker
Gordon Gold, Seyburn Kahn
Marc A. Goldman, Marc A. Goldman
Carson C. Grunewald, Bodman LLP
Michael W. Hartmann, Miller Canfield Paddock and Stone
Irene Bruce Hathaway, Miller Canfield Paddock and Stone
Erich H. Hintzen, Miller Canfield Paddock and Stone
Austin Hirschhorn, Austin Hirschhorn PC
William H. Horton, Giarmarco Mullins & Horton
John A. Hubbard, Beals Hubbard
George G. Kemsley, Bodman
Michael D. Langnas, Langnas & Associates
Michael J. Lebow, Michael J. Lebow NBTA
Matthew F. Leitman, Miller Canfield Paddock and Stone
Dennis J. Levasseur, Bodman LLP
William J. Liedel, Liedel Grinnan & Liedel
Daniel P. Malone, Butzel Long
Thomas J. Manganello, Warner Norcross & Judd LLP
Mark F. Masters, Secrest Wardle
Patrick McLain, Kerr Russell & Weber PLC
E. Powell Miller, The Miller Law Firm PC
James D. Murphy, Murphy’s Law Office
Marc L. Newman, The Miller Law Firm PC
David H. Oermann, Berry Reynolds & Rogowski
Stephen P. Ormond, Kupelian Ormond & Magy
Kathryn L. Ossian, Miller Canfield Paddock & Stone
Richard W. Paige, Bush Seyferth & Paige
A. Michael Palizzi, Miller Canfield Paddock and Stone
Thomas G. Parachini, Miller Canfield Paddock & Stone
Eric A. Parzianello, Beals Hubbard
Robert J. Pineau, Kerr Russell & Weber PLC
David J. Plese, David J. Plese
Thomas G. Plunkett, Williams Williams Rattner & Plunkett
Barry R. Powers, Seyburn Kahn Ginn Bess & Serlin PC
Clarence L. Pozza Jr., Miller Canfield Paddock and Stone
Jane Derse Quasarano, Bodman LLP
Jeffrey G. Raphelson, Bodman LLP
Richard Rassel, Butzel Long
Steven M. Ribiat, Butzel Long
Barry M. Rosenbaum, Seyburn Kahn Ginn Bess and Serlin
Richard A. Rossman
Daniel R.W. Rustmann, Butzel Long
Richard C. Sanders, Miller Canfield Paddock and Stone
William A. Sankbeil, Kerr Russell & Weber PLC
Larry J. Saylor, Miller Canfield Paddock and Stone
David A. Sebastian, Law Office of David A. Sebastian
Bruce L. Sendek, Butzel Long
Joel H. Serlin, Seyburn Kahn Ginn Bess & Serlin
Roy C. Sgroi, Sgroi Law Firm
Joseph J. Shannon, Bodman LLP
David J. Shea, Shea Aiello Doxsie Coraci & Gursel
James A. Smith, Bodman LLP
Michael G. Stavale, Stavale & Gemmete
William S. Stern, William S. Stern PC
Mark E. Straetmans, Berry Moorman
Thomas Tallerico, Bodman
Michael J. Tauscher, Scopelitis Garvin Light Hanson & Feary
Alan J. Taylor, Kitch Drutchas Wagner Valitutti & Sherbrook
David B. Timmis, Vandeveer Garzia
Douglas L. Toering, Grassi & Toering
Thomas Van Dusen, Bodman LLP
James J. Vlasic, Bodman
Carl H. von Ende, Miller Canfield Paddock and Stone
Peter W. Waldmeir, Miller Canfield Paddock and Stone
Avery K. Williams, Williams Acosta
Sharon M. Woods, Barris Sott Denn & Driker
Stephanie M. Zimmerman, Zimmerman & Associates 

Business Planning

Bruce S. Kahn, Seyburn Kahn Ginn Bess and Serlin
Dan A. Penning, Wright Penning & Beamer PC
Sheldon S. Toll, Law Office of Sheldon S. Toll 

Buying and Selling of Businesses

Harold A. Larson, Couzens Lansky Fealk Ellis Roeder & Lazar PC

Child Support

Lisa B. Archer, Archer Kenney & Wilson
Ronald M. Bookholder, Law Offices of Ronald M. Bookholder
Steven T. Budaj
Saleema B. Goodman-Sheikh, Sheikh Legal Services
Loren M. Mannino, Loren M. Mannino
Nazli G. Sater, Hyman Lippitt
Philip Vestevich, Vestevich Mallender DuBois & Dritsas

Civil Rights

Michael S. Cafferty, Michael S. Catterty & Associates
Hugh M. Davis, Constitutional Litigation Associates
Timothy S. Ferrand, Cummings McClorey Davis & Acho
Robert L. Ferriby Jr., Ferriby & Ferriby
William H. Goodman, Goodman & Hurwitz
Stuart M. Israel, Martens Ice Klass Legghio & Israel
Arnold J. Matusz, Fieger Fieger Kenney Johnson & Giroux
Terrence J. Miglio, Keller Thoma
Barry A. Seifman, Seifman & Guzall
Daniel D. Swanson, Sommers Schwartz
Amos E. Williams, Amos E. Williams
James C. Zeman, Bellanca Beattie and DeLisle

Class Actions

David H. Fink, The Miller Law Firm PC


Geraldine C. Buckles, Buckles & Buckles
Michael H. R. Buckles, Buckles & Buckles
J. Christopher Caldwell, Stark Reagan
Laura Sheppard Donnelly, Walton & Donnelly
Mark D. Evans, Mark D. Evans
Jonathan A. Green, Law Offices of Green & Green
Edward P. Greenup, Cherf & Greenup
Steven A. Harms, Muller Muller Richmond Harms & Myers
Lawrence D. Heitsch, Lawrence D. Heitsch
Robert L. Hindelang, Robert L. Hindelang PC
Eli Maroko, Jaffe Raitt Heuer & Weiss PC
G. Timothy Moore, O’Reilly Rancilio
John F. Muller, Muller Muller Richmond Harms & Myers
Kurt A. O’Keefe, Woods and O’Keefe
Michael Jon Olcese, Weber & Olcese
Thomas J. Pereira, Thomas J. Pereira
Chris B. Polaczyk, Hemming Polaczyk Cronin Smith Witthoff & Bennett
Chris B. Polaczyk, Hemming Polaczyk Cronin Smith Witthoff & Bennett
Roger Richmond, Muller Muller Richmond Harms & Myers
Jay N. Siefman, Jay N. Siefman
Daniel J. Sliwa, Daniel J. Sliwa
Michael R. Stillman, Stillman Law Office
Michael J. Thomas, Shaheen Jacobs & Ross
Jonathan T. Walton, Walton & Donnelly
Linda S. Walton, Walton & Donnelly
Jeffrey M. Weber, Weber & Olcese

Commercial Banking

Douglas C. Bernstein, Plunkett Cooney
Andrew S. Boyce, Dickinson Wright
Mark W. Cherry, Ishbia & Gagleard
Robert J. Diehl, Bodman
Michael A. Fleming, Plunkett Cooney

Commercial Bankruptcy

Darryl J. Chimko, Chimko Dzialo & Associates
Robert L. Dzialo, Chimko Dzialo & Associates
Michael S. Leib, Maddin Hauser Wartell Roth & Heller
Thomas B. Radom, Butzel Long 

Commercial Insurance

Timothy A. Bahorski, Secrest Wardle
Dale R. Burmeister, Harvey Kruse PC 

Commercial Law

Dirk H. Beckwith, Foster Swift Collins & Smith
Frederick A. Berg, Kotz Sangster Wysocki and Berg
Michael J. Black, Black Duggan & Moss
Wilber M. Brucker, Hayduk Andrews & Brucker
William T. Burgess, Dickinson Wright
Lawrence G. Campbell, Dickinson Wright
Michelle Thurber Czapski, Dickinson Wright
Joseph W. DeLave, Dickinson Wright PLLC
Frank M. DeLuca, McKelvie DeLuca
Michael P. Donnelly, Fraser Trebilcock Davis & Dunlap
Sheldon A. Fealk, Couzens Lansky Fealk Ellis Roeder & Lazar PC
Janette E. Frank, Wienner & Gould
Randall J. Gillary, Randall J. Gillary
Richard A. Green, Richard A. Green
John K. Grylls, John K. Grylls
Mark W. Hafeli, Hafeli Staran Hallahan & Christ PC
K. Scott Hamilton, Dickinson Wright PLLC
Robert P. Hurlbert, Dickinson Wright
Nancy L. Kahn, Foster Swift Collins & Smith
Michael V. Kell, Howard & Howard Attorneys PLLC
Stephen M. Landau, Stephen M. Landau PC
Steven R. Lefkofsky, Petersen & Lefkofsky
Matthew J. Lund, Pepper Hamilton
Thomas G. McNeill, Dickinson Wright
Richard E. Moblo, Moblo & Fleming
Robert D. Mollhagen, Varnum LLP
Bruce N. Moss, Black Duggan & Moss
David Murphy, Pepper Hamilton LLP
Norman D. Orr, Kemp Klein Umphrey Endelman & May
Terry Milne Osgood, Young & Susser
Elaine A. Parson, Strobl & Sharp
Richard W. Paul, Dickinson Wright PLLC
Debra B. Pevos, Sullivan Ward Asher & Patton PC
Daniel D. Quick, Dickinson Wright PLLC
Holly B. Safronoff, Holly B. Safronoff
Carl F. Schier, Law Offices of Carl Schier
Bradley J. Schram, Hertz Schram PC
Richard E. Segal, Richard E. Segal & Associates
Phillip E. Seltzer, Lipson Neilson Cole Seltzer & Garin
Abraham Singer, Pepper Hamilton LLP
Steven Susser, Young & Susser
John R. Trentacosta, Foley & Lardner LLP
Michael R. Turco, Brooks Wilkins Sharkey & Turco PLLC
Steve J. Weiss, Hertz Schram PC
Matthew E. Wilkins, Brooks Wilkins Sharkey & Turco PLLC
Scott A. Wolfson, Wolfson Bolton

Commercial Leasing

Larry Mason, Larry G. Mason
Randolph D. Phifer, Phifer & White
Lawrence R. Shoffner, Walton & Donnelly

Commercial Real Estate

Stanley L. Ames, Bieri & Ames
Elizabeth A. Baergen, Elizabeth A. Baergen Attorney at Law PLC
William G. Barris, Barris Sott Denn & Driker
Ilana Ben-Ze’ev, Bodman LLP
James Bieri, Bieri & Ames
Kenneth M. Boyer, Stark Reagan
Ralph A. Castelli, Kemp Klein Law Firm
Lawrence S. Cohen, Finkel Whitefield Selik
George A. Contis, Maddin Hauser Wartell Roth & Heller
Thomas J. DelPup, Thomas J. DelPup
Jeffrey L. Howard, Butzel Long
John E. Jacobs, Maddin Hauser Wartell Roth & Heller
Joseph M. Judge, Dawda Mann Mulcahy & Sadler PLC
Janet L. Kinzinger, Janet L. Kinzinger
Paul S. Magy, Kupelian Ormond & Magy
Steven A. Matta
Thomas J. McCarthy, Monaghan
Allan Nachman, Butzel Long
Suzanne S. Reynolds, Maddin Hauser Wartell Roth & Heller
Anthony J. Saulino Jr., Butzel Long
Leon M. Schurgin, Bodman
Richard M. Selik, Finkel Whitefield Selik
Ramy J. Sesi, Sesi & Sesi
Andrew Z. Spilkin, Bodman
Barry A. Steinway, Thav Gross Steinway & Bennett
Richard A. Zussman, Jaffe Raitt Heuer & Weiss 

Communications Law

Donald H. Gillis, Kemp Klein Law Firm


Joseph N. Brown, Bodman LLP

Condominium Law

Robert M. Meisner, Meisner & Associates
John A. Stevens, Matheson Parr Jolly Osmer & Stevens

Constitutional Law

John H. Dise, Dise & Associates
Kevin S. Hendrick, Clark Hill
Maurice Kelman, Maurice Kelman
Ronald P. Strote, May Simpson & Strote PC 

Construction Accidents

Robert H. Darling, Sommers Schwartz
Thomas L. Misuraca, Garan Lucow Miller PC
Marietta S. Robinson, Marietta S. Robinson
Martin E. Stein, Levine Benjamin Tushman Bratt Jerris & Stein

Construction Law

Marty A. Burnstein, Law Office of Marty A. Burnstein
Michael D. Carroll, Kerr Russell & Weber PLC
James R. Case, Kerr Russell & Weber PLC
Mark M. Cunningham, Kerr Russell & Weber PLC
Patrick A. Facca, Facca Richter & Pregler PC
Eric J. Flessland, Butzel Long
Edward J. Hood, Clark Hill
Thomas M. Keranen, Clark Hill
William L. Kiriazis, Vandeveer Garzia
Mark L. McAlpine, McAlpine & Associates
Raymond L. Morrow, Kemp Klein Law Firm
Leonard M. Niehoff, Butzel Long
Matthew C. Norris, Matthew C. Norris
Bruce M. Pregler, Facca Richter & Pregler PC
James A. Samborn, Dickinson Wright
John M. Sier, Kitch Drutchas Wagner Valitutti & Sherbrook
Stewart C. W. Weiner, Maddin Hauser Wartell Roth & Heller

Construction Litigation

Robert G. Chaklos Jr., Secrest Wardle
Dwight G. Conger, Plunkett Cooney
Clifford J. De Vine, De Vine & Kohn PLLC
Lawrence M. Dudek, Miller Canfield Paddock and Stone
Jerome A. Galante, Plunkett Cooney
Kevin J. Gleeson, Sullivan Ward Asher & Patton PC
Joseph E. Grinnan, Sommers Schwartz
David M. Hayes, Clark Hill
Barry J. Jensen, Kotz Sangster Wysocki and Berg
J. Steven Johnston, Berry Johnston Sztykiel & Hunt
Bruce J. Lazar, Couzens Lansky Fealk Ellis Roeder & Lazar PC
Denis C. Monahan, Denis C. Monahan
Gary D. Reeves, Bodman LLP
Jeffrey M. Sangster, Kotz Sangster Wysocki and Berg
William D. Shailor, Secrest Wardle
Gary L. Stec, Harvey Kruse PC
Gregory I. Thomas, Thomas DeGrood & Witenoff
Craig S. Thompson, Sullivan Ward Asher & Patton PC
Thomas G. Van Belkum, Van Belkum & Felty
Roger L. Wolcott, The Law Office of Roger L. Wolcott 

Consumer Credit

Howard A. Lax, Lipson Neilson Cole Seltzer & Gari
Douglas W. Mires, Douglas W. Mires

Consumer Protection

David L. Nelson, Sommers Schwartz


Mark R. Bendure, Bendure & Thomas
L. Stanford Evans, Vestevich Mallender DuBois & Dritsas
Howard J. Gourwitz, Gourwitz and Barr PLLC
Carl F. Jarboe, Abbott Nicholson PC
Peter Leto, Leto & Associates
Joseph C. Smith, Smith & Gibson

Corporate Law

John F. Adams, The Adams Law Firm PLC
Joel M. Alam, Jaffe Raitt Heuer & Weiss PC
Philip J. Anderson, Blomberg Anderson PC
Thomas G. Appleman, Miller Canfield Paddock and Stone
William R. Aycock, William R. Aycock & Associates PC
Norman H. Beitner, Honigman Miller Schwartz and Cohn
James E. Bergesen, Bergesen & Clark PLC
J. Michael Bernard, Dykema
Kevin M. Bernys, Dickinson Wright PLLC
Don R. Berschback, Berschback Locicero Berschback & Ethridge
Robert S. Bick, Williams Williams Rattner & Plunkett
Robert L. Biederman, Robert L. Biederman
Bruce D. Birgbauer, Miller Canfield Paddock and Stone
Curtis B. Blessing, Law Office of Curtis B. Blessing PC
Richard M. Bolton, Dickinson Wright
Stuart M. Bordman, Maddin Hauser Wartell Roth & Heller
Lauren B. Botney, Kramer Mellen
Daniel R. Boynton, Driggers Schultz & Herbst
Bowden V. Brown, Dykema
Anthony C. Buesser
B. Kingsley Buhl, Dykema
James V. Carnago, Law Offices of James V. Carnago PC
Ronald P. Cheli, Cheli & Lyshak
Joseph H. Clancy, Joseph H. Clancy PC
Gregory A. Clifton, Durkin McDonnell Clifton & O’Donnell
Charles F. Clippert, Dickinson Wright PLLC
Steven R. Cole, Lipson Neilson Cole Seltzer & Garin
James E. Conrad
Donald D. Cook, Donald D. Cook, Attorney at Law
Carl V. Creighton, Creighton McLean & Shea
D. Kerry Crenshaw, Clark Hill
John R. Crowley, Law Offices of John Crowley
Robert J. Cucco, Robert J. Cucco PC
Roger H. Cummings, Dickinson Wright PLLC
Dan A. Darnell, Esq., MacLean Proppe MacLean & Darnell PC
F. Logan Davidson, F. Logan Davidson PC
Edward C. Dawda, Dawda Mann Mulcahy & Sadler PLC
Ronald V. DeBona, DeBona Siebert & Witkowski
Laurence B. Deitch, Bodman
Edward M. Deron, Evans & Luptak
Tony Di Ponio, Calhoun & Di Ponio PLC
Glenn A. Diegel, Kupelian Ormond & Magy
Marguerite M. Donahue, Seyburn Kahn Ginn Bess & Serlin
Patrick T. Duerr, Honigman Miller Schwartz & Cohn
Timothy P. Dugan, Deneweth Dugan & Parfitt
Lawrence M. Elkus, Law Office of Lawrence M. Elkus
J. Theodore Everingham
Darwyn P. Fair, Darwyn P. Fair & Associates
Joseph Falcone, Joseph Falcone
Thomas H. Finnerty, RGIS LLC
Joseph H. Firestone, MESSA
John W. Fitzer, Fox Fox Fitzer & Waterstone
Eric G. Flinn, Eric G. Flinn
David Foltyn, Honigman Miller Schwartz & Cohn
Richard F. Fox, Fox Fox Fitzer & Waterstone
John W. Frasco, Frasco Caponigro Wineman & Scheible
David H. Freedman, Erman Teicher Miller Zucker & Freedman
Robert L. Friedman, Friedman & Friedman
Susan S. Friedman, Friedman & Friedman
Frank S. Galgan, Beier Howlett
Jon B. Gandelot, Gandelot & Associates
Ted M. Gans, Dawda Mann Mulcahy & Sadler PLC
Robert P. Geller, Hertz Schram PC
Michael D. Gibson, Kerr Russell & Weber PLC
William D. Gilbride Jr., Abbott Nicholson PC
Lawrence L. Gladchun
Gary R. Glenn, Miller Canfield Paddock and Stone
Kenneth H. Gold, Sullivan Ward Asher & Patton PC
Kalman G. Goren, Miller Canfield Paddock and Stone
Joseph L. Grand, Joseph L. Grand
Jerome B. Greenbaum, Williams Williams Rattner & Plunkett
Noel B. Haberek
Bruce W. Haffey, Giarmarco Mullins & Horton
Steven B. Haffner, Steven B. Haffner
Michael J. Hainer, Hainer & Berman
Verne C. Hampton, Dickinson Wright PLLC
William C. Hanson, Denison Mulvoy PLC
Joseph L. Hardig, Hardig Parsons Pedersen & Stout
Francis J. Hearsch, Schienke Staugaard and Hearsch
Frederick Wm. Heath, Frederick Wm. Heath
Jay A. Herbst, Driggers Schultz & Herbst
Robert L. Heritier, Heritier Nance & Sheridan
John J. Hern Jr., Clark Hill
Mark R. High, Dickinson Wright
Steven H. Hilfinger, Foley & Lardner
Charles R. Hrdlicka, Foster Meadows & Ballard
Robert A. Hudson, Butzel Long
Roy R. Hunsinger, Roy R. Hunsinger
Samuel Paul Hunter Huth, Huth Lynett
J. Leonard Hyman, Hyman Lippitt
Jeffrey A. Ishbia, Ishbia & Gagleard
Lawrence S. Jackier, Jackier Gould PC
Ira Jaffe, Jaffe Raitt Heuer & Weiss
Monte D. Jahnke, Kerr Russell & Weber PLC
Paul Janhevich, Paul Janhevich
Robert H. Janover, Robert H. Janover
William R. Jansen, Warner Norcross & Judd LLP
David E. Jerome, David E. Jerome
Eldon L. Johnson, Law Offices of Eldon L. Johnson
James C. Johnston, James C. Johnston
James F. Jordan, James F. Jordan
Robert B. Joslyn, Robert. B. Joslyn
John M. Kamins, Foster Swift Collins & Smith
John P. Kanan, Honigman Miller Schwartz & Cohn
Robert A. Karbel, Robert A. Karbel
Paul M. Kavanaugh, Strobl & Sharp
Michael S. Khoury, Jaffe Raitt Heuer & Weiss
Barry L. King, Giarmarco Mullins & Horton
Justin G. Klimko, Butzel Long
Robert C. Kotz, Kotz Sangster Wysocki and Berg
Kenneth A. Krasity, Payne Broder & Fossee
John A. Krsul, Dickinson Wright PLLC
Robert J. Krueger, Honigman Miller Schwartz & Cohn
Donald J. Kunz, Honigman Miller Schwartz & Cohn
Robert A. LaBelle, Myers Nelson Dillon & Shierk
Gregory R. Lane, Payne Broder & Fossee
Parvin C. Lee Jr., Booth Patterson PC
Gary E. Levitt, Gary E. Levitt
David S. Lichtenstein, David S. Lichtenstein
Gerald T. Lievois, Dykema
Robert L. Litt, Goldstein Litt & Slinger
Dennis K. Loy, Dennis K. Loy
Jerry D. Luptak, Evans & Luptak PC
John A. Lygizos, Lygizos & Associates PLC
Kevin S. Macaddino, Williams Williams Rattner & Plunkett
Norbert T. Madison, Abbott Nicholson PC
Gerard V. Mantese, Mantese and Rossman
John A. Marxer, John A. Marxer PC
Marc A. Mattoni
D. Douglas McGaw, Poling McGaw & Poling
Michael J. Mehr, Evans & Luptak
George H. Meyer, Meyer & Kirk PLLC
Philip G. Meyer, Philip G. Meyer & Associates
Donald J. Miller, Helm Miller & Miller
Daniel H. Minkus, Clark Hill
Jeffrey H. Miro, Honigman Miller Schwartz & Cohn
Marilyn H. Mitchell, Evans & Luptak
Kenneth B. Morgan, Morgan Associates PLC
Cyril Moscow, Honigman Miller Schwartz & Cohn
Willard E. Munro
Rodman N. Myers, Honigman Miller Schwartz & Cohn
Robert A. Neaton
Michael A. Nedelman, Nedelman Gloetzner
John R. Nicholson, Abbott Nicholson PC
David E. Nims, Clark Hill PLC
Paul L. Nine, Paul L. Nine
John A. Nitz, O’Reilly Rancilio
Richard A. Novak, Novak & Bucchi
Morton Noveck, Alspector Sosin & Noveck PLLC
Joseph G. Nuyen, Nuyen Tomtishen and Aoun
Brian J. O’Hara, O’Hara & O’Hara
John P. O’Hara, O’Hara & O’Hara
Brian D. O’Keefe, Hyman Lippitt
Joshua F. Opperer, Honigman Miller Schwartz & Cohn LLP
Ava K. Ortner, Simon Galasso & Frantz
David K. Page, Honigman Miller Schwartz & Cohn
Alex L. Parrish, Honigman Miller Schwartz and Cohn
George A. Peck, Howard & Howard Attorneys PLLC
Richard B. Poling Jr., Poling McGaw & Poling
Richard A. Polk, Polk Ginsberg & Schon
Robert A. Pollice, Robert A. Pollice
Thomas R. Quilter, Abbott Nicholson PC
James M. Radabaugh, Bowen Radabaugh & Milton
Richard D. Rattner, Williams Williams Rattner & Plunkett
Melvin M. Raznick, Law Offices of Melvin M. Raznick
David L. Richards, Richards & DeWitt
G. Scott Romney, Honigman Miller Schwartz and Cohn
Raymond T. Rowe, Raymond T. Rowe
Charles W. Royer, Charles W. Royer
George H. Runstadler, Berry Moorman
Samuel T. Sanom
Peter M. Schneiderman, Peter M. Schneiderman
Steven P. Schubiner, Jacob & Weingarten
Christopher G. Schultz, Cummings McClorey Davis & Acho
Alan E. Schwartz, Honigman Miller Schwartz & Cohn
Alan S. Schwartz, Honigman Miller Schwartz & Cohn LLP
Burton H. Schwartz, Schwartz Law Firm PC
Jerome M. Schwartz, Dickinson Wright
Steven J. Schwartz, Sommers Schwartz
Bruce R. Seglund, Connelly Groth Elowsky Kelley Pawlak & Seglund
Robert J. Seibert, Seibert and Dloski
John A. Sellers, Hyman Lippitt
Simcha Shapiro, Finkel Whitefield Selik
Jon B. Shefferly, Jon B. Shefferly
Howard S. Sher, Jacob & Weingarten
Arnold J. Shifman, Law Office of Arnold J. Shifman
James W. Shimoura, James W. Shimoura
Joseph A. Siciliano, Siciliano Mychalowych Van Dusen and Feul
Werner Siebert, DeBona Siebert & Witkowski
Elwood S. Simon, Elwood S. Simon
David E. Sims, Finkel Whitefield Selik
Mark M. Snitchler, Beals Hubbard
Philip Sotiroff, Sotiroff & Abramczyk
Anthony M. Spaniola, Ufer & Spaniola
Herbert G. Sparrow, Dickinson Wright PLLC
Thomas B. Spillane, Foley & Lardner
Harrison C. Stackpole, Ogne Alberts & Stuart
William R. Stackpoole, Law Offices of William R. Stackpoole
Samuel T. Stahl, Honigman Miller Schwartz & Cohn
Irving M. Stahl, Stahl Wyrock & Holtzman
R. Keith Stark, Stark Reagan
James Y. Stewart, Kotz Sangster Wysocki and Berg PC
Duane L. Tarnacki, Clark Hill
Bruce C. Thelen, Dickinson Wright PLLC
Joseph W. Thomas, Driggers Schultz & Herbst
A. Stuart Tompkins, Sullivan Ward Asher & Patton PC
Brad M. Tomtishen, Nuyen Tomtishen and Aoun
Robert E. Toohey
C. Thomas Toppin, C. Thomas Toppin & Associates PC
Jay W. Tower, Law Offices of Jay W. Tower
Charles E. Turnbull, O’Reilly Rancilio
Robert P. Ufer, Ufer & Spaniola
Nathan Upfal, Jackier Gould PC
Timothy R. Van Dusen, Siciliano Mychalowych Van Dusen and Feul
Gerald W. Van Wyke, Ufer & Spaniola
David Wallace, Rothstein Karbel & Wallace
Larry A. Weingarden, Larry A. Weingarden
Robert Y. Weller, Abbott Nicholson PC
Robert L. Weyhing, Clark Hill PLC
J. Bryan Williams, Dickinson Wright
R. Jamison Williams, Williams Williams Rattner & Plunkett
Curtis R. Williams, Curtis Williams
C. Thomas Wilson, Nelson Wilson & Wilson
Christopher T. Wilson, Nelson Wilson & Wilson
Gary F. Wyner, Gary F. Wyner PC
Gregory L. Wysocki, Kotz Sangster Wysocki and Berg
Howard B. Young, Weisman Young & Ruemenapp
John F. Youngblood, Abbott Nicholson PC

Creditors Rights

Stuart A. Best, Weltman Weinberg & Reis LPA
Eugene H. Boyle Jr., Boyle Burdett
Ralph E. McDowell, Bodman
Arthur W. Miller, Arthur W. Miller
Susan A. Rancilio
Craig S. Schoenherr, O’Reilly Rancilio
Douglass H. Shermeta, Shermeta & Adams
Geoffrey L. Silverman, Silverman & Morris
Lisa Sommers Gretchko, Howard & Howard Attorneys PLLC
Leslie Stein, Seyburn Kahn Ginn Bess & Serlin 

Criminal Law

Cy Matthew Abdo, Cy Matthew Abdo
Mary McCarthy Anderson, Mary McCarthy Anderson
Christopher A. Andreoff, Jaffe Raitt Heuer & Weiss
John (Jack) I. Bain, Bain & Bain PC
Gail S. Benson, Gail S. Benson
Robert E. Berg Jr., Robert E. Berg Jr. PC
Seymour Berger, Law Offices of Seymour Berger
Clarence M. Bradfield
Steven C. Bullock
James W. Burdick, Hertz Schram PC
Laurence C. Burgess, Burgess & Burgess
Raymond A. Cassar, Law Offices of Raymond A. Cassar
Ann D. Christ, Hafeli Staran Hallahan & Christ PC
James P. Conrad, Mancini Schreuder Kline & Conrad
Thomas W. Cranmer, Miller Canfield Paddock and Stone
Craig A. Daly
William B. Daniel, New Century Group
Nancy J. Diehl
Timothy A. Dinan, Dinan & Associates
Robert W. Donaldson, Robert W. Donaldson
Frank D. Eaman, Frank D. Eaman
S. Allen Early, Law Office of S. Allen Early
Jeffrey L. Edison, Jeffrey L. Edison
Elias J. Escobedo, Elias J. Escobedo
Neil H. Fink, Law Offices of Neil H. Fink
Steven Fishman, Steven Fishman
Robert D. Ihrie, Ihrie & O’Brien
Jack L. Jaffe, Jack L. Jaffe
Dennis A. Johnston, Dennis A. Johnston
Lesley F. Knapp, Kanter & Knapp
Larence R. Kozma, Law Office of Larence R. Kozma
Mark J. Kriger, LaRene & Kriger PLC
N. C. Deday LaRene, LaRene & Kriger
J. Herbert Larson, Law Office of J. Herbert Larson
Gerald M. Lorence, Gerald M. Lorence
Carl J. Marlinga, Marlinga Law Group PLLC
John M. McManus, McManus Law
Theodore A. Metry, Metry & Metry
Victor M. Norris, Hertz Schram PC
Salvatore D. Palombo, Salvatore D. Palombo
Cornelius Pitts, Cornelius Pitts and Associates
Margaret Sind Raben, Gurewitz and Raben
Susan F. Reed, Law Offices of Susan F. Reed
Barry A. Resnick, Barry Resnick PC
Michael J. Rex, Hertz Schram PC
Mitchell Ribitwer, Ribitwer & Sabbota
Ralph H. Richardson, Ralph H. Richardson
Jerome Sabbota, Ribitwer & Sabbota
Mark A. Satawa, Kirsch & Satawa
Henry M. Scharg, Henry M. Scharg
Lawrence Bryant Shulman, Jackson Lewis
Domnick J. Sorise, Domnick J. Sorise
David S. Steingold, Law Offices of David S. Steingold
David A. Stevens, David A. Stevens Attorney at Law
William W. Swor, William W. Swor
Marshall S. Tauber Esq., Law Offices of Marshall S. Tauber
James C. Thomas, Plunkett Cooney
Donald P. Williams, Donald P. Willams
Edward C. Wishnow, Law Offices of Edward Wishnow
Allen M. Wolf, The Wolf Law Firm
David N. Zacks, Ishbia & Gagleard 


Gary C. Ankers, Littler Mendelson


Carole L. Chiamp, Chiamp & Associates
David R. Dawson, Boyer & Dawson PC
S. Gerald Gorcyca, S. Gerald Gorcyca PC
Richard J. Jarosz, Rock & Borgelt
Warren M. Kifferstein, Warren Kifferstein Attorney At Law
John S. Lascoe, John S. Lascoe
Michael A. Robbins, Michael A. Robbins
Daryle Salisbury
T. Gordon Scupholm, Butzel Long
Amy A. Stawski, Kemp Klein Law Firm

Drug Crimes

Thomas J. Beck


Marc A. Fishman, Fishman & Townley
Frank B. Ford, Frank B. Ford Attorney & Counselor at Law
Gary E. Gardner, Gardner Gary Edward
Terence K. Jolly, Matheson Parr Jolly Osmer & Stevens
Edwin R. Leonard, Larin & Leonard
Stephen G. Meads, Secrest Wardle
Michael W. Reeds, Reeds & Reeds
Michael J. Trager, Colombo & Trager PC

Education Law

George P. Butler III, Dickinson Wright
James M. Crowley, Clark Hill PLC
Robert A. Lusk, Clark Hill PLC
Joseph E. Turner, Clark Hill PLC

Elder Law

Cynthia E. Brazzil, Kemp Klein Law Firm
John B. Payne, Garrison Lawhouse
Mary T. Schmitt Smith, Theresa Law Center
James Schuster, Jim Schuster
Thomas V. Trainer, Kemp Klein Law Firm
Lauren M. Underwood, Lauren M. Underwood PC

Eminent Domain

Alan T. Ackerman, Ackerman Ackerman & Dynkowski
Bryan L. Amann, Bryan L. Amann
H. Adam Cohen, Steinhardt Pesick & Cohen
Lawrence W. Dloski, Seibert and Dloski PLLC
Darius W. Dynkowski, Ackerman Ackerman & Dynkowski
Sandor M. Gelman, Sandor M. Gelman
Paul T. Jansen
Stephen D. Kursman, Finkel Whitefield Selik
Walter B. Mason, Steinhardt Pesick & Cohen
H. Joel Newman, Hyman Lippitt
Jerome P. Pesick, Steinhardt Pesick & Cohen
Ronald E. Reynolds, Berry Reynolds & Rogowski
Robert S. Rollinger, Robert S. Rollinger
Ronald R. Sogge, Law Offices of Ronald L. Sogge
Marc G. Whitefield, Finkel Whitefield Selik
Stephen Winter, Winter
Mark J. Zausmer, Zausmer Kaufman August Caldwell & Tayler PC

Employee Benefits

Charles M. Bayer, Clark Hill PLC
Alexander B. Bragdon, Butzel Long
P. Robert Brown, Clark Hill PLC
Robert G. Buydens, Butzel Long
Nancy L. Farnam, Varnum LLP
Michael J. Friedman, Honigman Miller Schwartz & Cohn
Roberta Granadier, Butzel Long
Norman E. Greenfield, Siegel Greenfield Hayes & Gross
Mark S. Hayduk, Hayduk Andrews & Brucker
Ralph H. Houghton, Clark Hill PLC
Margaret Adams Hunter, Dykema
Theresa C. Joswick, Dawda Mann Mulcahy & Sadler PLC
Janet E. Lanyon, Dean & Fulkerson PC
Mary Jo Larson, Warner Norcross & Judd LLP
Charles M. Lax, Maddin Hauser Wartell Roth & Heller
Jeffrey M. Lesser, Jeffrey M. Lesser
Richard C. Marsh, Clark Hill PLC
Cynthia A. Moore, Dickinson Wright
David M. Rosenberger, Rosenberger Law Group
Lawrence F. Schiller, Couzens Lansky Fealk Ellis Roeder & Lazar PC
Lynette M. Sheldon, Rosenberger Law Group
Michael R. Shpiece, Kitch Drutchas Wagner Valitutti & Sherbrook
Lisa B. Zimmer, Warner Norcross & Judd LLP

Employment Contracts

Mark H. Cousens
Alan B. Posner, Alan B. Posner 


Rodger Kershner, Howard & Howard 

Entertainment and Sports

Oscar H. Feldman, Butzel Long
Harold S. Fried, Fried Saperstein Abbatt
Howard Hertz, Hertz Schram PC
Alan R. Miller, Alan R. Miller PC
S. Gary Spicer, Law Offices of S. Gary Spicer

Entertainment Law

Sheldon L. Kay, Sheldon Kay & Associates 

Environmental Law

Richard S. Baron, Foley Baron & Metzger
Richard A. Barr, Honigman Miller Schwartz & Cohn
Paul F. Bohn, Fausone & Bohn
David R. Bruegel, Law Offices of David R. Bruegel
Randall D. Bryant, Secrest Wardle
Margaret A. Coughlin, Dickinson Wright
James P. Davey, Kemp Klein Law Firm
Fredrick J. Dindoffer, Bodman
Christopher J. Dunsky, Christopher J. Dunsky PLLC
Clayton F. Farrell, Collins Einhorn Farrell & Ulanoff
Grant P. Gilezan, Dykema
Kenneth C. Gold, Honigman Miller Schwartz & Cohn
Beth S. Gotthelf, Butzel Long
Jeffrey K. Haynes, Beier Howlett
James F. Hunt, Berry Johnston Sztykiel & Hunt
R. Craig Hupp, Bodman
Douglas A. Hyman, Hyman Lippitt
Mark D. Jacobs, Dykema
Daniel P. King, Pedersen Keenan King Wachsberg & Andrzejak
Steven C. Kohl, Warner Norcross & Judd LLP
Eric A. Linden, Jaffe Raitt Heuer & Weiss
Neil W. MacCallum, Collins Einhorn Farrell & Ulanoff
Anna M. Maiuri, Miller Canfield Paddock and Stone
Dale J. McLellan, Collins Einhorn Farrell & Ulanoff
Susan E. Morrison, Rentrop & Morrison
Steven C. Nadeau, Honigman Miller Schwartz and Cohn
Brian J. Negele, Honigman Miller Schwartz & Cohn LLP
Sharon R. Newlon, Dickinson Wright PLLC
John H. Norris, Dickinson Wright
James K. O’Brien, Dean & Fulkerson PC
Patricia Paruch, Kemp Klein Law Firm
Gary A. Peters, Howard & Howard Attorneys PLLC
George E. Petersmarck, Petersmarck & Associates
Joseph M. Polito, Honigman Miller Schwartz and Cohn
Gary R. Rentrop, Rentrop & Morrison
Susan J. Sadler, Dawda Mann Mulcahy & Sadler PLC
Daniel N. Sharkey, Brooks Wilkins Sharkey & Turco PLLC
Jack D. Shumate, Butzel Long
Arthur Siegal, Jaffe Raitt Heuer & Weiss
Jason J. Thompson, Sommers Schwartz
Alan D. Wasserman, Williams Acosta
Todd H. Wells, Schnelz Wells
Thomas P. Wilczak, Pepper Hamilton LLP

Environmental Permitting

Tyler D. Tennent, Dawda Mann Mulcahy & Sadler PLC 


Anthony A. Haisch, Hardy Lewis & Page 

Estate and Gift Taxation

Clark A. Andrews, O’Reilly Rancilio
Alan C. Applebaum
Jeffrey A. Bahorski, O’Reilly Rancilio
Susan G. Bailo, Susan G. Bailo
Donald M. Blaty
James H. Booker, James H. Booker
Steven D. Brock, Bowen Radabaugh & Milton
Patrick J. Bruetsch, Bruetsch & Associates
Julie A. Calligaro, Calligaro & Meyering PC
Emil E. Cardamone Esq., Law Offices of Emil C. Cardamone
Mark L. Clark, McLean Mijak & Clark
Arthur R. Cox, Bebout Potere & Cox PC
John E. Curley, Curley & Berkal
Thomas G. D’Luge, D’Luge Miles & Miles
Joseph R. Daiek, Joseph R. Daiek
John J. Davey, Kutinsky & Davey
Ronald A. Deneweth, Deneweth Dugan & Parfitt
James B. Dritsas, Vestevich Mallender DuBois & Dritsas
Terence P. Fitzgerald
Tamara Rosen Gorosh, Gorosh & Cohen PLLC
Paul V. Groth, Connelly Groth Elowsky Kelley Pawlak & Seglund
Alan C. Helmkamp, Alan C. Helmkamp
Carla Kaczmarek, Kaczmarek Kaczmarek & Kaczmarek
Peter C. Kenney, Archer Kenney & Wilson
Timothy W. Lake
Ben T. Liu, Ben T. Liu
George R. Lubienski
Paul M. Lubienski, Paul M. Lubienski
Ronald A. Lustig, Ronald A. Lustig
John J. Lynch, Vandeveer Garzia
Paul F. McNamara, McNamara & Associates
Gregory J. Mlynarek Esq., Law Offices of Gregory J. Mlynarek
George W. Moore, George W. Moore
William T. Myers, Myers Nelson Dillon & Shierk
Roger J. O’Toole, Biber O’Toole Fowler & Clarkson PLLC
Chris Parfitt, Deneweth Dugan & Parfitt
George J. Parish, George J. Parish
Angelo A. Plakas, Angelo A. Plakas
James R. Porritt, James R. Porritt
Kenneth J. Robinson
Steven P. Ross, Shaheen Jacobs & Ross
Ronald F. Schilling, Sterling & Schilling
Kent D. Schultz, Schultz & Wickerham
Lawrence M. Scott, O’Reilly Rancilio
Larry H. Sherman, Sherman & Sherman
C. Kim Shierk, Myers Nelson Dillon & Shierk
Thomas C. Shumaker, Abbott Nicholson PC
Gerald C. Simon, Gerald C. Simon
Larry J. Spilkin, Law Offices of Larry J. Spilkin PC
Bruce H. Tobin
Peter J. Tranchida, Law Offices of Peter J. Tranchida
John R. Urso, Esq., Urso & Associates PC
Margaret Van Meter, Warner Norcross & Judd LLP
Peter Vestevich, Vestevich Mallender DuBois & Dritsas
Lawrence E. Witkowski, DeBona Siebert & Witkowski
Ronald Zajac, Ronald Zajac

Estate Litigation

Donald F. Carney Jr., Berry Moorman
Joseph H. Ehrlich, Ehrlich Foley & Serwer
Earle E. Endelman, Kemp Klein Law Firm
Darren Martin Findling, Findling Law Firm
Dennis C. Modzelewski, Gaggos Law Firm
Monica Demko Moons, Couzens Lansky Fealk Ellis Roeder & Lazar PC
Mark T. Nelson, Butzel Long
George M. Smrtka, George M. Smrtka PC
Lawrence G. Snyder, Kemp Klein Law Firm
Michael M. Wachsberg, Pedersen Keenan King Wachsberg & Andrzejak

Estate Planning

Kenneth K. Afton, Surridge Afton & Martin LLP
Dale P. Aho, Aho & Potti
Paul Arslanian, Arslanian Wells
Barry R. Bess, Seyburn Kahn Ginn Bess and Serlin
Peter J. Bill, Giarmarco Mullins & Horton
Paul J. Blizman, Law Office of Paul J. Blizman
Basil M. Briggs, Giarmarco Mullins & Horton
Daniel W. Burlingame, Daniel W Burlingame PC
Conrad D. Chapman, Powers Chapman DeAgostino Meyers & Milia
Jack S. Couzens II, Couzens Lansky Fealk Ellis Roeder & Lazar
L. Gene DeAgostino, Powers Chapman DeAgostino Meyers & Milia
Curtis J. DeRoo, Kerr Russell & Weber PLC
William J. Enright Jr., William J. Enright Jr.
Robert J. Essick, Robert J. Essick
Julius H. Giarmarco, Giarmarco Mullins & Horton
Brian P. Gijsbers, Powers Chapman DeAgostino Meyers & Milia
Thomas V. Giles, The Giles Law Firm
Jeannine F. Gleeson, Freeman Cotton & Gleeson
Joel S. Golden, Jaffe Raitt Heuer & Weiss
Ronald H. Greve, Dinning & Greve
Henry M. Grix, Dickinson Wright
William D. Hodgman, Kitch Drutchas Wagner Valitutti & Sherbrook
James L. Howlett, Beier Howlett
John W. Isgrigg, John W. Isgrigg
Stephen W. Jones, Beier Howlett
Robert D. Kaplow, Maddin Hauser Wartell Roth & Heller
Robert E. Kass, Barris Sott Denn & Driker
John M. Kirk, Meyer & Kirk PLLC
Sanford A. Klein, Kemp Klein Law Firm
Ronald V. Kneiser, Ronald V. Kneiser
Kenneth E. Konop, Miller Canfield Paddock and Stone
Chester C. Lawrence, Chester C. Lawrence PC
William J. Lawson Jr., William J. Lawson
Henry P. Lee, Howard & Howard PLLC
James F. Lewandowski, Lowe & Lewandowski
William R. Look, Look Makowski & Look
Elizabeth Luckenbach Brown, Jaffe Raitt Heuer & Weiss
John D. Mabley, Smith & Mabley
John F. MacArthur, Nunneley Hirt & MacArthur
Allen M. Meyers, Powers Chapman DeAgostino Meyers & Milia
Thomas G. Mies, Mies & Associates
Robert P. Milia, Powers Chapman DeAgostino Meyers & Milia
Donald A. Mott, Mott & Staniszewski
James H. Mulcahy, Mulcahy & Mulcahy
Harold R. Oseff, Seyburn Kahn Ginn Bess and Serlin
Thomas E. Owen, Owen & DeMarco PC
Robert P. Perry, Butzel Long
Ward D. Powers, Powers Chapman DeAgostino Meyers & Milia
Edgar W. Pugh, Pugh Moak PC
Donald M. Rivard, Donald M. Rivard
Jeffrey A. Robbins, Hertz Schram PC
Richard F. Roth, Maddin Hauser Wartell Roth & Heller
Michael D. Scallen, Michael D. Scallen
Arthur W. Shannon, Arthur W. Shannon
Marvin D. Sharon, Marvin D. Sharon
Eugene L. Smith, Law Offices of Eugene L. Smith
Stuart J. Snider, Law Offices of Stuart J. Snider
David W. Sommerfeld, Butzel Long
Jeffrey S. Sternberg, Kotz Sangster Wysocki & Berg
Kathryn Gilson Sussman, Couzens Lansky Fealk Ellis Roeder & Lazar PC
Susan M. Sutton, Jaffe Raitt Heuer & Weiss
David M. Thoms, Miller Canfield Paddock and Stone
Paul L. Triemstra, Butzel Long
William H. Tripp, Powers Chapman DeAgostino Meyers & Milia
Michael D. Umphrey, Kemp Klein Law Firm
Harvey B. Wallace II, Berry Moorman
Lisa J. Walters, Couzens Lansky Fealk Ellis Roeder & Lazar PC
Michael J. Weisberg, Ishbia & Gagleard
Nancy H. Welber, Nancy H. Welber PC
Jimm F. White, Jimm F. White
Leonard A. Wilcox, Dean & Fulkerson PC
James W. Williams, Miller Canfield Paddock and Stone
Michael P. Witzke, Witzke Berry
William G. Zabel, William G. Zabel
Howard L. Zoller, Kupelian Ormond & Magy

Family and Medical Leave Act

Hanley M. Gurwin, Dickinson Wright 

Family Law

Nina Dodge Abrams, Abrams Law Firm
Denise Alexander, Butzel Long
James Alle, The Law Office of James Alle
Michelle E. Areeda, Michelle E. Areeda PLLC
Robert L. Badgley
Dennis J. Bagley, Law Offices of Dennis J. Bagley PC
Mark A. Bank, The Law Firm of John F. Schaefer
Katherine L. Barnhart, Katherine L. Barnhart PC
Michael L. Bars, Michael L. Bars & Associates
Terry I. Berlin, Law Office of Terry I. Berlin PLLC
Stephen R. Bernstein, Stephen R. Bernstein
Frederick G. Buesser III, Butzel Long
Joseph P. Buttiglieri, Kemp Klein Law Firm
Brian J. Casey, Patrick Johnson & Mott
Douglas Chartrand, Law Offices of Douglas Chartrand
Donald R. Chisholm, Chisholm & Shuttie
Daniel M. Clark, Clark Clark & Associates PLLC
Susan E. Cohen, Law Office of Susan E. Cohen
Marjory B. Cohen, Mogill Posner & Cohen
J. Kingsley Cotton, Freeman Cotton & Gleeson
Joseph W. Cunningham, Plante & Moran PLLC
James P. Cunningham, Williams Williams Rattner & Plunkett
Judith A. Curtis
Ronald A. DeLamielleure, Ronald A. DeLamielleure
Douglas L. Dinning, Dinning & Greve
Robert Z. Feldstein, Robert Z. Feldstein
John J. Fish Jr., Fish Fish & Lake
Patrick M. Fishman, Hickey Cianciolo Fishman & Finn
Cheryl A. Fletcher, Gornbein Smith Peskin-Shepherd PLLC
William D. Foren, William D. Foren Attorney at Low
John C. Frakes, Schureman Frakes & Glass
Diane M. Freilich, Diane M. Freilich
Timothy T. Fryhoff, Fryhoff & Lynch
Charles H. Gabe, Gabe Quinn & Seymour
John F. Gilhool, John F. Gilhool
Vincent D. Giovanni, Vincent D. Giovanni Attorney At Law
Charles F. Glass, Schureman Frakes & Glass
Sandra  D. Glazier, Lipson Neilson Cole Seltzer & Garin
Edward D. Gold, Butzel Long
Jerome M. Goldman, Jerome M. Goldman
John J. Goldpaugh, Goldpaugh & Associates
Richard S. Goodman, Richard S. Goodman PC
Henry S. Gornbein, Gornbein Smith Peskin-Shepherd
Ronald F. Graham, Law Offices of Condit McGarry Schloff & Graham
D. Stewart Green, Butzel Long
Gilbert Gugni, Giarmarco Mullins & Horton
James R. Hand, Hardy Lewis & Page
Mark E. Harder, Hennings Harder & Tonelli PC
Mark K. Harder, Warner Norcross & Judd LLP
Edward L. Haroutunian, Haroutunian Licata Haroutunian
Robert S. Harrison, Robert Harrison & Associates
Harvey I. Hauer, Hauer & Snover
Joseph H. Hemming, Law Offices of Joseph H. Hemming
Steven M. Hickey, Hickey Cianciolo Fishman & Finn
Ann Hildebrandt, Ann Hildebrandt
Albert L. Holtz, Albert L. Holtz
Felice Iafrate, Puzzuoli Hribar Iafrate Majerowicz Gaber Seay & Jansen
Wade P. Jackman, Jackman & Kasody
Robert E. Kostin, Robert E. Kostin PC
Timothy J. Kramer, Abbott Nicholson PC
Leslie H. Kutinsky, Kutinsky & Davey
George Laska, Caputo Brosnan PC
David J. Lee, Booth Patterson PC
Bruce T. Leitman, Bruce T. Leitman
Susan S. Lichterman, Jaffe Raitt Heuer & Weiss
Paul C. Louisell, Musilli Brennan Associates PLLC
Jennifer Lujan, Jennifer M. Lujan
William O. Lynch, Fryhoff & Lynch
Carlo J. Martina, Carlo J. Martina
Brenda J. Maxwell, Maxwell Dunn Law
Donald E. McGinnis, Donald E. McGinnis
Anita G. McIntyre, Anita G. McIntyre
Sanford J. Melder, Melder & Melder
John F. Mills, Williams Williams Rattner & Plunkett
John G. Mooney, Mooney & Gilboe
William Thomas Nahikian, William T. Nahikian
Charles L. Nichols, Nichols & Eberth
Deborah F. O’Brien, Ihrie & O’Brien
Susan E. Paletz, Paletz Law Firm
Jeffrey D. Pepper, Jeffrey D. Pepper
Elliott R. Perlman, Perlman & Perlman
Anne Cole Pierce, Anne Cole Pierce PC
David William Potts, Butzel Long
Kenneth E. Prather, Kenneth E. Prather Sr. PC
Andrew C. Pringle, Pringle and Associates
Thomas Raguso, Thomas Raguso
B. Andrew Rifkin, The Law Firm of John F. Schaefer
Colleen V. Ronayne
Elaine Rosati, Rosati Associates
James P. Ryan, James P. Ryan Attorney at Law
Elizabeth A. Sadowski, Elizabeth A. Sadowski
Robert Jay Scafuri, Robert Jay Scafuri
John F. Schaefer, The Law Firm of John F. Schaefer
Dawn M. Schluter, Miller Canfield Paddock and Stone
Kurt E. Schnelz, Schnelz Wells
John J. Schrot, Alan R. Miller PC
Elizabeth A. Silverman, Elizabeth A. Silverman
Richard Siriani, Miller Canfield Paddock & Stone PLC
John M. Staniszewski, Mott & Staniszewski
J. Robert Sterling, Sterling & Schilling
Paula Marie Talarico, Talarico & Associates
John C. Talpos, Talpos & Arnold PC
Bruce J. Thorburn, Bruce J. Thorburn PC
Marsha Lynn Tuck, Law Offices of Marsha Lynn Tuck
Irving Tukel, Law Offices of Irving Tukel
William H. Van Dusen, Law Offices of William H. Van Dusen
Richard S. Victor, Law Offices of Victor & Victor PLLC
Kathy J. Vogt, Garton & Vogt PC
Howard I. Wallach, Foley & Mansfield PLLP
Douglas Wartell, Hoffman & Wartell
Todd M. Weiss, Todd M. Weiss
Phyllis Aiuto Zimmerman, Beier Howlett


Edward A. Cherniak, Edward A. Cherniak


James L. Allen, Miller Canfield Paddock and Stone
John R. Axe, Axe & Ecklund
G. Allen Bass, Lewis & Munday
Harold W. Bulger Jr., Miller Canfield Paddock and Stone
Terence M. Donnelly, Dickinson Wright
Craig W. Hammond, Dickinson Wright
John K. Lawrence, Dickinson Wright
Thomas Linn, Miller Canfield Paddock & Stone
Joyce Q. Lower, Joyce Q. Lower
D. Richard McDonald, Dykema
Jeffrey M. McHugh, Miller Canfield Paddock and Stone
David K. McLeod, Miller Canfield Paddock and Stone
Mark A. Metz, Dykema
Lisa T. Milton, Bowen Radabaugh & Milton
Aleksandra A. Miziolek, Dykema
Lawrence C. Patrick, Jaffe Raitt Heuer & Weiss
Michael B. Peterman, Miller Canfield Paddock and Stone
Paul R. Rentenbach, Dykema
Paula McDonald Rhodes, Nuyen Tomtishen and Aoun|
Ronald H. Riback, Miller Canfield Paddock & Stone
Steven A. Roach, Miller Canfield Paddock and Stone
Jerry T. Rupley, Miller Canfield Paddock and Stone
Rex E. Schlaybaugh Jr., Dykema
Robert L. Schwartz, Butzel Long
Thomas S. Vaughn, Dykema
Timothy M. Wittebort, Howard & Howard Attorneys PLLC
Thomas V. Yates, Dickinson Wright PLLC

Financial Services Law

Robert S. Bolton, Jaffe Raitt Heuer & Weiss
David Baker Lewis, Lewis & Munday
Ralph R. Margulis, Jaffe Raitt Heuer & Weiss
Gail A. Morris, Jaffe Raitt Heuer & Weiss


Stanley M. Bershad, Goldstein Bershad & Fried

Franchises and Franchising

Sally Lee Foley, Bodman LLP
John P. Hartwig, Colombo and Colomb
Richard H. May, May Simpson & Strote PC

General Practice

Loren J. Allen, Loren J. Allen
Laura Amtsbuechler, Johnson Rosati LaBarge Aseltyne & Field PC
George J. Bedrosian, George J. Bedrosian
Kenneth D. Bilodeau, Kenneth D. Bilodeau
Thomas H. Bleakley, Thomas H. Bleakley PC
David B. Braun, Fildew Hinks
Frank J. Bujold, Chandler Bujold & Chandler
Patricia B. Campbell, Patricia B. Campbell
Thomas M. Caplis, Siemion Huckabay
Vincent G. Carter, Dailey Law Firm PC
Joan M. Clarke
Peter P. Cobbs, Peter P. Cobbs PC
Eric Colthurst
Carl T. Colwell, Logan Huchla & Wycoff
Thomas J. Cory, Cory & Associates
John B. DeMoss, DeMoss Dempsey & DeMoss
Michael J. Devine, Michael J. Devine
Douglas H. Dold, Dold Spath & Kiriazis PC
George L. Downing
Edward E. Duke II, Pierce Duke Farrell & Tafelski PLC
S. Randall Field, Johnson Rosati LaBarge Aseltyne & Field PC
Lee R. Franklin
David M. Fried, Fried & Bugbee
Jeffrey I. Fried, Fried Porter PLLC
S. Nicholas Frontczak
Alexis A. Glendening
Michael R. Gorman, Michael R. Gorman
Marc D. Hallowell, Hallowell & Associates
Marcia L. Howe, Johnson Rosati LaBarge Aseltyne & Field PC
Michael W. Hutson, Hutson Sawyer Rupp & Schroeder
Roger Q. Hyde, Roger Q. Hyde
Peter William Joelson, Joelson Rosenberg PLC
Christopher J. Johnson, Johnson Rosati LaBarge Aseltyne & Field PC
Barry M. Kelman, Law Offices of Catherine A. Gofrank
Charles S. Kennedy, Fildew Hinks
James R. Kohl, James R. Kohl PC
J. Russell LaBarge, Johnson Rosati LaBarge Aseltyne & Field PC
Gerald H. Ladue, Gerald H. Ladue
Christopher P. Legghio, Martens Ice Klass Legghio & Israel
Paul A. Longton, Paul A.Longton
Richard M. Lustig, Richard M. Lustig
MaryEllen McLeod, McLeod & Associates
Paul J. Millenbach, Foster Swift Collins & Smith
Benjamin F. Moore, Ben F. Moore
John A. Mundell Jr.
John H. Murphy, Law Offices of John H.Murphy
Christ G. Natsis
Robert E. Novitke, Robert E. Novitke
Thomas W. Payne, Payne Broder & Fossee
Timothy P. Payne, Payne Broder & Fossee
Steven J. Pitzer, Steven J. Pitzer
Stephen J. Pokoj, Fildew Hinks
John Poplar, Michael L. Kalis
Louis J. Porter, Fried Porter PLLC
Charles J. Porter, Charles J. Porter
Ramon S. Regan
Leonard E. Reinowski Jr.
Mary Jane Ruffley, Fildew Hinks
Edson S. Rupp, Hutson Sawyer Rupp & Schroeder
Thomas G. Sawyer, Hutson Sawyer Rupp & Schroeder
Douglas J. Schroeder, Hutson Sawyer Rupp & Schroeder
Jeffrey A. Sherman, Sherman & Sherman
Charles M. Sibert, Sibert & Sibert
Christopher B. Smith, Smith & Smith
Ralph Sosin, Alspector Sosin & Noveck PLLC
Samuel J. Spatafora
Peter J. Staver, Staver & Associates
Michael J. Sugameli, Sugameli & Sugameli PC
Stephen J. Trahey, Tuchow & Trahey
Brent S. Triest, Brent S. Triest
Gerald Tuchow, Tuchow & Trahey
Bruce A. Vande Vusse, Foster Swift Collins & Smith
Robert S. Vickrey, Robert S. Vickrey Attorney At Law
Donald E. Walker, Draugelis & Ashton
Steven J. Wallace, Wallace & Wallace
Ronald E. Witthoff, Hemming Polaczyk Cronin Smith Witthoff & Bennett
Ronald E. Witthoff, Hemming Polaczyk Cronin Smith Witthoff & Bennett


Joan A. Bacon, Secrest Wardle
Derk W. Beckerleg, Secrest Wardle
Richard S. Clark, Law Office of Richard S. Clark
Thomas J. Connelly, Connelly Groth Elowsky Kelley Pawlak & Seglund
Owen J. Cummings, Cummings McClorey Davis & Acho
Timothy J. Currier, Beier Howlett
Douglas C. Dahn, Giarmarco Mullins & Horton
John A. Dolan, York Dolan & Tomlinson
Julie A. Gibson, Smith & Gibson
John J. Gillooly, Garan Lucow Miller PC
Elliott S. Hall, Dykema
William P. Hampton, Secrest Wardle Lynch Hampton Truex and Morley
Stephen Jay Hitchcock, Giarmarco Mullins & Horton
Robert J. Hribar, Puzzuoli Hribar Iafrate Majerowicz Gaber Seay & Jansen
Denise Ilitch, Clark Hill PLC
Donald W. Keim, Miller Canfield Paddock and Stone
Brian J. Kott, Lewis & Munday
Patrick B. McCauley, Giarmarco Mullins & Horton
Michael P. McGee, Miller Canfield Paddock and Stone
Patrick F. McGow, Miller Canfield Paddock and Stone
Timothy J. Mullins, Giarmarco Mullins & Horton
Dennis R. Neiman, Miller Canfield Paddock and Stone
Paul E. Pedersen, Pedersen Keenan King Wachsberg & Andrzejak PC
Joel L. Piell, Miller Canfield Paddock and Stone
Carol A. Rosati, Johnson Rosati LaBarge Aseltyne & Field PC
Edward E. Salah, Cummings McClorey Davis & Acho
Thomas R. Schultz, Secrest Wardle
Roger A. Smith, Garan Lucow Miller PC
John D. Staran, Hafeli Staran Hallahan & Christ PC
Amanda Van Dusen, Miller Canfield Paddock and Stone
Michael J. Watza, Kitch Drutchas Wagner Valitutti & Sherbrook

Government Contracts

George W. Ash, Foley & Lardner

Guardianship and Conservatorship

George J.A. Heitmanis
Patricia L. Patterson Courie, Patricia L. Patterson Courie

Head and Spinal Injuries

Joseph P. Ciaramitaro, Joseph P. Ciaramitaro Jr.
A. Robert Zeff, Zeff and Zeff

Health Care

Maria B. Abrahamsen, Dykema
Frederick B. Bellamy, Foster Swift Collins & Smith
Donna J. Craig RN JD, Donna Craig & Associates PLC
Gregory Drutchas, Kitch Drutchas Wagner Valitutti & Sherbrook
Douglas A. Firth, Knight & Firth
Jane Forbes, Dykema
Gilbert M. Frimet, Foster Swift Collins & Smith
Alan G. Gilchrist, Foster Swift Collins & Smith
Karl E. Hannum, Hannum Law Firm
Ann T. Hollenbeck, Honigman Miller Schwartz & Cohn
Connie Houin
Robert Iwrey, Health Law Partners
Cynthia L.M. Johnson, Couzens Lansky Fealk Ellis Roeder & Lazar
John A. Kaichen, John A. Kaichen Attorney
David L. Kaser, Miller Canfield Paddock and Stone
Charles R. Kinnaird, Dickinson Wright PLLC
Mark S. Kopson, Plunkett Cooney
Kathrin E. Kudner, Dykema
Joanne R. Lax, Dykema
David Lebenbom, Lebenbom & Rothman
Seth M. Lloyd, Dykema
Stuart M. Lockman, Honigman Miller Schwartz & Cohn
Theresamarie Mantese, Rogers Mantese & Associates
Kenneth R. Marcus, Honigman Miller Schwartz & Cohn
Brian J. McCullough, Strobl & Sharp
Thomas J. McGraw, Dykema
Clyde M. Metzger, Foley Baron & Metzger
Joseph F. Page, Giarmarco Mullins & Horton
R. Lisa Panah, Kitch Drutchas Wagner Valitutti & Sherbrook
Anthony J. Paradiso, Ramar & Paradiso
David L. Rogers, Rogers Mantese & Associates
Linda S. Ross, Honigman Miller Schwartz & Cohn
Chris E. Rossman, Foley & Lardner
Andrew R. Rothman, Lebenbom & Rothman
Robert H. Schwartz, Butzel Long
Margaret A. Shannon, Honigman Miller Schwartz and Cohn LLP
E. William S. Shipman, Bodman LLP
Richard L. Small, Richard L. Small
Keith J. Soltis, Kotz Sangster Wysocki and Berg
Debra A. Spicer, Debra A. Spicer PC
Andrew B. Wachler, Wachler & Associates
Richard D. Weber, Kerr Russell & Weber PLC


Brian M. Legghio, Brian M. Legghio


N. Peter Antone, Antone Casagrande & Adwers PC
Dorothy H. Basmaji, Vercruysse Murray & Calzone
Robert M. Birach, Charfoos Giovan & Birach
Ingrid K. Brey, Ingrid K. Brey PC
Liza Cheuk May Chan, Dickinson Wright PLLC
Scott F. Cooper, Fragomen Del Rey Bernsen & Loewy
Donald S. Dobkin, Fakhoury Law Group
John E. English, English & Van Horne PC
Carol A. Friend, Honigman Miller Schwartz & Cohn
Marshal E. Hyman, Marshal E. Hyman
Ronald E. Kaplovitz, Kaplovitz and Associates
Clara DeMatteis Mager, Butzel Long
George P. Mann, George P. Mann
Derek I. Meier, Dykema
Reginald A. Pacis, Butzel Long
David H. Paruch, David H. Paruch
Richard W. Pierce, Richard W. Pierce
Larry J. Stringer, Dickinson Wright
Thomas R. Williams, Kerr Russell & Weber PLC
Margaret W. Wong, Margaret W. Wong


Eric A. Andrzejak, Pedersen Keenan King Wachsberg & Andrzejak
Joel B. Ashton, Draugelis & Ashton
Edward A. Batchelor III, Currier & Batchelor PC
James L. Borin, Garan Lucow Miller PC
John C. Brennan, Romain Kuck & Egerer
Charles W. Browning, Plunkett Cooney
Michael D. Bryant, Ward Anderson Porritt & Bryant
Richard F. Burns Jr., Law Offices of Richard F. Burns Jr.
Timothy F. Casey, Kelley Casey
William M. Cassetta, Honigman Miller Schwartz & Cohn
Michael F. Condit, Condit McGarry Schloff & Graham
David J. Cooper, Law Office of David J. Cooper
Thomas R. Cox, Miller Canfield Paddock and Stone
Mark L. Dailey, Melamed Dailey & Milanowski
Michael Paul Daniels, Romain Kuck & Egerer
Jo Robin Davis, Jo Robin Davis
Kenneth D. Dodson, Hom Killeen Siefer Arene & Hoehn
Mark L. Dolin, Kopka Pinkus Dolin & Eads
Stephen D. Duggan, Black Duggan & Moss
David J. Dykhouse, The Dykhouse Company
John T. Eads III, Kopka Pinkus Dolin & Eads
Timothy E. Egerer, Romain Kuck & Egerer
Lee Estes, Law Office of Lee Estes
Julie I. Fershtman, Zausmer Kaufman August Caldwell & Tayler PC
Edward M. Freeland, Garan Lucow Miller PC
John B. Geen, Scarfone & Geen
Wayne A. Geik, Kallas & Henk PC
Catherine A. Gofrank, Catherine A. Gofrank
Leonard A. Henk Esq., Kallas & Henk PC
James F. Hewson, Hewson & Van Hellemont
William O. Hochkammer, Honigman Miller Schwartz & Cohn
Eugene R. Hom, Hom Killeen Siefer Arene & Hoehn
Charles A. Huckabay, Siemion Huckabay
Ellen Bartman Jannette, Plunkett Cooney
Thomas M. Jinks, Galbraith Gordon & Penzein PC
Paul H. Johnson, Patrick Johnson & Mott
David A. Kanaan, Romain Kuck & Egerer
Thomas E. Keenan, Pedersen Keenan King Wachsberg & Andrzejak
Stephen M. Kelley, Kelley Casey
Thomas J. Killeen, Hom Killeen Siefer Arene & Hoehn
Norman J. LeVasseur, LeVasseur & LeVasseur PC
Joseph T. Longo, Scarfone & Geen
Robert F. MacAlpine, Garan Lucow Miller PC
Robert A. Marsac, Kerr Russell & Weber PLC
Joseph S. Mierzejewski, Anselmi & Mierzejewski
Timothy E. O’Neill, Garan Lucow Miller PC
Simeon Orlowski, Garan Lucow Miller PC
Michael D. Patterson, Michael D. Patterson
Hans H. J. Pijls, Plunkett Cooney
Frederick B. Plumb, Garan Lucow Miller PC
Russell W. Porritt, Ward Anderson Porritt & Bryant
John F. Potvin, Plunkett Cooney
Stanley A. Prokop, Plunkett Cooney
James J. Raftery, Raftery and Associates
Michael A. Rajt, Jaffe Raitt Heuer & Weiss
Michael D. Ritenour, Wilcox Associates Inc.
Julie Robertson, Honigman Miller Schwartz & Cohn
Gary A. Rossi, Bailey & Rossi
Robert J. Scarfone, Scarfone & Geen
T. Joseph Seward, Cummings McClorey Davis & Acho
Daniel R. Siefer, Hom Killeen Siefer Arene & Hoehn
George W. Steel, Harvey Kruse PC
Witold Sztykiel, Berry Johnston Sztykiel & Hunt
Howard C. Treado, Kallas & Henk PC
Jerald Van Hellemont, Hewson & Van Hellemont
Susan M. Williams, Garan Lucow Miller PC
James D. Wilson, Wilson Young PLC

Insurance Bad Faith

Scott A. Saurbier, Saurbier & Siegan PC

Intellectual Property

Thomas E. Anderson, Gifford Krass Sprinkle Anderson & Citkowski
Robin W. Asher, Clark Hill PLC
Daniel H. Bliss, Bliss McGlynn
Michael P. Brennan, Harness Dickey & Pierce
Ralph M. Burton, Brooks Kushman PC
Mark A. Cantor, Brooks Kushman PC
Ronald W. Citkowski, Gifford Krass Sprinkle Anderson & Citkowski
Robert C. Collins, Reising Ethington PC
Julia Church Dierker, Dierker & Associates
Eric M. Dobrusin, Dobrusin & Thennisch
Michael C. Fayz, Miller Canfield Paddock and Stone
Michael D. Fishman, Rader Fishman & Grauer
William H. Francis, Reising Ethington
Ernest Gifford, Gifford Krass Sprinkle Anderson & Citkowski
Julie A. Greenberg, Gifford Krass Sprinkle Anderson & Citkowski
John P. Guenther, Dykema
Gordon K. Harris, Harness Dickey & Pierce
Richard W. Hoffmann, Reising Ethington
Paul A. Keller, Harness Dickey & Pierce
Allen M. Krass, Gifford Krass Sprinkle Anderson & Citkowski
Robert J. Lenihan II, Harness Dickey & Pierce
Gerald E. McGlynn, Bliss McGlynn
H. Keith Miller, Harness Dickey & Pierce
Harold W. Milton, Dickinson Wright PLLC
Phyllis Golden Morey, Brooks Kushman PC
Thomas J. O’Connor, Kemp Klein Law Firm
R. Terrance Rader, Rader Fishman & Grauer
Ward Randol, Dickinson Wright PLLC
John W. Rees, Dykema
Charles R. Rutherford, Dykema
Jeffrey A. Sadowski, Howard & Howard Attorneys PLLC
G. Gregory Schivley, Harness Dickey & Pierce
Douglas W. Sprinkle, Gifford Krass Sprinkle Anderson & Citkowski
Michael B. Stewart, Rader Fishman & Grauer
Gregory A. Stobbs, Harness Dickey & Pierce
David Utykanski, Harness Dickey & Pierce
Ronald W. Wangerow

International Law

Randolph M. Wright, Berry Moorman 

Juvenile Law

Lawrence J. Bunting
Thomas F. Chenot, Law Offices of Thomas F. Chenot
Suzanne E. Dreifus, Suzanne E. Dreifus PC
Neil A. McQuarrie, Esq., Neil A. McQuarrie
James A. Sullivan, James A. Sullivan
David H. Wolock, David H. Wolock

Labor and Employment

Brian S. Ahearn, Laurence H. Smith PC
William G. Albertson, Thrun Law Firm
Margaret Carroll Alli, Ogletree Deakins Nash Smoak & Stewart PC
James E. Baiers, Clark Hill PLC
Andrew T. Baran, Giarmarco Mullins & Horton PC
Thomas W. H. Barlow, Jackson Lewis LLP
Gregory J. Bator, Bator Berlin & Gwinn
Fred W. Batten, Clark Hill
Julia Turner Baumhart, Kienbaum Opperwall Hardy & Pelton
Karen B. Berkery, Kitch Drutchas Wagner Valitutti & Sherbrook
John F. Birmingham, Foley & Lardner LLP
Julia Blakeslee, Julia Blakeslee
Michael R. Blum, Foster Swift Collins & Smith
Kathleen L. Bogas, Law Offices of Kathleen L. Bogas
Robert A. Boonin, Butzel Long
John M. Boyda, Hardy Lewis & Page
Thomas L. Boyer, Kemp Klein Law Firm
Thomas P. Brady, Clark Hill
Darcie R. Brault, Dib Fagan & Brault PC
Dennis P. Brescoll, Brescoll & Brescoll PC
James A. Brescoll, Brescoll & Brescoll PC
Daniel J. Bretz, Clark Hill
Scott A. Brooks, Gregory Moore Jeakle Heinen & Brooks
Malcolm D. Brown, Butzel Long
Jennifer Buckley, Clark Hill
Rex A. Burgess, Burgess & Sharp PLLC
Beverly Hall Burns, Miller Canfield Paddock & Stone
Linda G. Burwell, Nemeth Burwell
David B. Calzone, Vercruysse Murray & Calzone
Raymond J. Carey, Foley & Lardner LLP
John C. Cashen, Bodman
Thomas A. Cattel, Ogletree Deakins Nash Smoak & Stewart PC
Connie M. Cessante, Clark Hill
Dan W. Chandler, Chandler Bujold & Chandler
Liliana A. Ciccodicola, Law Office of Liliana A. Ciccodicola PC
Robert R. Cleary, Warner Norcross & Judd LLP
Michael J. Connolly, Connolly Rodgers & Scharman PLLC
Paul W. Coughenour, Clark Hill
Daniel Dalton, Tomkiw Dalton
Lynne E. Deitch, Butzel Long
Carey A. Dewitt, Butzel Long
Charles C. DeWitt Jr., Littler Mendelson
Donna J. Donati, Miller Canfield Paddock and Stone
Dennis B. DuBay, Keller Thoma
Robert L. Duty, Dykema
Sue Ellen Eisenberg, Sue Ellen Eisenberg & Associates
John A. Entenman, Dykema
Cameron J. Evans, Honigman Miller Schwartz & Cohn
Barry S. Fagan, Dib Fagan & Brault PC
Brian D. Figot, Stephen M. Landau PC
Mark R. Filipp, Kemp Klein Law Firm
Robert J. Finkel, Finkel Whitefield & Selik
Steven J. Fishman, Bodman
Elaine Frost, Elaine Frost
Martin Jay Galvin, Dykema
Charles J. Gerlach, Harnisch Lebow Gerlach Steffl & Gadd
John L. Gierak, Clark Hill
Leonard D. Givens, Miller Canfield Paddock and Stone
Mark J. Glazer
Kenneth M. Gonko, The Danielson Group
Gordon A. Gregory, Gregory Moore Jeakle Heinen & Brooks
David B. Gunsberg, David B. Gunsberg
Mary Ellen Gurewitz, Sachs Waldman
Edward C. Hammond, Clark Hill
John P. Hancock, Butzel Long
David A. Hardesty, Clark Hill PLC
Elizabeth Hardy, Kienbaum Opperwall Hardy & Pelton
Thomas M. J. Hathaway, Clark Hill
Bethany E. Hawkins, Dickinson Wright
Mark L. Heinen, Gregory Moore Jeakle Heinen & Brooks
Mary Anne M. Helveston, Helveston & Helveston
Patrick F. Hickey, Dykema
John Holmquist, Foley & Mansfield PLLP
Richard A. Hooker, Varnum LLP
William L. Hooth, Giarmarco Mullins & Horton
Timothy H. Howlett, Dickinson Wright
R. Ian Hunter, Dean & Fulkerson PC
Richard L. Hurford, Ogletree Deakins Nash Smoak & Stewart PC
Linn A. Hynds, Honigman Miller Schwartz & Cohn
Duane F. Ice, Martens Ice Klass Legghio & Israel
Maurice G. Jenkins, Jackson Lewis
Ruth E. Kahn, Ruth E. Kahn
Chester E. Kasiborski, Butzel Long
Thomas G. Kienbaum, Kienbaum Opperwall Hardy & Pelton
Karen Smith Kienbaum, The Kienbaum Law Firm
Renate Klass, Martens Ice Klass Legghio & Israel
Gary W. Klotz, Butzel Long
David A. Kotzian, David A. Kotzian
Allen J. Kovinsky, Sommers Schwartz
Paul D. Kramer, Pilchak Cohen & Tice
Conrad W. Kreger, Conrad W. Kreger
Craig W. Lange, Roumell & Lange
Sheryl A. Laughren, Berry Moorman
Tracy Leahy, Clark Hill
Martin J. Leavitt, Law Offices of Sullivan & Leavitt
Russell S. Linden, Honigman Miller Schwartz & Cohn
Theresa Smith Lloyd, Plunkett Cooney
Robert C. Ludolph, Pepper Hamilton LLP
John A. Lyons, John A. Lyons PC
Frank T. Mamat, Foster Swift Collins & Smith
Thomas E. Marshall, Thomas E. Marshall PC
Hans J. Massaquoi, Lewis & Munday
Noel D. Massie, Kienbaum Opperwall Hardy & Pelton
Samuel E. McCargo, Lewis & Munday
Debra M. McCulloch, Dykema
Robert E. McFarland, Foster Swift Collins & Smith
Mark W. McInerney, Clark Hill PLC
Bruce A. Miller, Miller Cohen
William A. Moore, Clark Hill PLC
James M. Moore, Gregory Moore Jeakle Heinen & Brooks
Stanley C. Moore III, Plunkett Cooney
Sam Morgan, Gasiorek Morgan & Greco PC
Robert W. Morgan, Berry Moorman
E. Michael Morris, Morris & Doherty
Robert J. Muchnick, Honigman Miller Schwartz & Cohn LLP
Gregory V. Murray, Vercruysse Murray & Calzone
Patricia Nemeth, Nemeth Burwell
John J. Nora, John J. Nora
Gary W. Novara, Novara Tesija & McGuire
Doyle O’Connor
John J. O’Shea, Fallucca & O’Shea
Theodore R. Opperwall, Kienbaum Opperwall Hardy & Pelton
Claudia D. Orr, Plunkett Cooney
James D. Osmer, Matheson Parr Jolly Osmer & Stevens
Terence V. Page, Hardy Lewis & Page
Vicki J. Patterson, Ogletree Deakins Nash Smoak & Stewart PC
Thomas R. Paxton, Garan Lucow Miller PC
Eric J. Pelton, Kienbaum Opperwall Hardy & Pelton
James B. Perry, Dickinson Wright PLLC
William E. Pilchak, Pilchak Cohen & Tice PC
Karen L. Piper, Bodman
Brad A. Rayle, Howard & Howard Attorneys PLLC
Ronald J. Reosti, Reosti James & Sirlin
Joseph A. Ritok, Dykema
Miriam R. Rosen, Butzel Long
James S. Rosenfeld, Butzel Long
George T. Roumell, Roumell & Lange
Allan Rubin, Jackson Lewis
John R. Runyan, Sachs Waldman
William M. Saxton, Butzel Long
William C. Schaefer, Driggers Schutz & Herbst
Donald H. Scharg, Bodman
Lawrence J. Schloss, Lawrence J. Schloss
Gregory T. Schultz, Roumell & Lange
Craig S. Schwartz, Butzel Long
Richard J. Seryak, Miller Canfield Paddock and Stone
Tova G. Shaban, Seyburn Kahn Ginn Bess and Serlin
Lynn H. Shecter, Roy Shecter & Vocht
Rachelle G. Silberberg, Clark Hill PLC
Robert M. Sosin, Alspector Sosin & Noveck PLLC
Joseph A. Starr, Lipson Neilson Cole Seltzer & Garin
Michael L. Stefani, Stefani & Stefani
Peter P. Sudnick, Peter P. Sudnick PC
John I. Tesija, Novara Tesija & McGuire
Louis Theros, Butzel Long
Ann Curry Thompson, Kelman Loria PLLC
Robert C. Tice, Pilchak Cohen & Tice
Andrey T. Tomkiw, Tomkiw Dalton
Richard B. Tomlinson, Driggers Schultz & Herbst
Suanne Tiberio Trimmer, Dawda Mann Mulcahy & Sadler PLC
Daniel B. Tukel, Butzel Long
Reginald M. Turner, Clark Hill
Donald A. Van Suilichem, Van Suilichem & Associates
Robert M. Vercruysse, Vercruysse Murray & Calzone
Thomas P. Vincent, Plunkett Cooney
George B. Washington, Scheff Washington & Driver
Jerome R. Watson, Miller Canfield Paddock and Stone
Harvey I. Wax, Zausmer Kaufman August Caldwell & Tayler PC
Michael D. Weaver, Plunkett Cooney
L. Rodger Webb, Webb Engelhardt & Fernandes PLLC
Anne Widlak, Nemeth Burwell
John H. Willems, Miller Canfield Paddock and Stone
Thomas H. Williams, Jaffe Raitt Heuer & Weiss
Kenneth S. Wilson, Fraser Trebilcock Davis & Dunlap
Kenneth W. Zatkoff, Dean & Fulkerson PC
Jennifer A. Zinn, Kienbaum Opperwall Hardy & Pelton

Landlord and Tenant Law

Stanley B. Dickson, Trowbridge Law Firm
Marc Landau, Marc Landau

Law Enforcement

Gene A. Farber, Gene A. Farber

Legal Malpractice

Lawrence J. Acker, Lawrence J. Acker PC
Gary Alan Miller, Vandeveer Garzia
Riley P. Richard, Riley P. Richard
Melvin R. Schwartz, Schwartz & Jalkanen

Limited Liability Company Law

Gary T. MacLean, MacLean Proppe MacLean & Darnell
Eric T. Weiss, Finkel Whitefield Selik

Liquor Liability

Thomas J. Giachino, Sullivan Ward Asher & Patton PC

Liquor Licensing

Kelly A. Allen, Adkison Need & Allen
Mark B. Dickow, Dickow & Associates
Joseph R. Kramer, Bellanca Beattie and DeLisle


Albert B. Addis, Kitch Drutchas Wagner Valitutti & Sherbrook
Phillip G. Alber, Alber Crafton
Dennis D. Alberts, Ogne Alberts & Stuart
Sharon S. Almonrode, Sullivan Ward Asher & Patton PC
Nicholas S. Andrews, Liss Seder & Andrews
Norman C. Ankers, Honigman Miller Schwartz & Cohn
Susan Artinian, Dykema
John A. Artz, Dickinson Wright
William G. Asimakis, Clark Hill PLC
Joseph Aviv, Honigman Miller Schwartz & Cohn
Thomas J. Azoni, Secrest Wardle
John T. Below, Kotz Sangster Wysocki and Berg
Jennifer Zbytowski Belveal, Honigman Miller Schwartz & Cohn LLP
John E. Berg, Clark Hill PLC
Paul A. Bernier, Flood Lanctot Connor & Stablein
Paul H. Bibeau, Paul H. Bibeau PLLC
Alan G. Blatnikoff, Mindell Panzer Malin Kutinsky & Benson
William D. Booth, Plunkett Cooney
Thomas P. Branigan, Bowman & Brooke
James E. Brenner, Clark Hill
David A. Breuch, Clark Hill PLC
Alan H. Broad, Alan H. Broad
John W. Bryant, Dean & Fulkerson PC
Jeffrey Bullard, Ogne Alberts & Stuart
R. Christopher Cataldo, Jaffe Raitt Heuer & Weiss
Thomas F. Cavalier, Barris Sott Denn & Driker
Thomas R. Charboneau Jr., Sills Charboneau & Barnett PC
Lawrence S. Charfoos, Charfoos Giovan & Birach
Kevin M. Chudler, Kevin M. Chudler & Associates
Steven Z. Cohen, Cohen Lerner & Rabinovitz
Michael P. Cooney, Dykema
Christopher A. Cornwall, Dickinson Wright PLLC
Margaret A. Costello, Dykema
Martin E. Crandall, Clark Hill PLC
Edward C. Cutlip, Kerr Russell & Weber PLC
Frederick R. Damm, Scopelitis Garvin Light Hanson & Feary
Samuel C. Damren, Dykema
Larry W. Davidson, Harvey Kruse PC
Thomas M. DeAgostino, Thomas M. DeAgostino
Dennis M. Devaney, Strobl & Sharp
Thomas M. Dixon, Clark Hill PLC
Andrew S. Doctoroff, Honigman Miller Schwartz & Cohn
David A. Domina, Domina Law Group PC LLO
Eugene Driker, Barris Sott Denn & Driker
John H. Dudley Jr., Butzel Long
Daniel J. Dulworth, Butzel Long
Dennis K. Egan, Butzel Long
William Nole Evans, Evans Pletkovic & Rhodes
James P. Feeney, Dykema
Mark L. Feinberg, Mark L. Feinberg
John H. Fildew, Fildew Hinks
Herschel P. Fink, Honigman Miller Schwartz and Cohn
Kenneth A. Flaska, Dawda Mann Mulcahy & Sadler PLC
Amy B. Folbe, Honigman Miller Schwartz & Cohn
Jeffrey M. Frank, Alber Crafton
Robert J. Franzinger, Dykema
Dennis L. Gabrian, Dennis L. Gabrian
Linda M. Galante
Robert L. Gariepy, Robert L.
James F. Gehrke, Butzel Long
Michael H. Golob, Michael H. Golob
Philip J. Goodman, Philip J. Goodman
David G. Gorcyca, Flood Lanctot Connor & Stablein
Philip A. Grashoff Jr., Strobl & Sharp
David Griem, David Griem
Larry K. Griffis, Jaffe Raitt Heuer & Weiss
Anthony S. Guerriero
Michael A. Gunderson, Law Offices of Michael A. Gunderson
Dennis M. Haffey, Dykema
Cornelius C. Hare, Sullivan Ward Asher & Patton PC
Alan C. Harnisch, Strobl & Sharp
Michelle C. Harrell, Maddin Hauser Wartell Roth & Heller
David E. Hart, Maddin Hauser Wartell Roth & Heller
Mark E. Hauck, Dykema
Raymond W. Henney, Honigman Miller Schwartz & Cohn
Michael P. Herzoff, Jacob & Weingarten
Jeffrey G. Heuer, Jaffe Raitt Heuer & Weiss
Joseph H. Hickey, Dykema
Heidi D. Hudson, Zausmer Kaufman August Caldwell & Tayler PC
Kathryn J. Humphrey, Dykema
Norman Hyman, Honigman Miller Schwartz & Cohn
Howard B. Iwrey, Dykema
Robert M. Jackson, Honigman Miller Schwartz & Cohn
Michael M. Jacob, Strobl & Sharp
Elizabeth L. Jacobs
Carolyn M. Jereck, Plunkett Cooney
Craig L. John, Dykema
William A. Joselyn
Robert M. Kalec, Dean & Fulkerson PC
Constantine N. Kallas, Kallas & Henk PC
Jack O. Kalmink, Clark Hill
Mary Keizer Kalmink, Clark Hill
Thomas F. Kauza, Harvey Kruse PC
Peter M. Kellett, Dykema
Kevin T. Kennedy, Blake Kirchner Symonds Larson Kennedy & Smith
Ada Snyder Kerwin, Clark Hill
Philip J. Kessler, Butzel Long
Gary P. King, Keller Thoma
Kurt M. Kobiljak, Pentiuk Couvreur & Kobiljak
Paul S. Koczkur, Lupo & Koczkur
Marjorie L. Kolin, Kolin & Associates
Gregory M. Kopacz, Dykema
Phillip C. Korovesis, Butzel Long
Dean Koulouras, Law Office of Dean Koulouras
Mark L. Kowalsky, Jaffe Raitt Heuer & Weiss
Michael G. Kramer, Hom Killeen Siefer Arene & Hoehn
Robert S. Krause, Dickinson Wright
Edward M. Kronk, Butzel Long
Peter B. Kupelian, Kupelian Ormond & Magy
David B. Landry, Landry Mazzeo & Dembinski
Kathleen A. Lang, Dickinson Wright
Arthur J. LeVasseur, Fischer Franklin & Ford
Christopher E. LeVasseur, Stark Reagan
Kenneth L. Lewis, Plunkett Cooney
Eric H. Lipsitt, Howard & Howard Attorneys PLLC
Arthur Y. Liss, Liss Seder & Andrews
John C. Louisell, Howard & Howard
Karen Libertiny Ludden, Garan Lucow Miller PC
Jeffrey D. Malin, Mindell Panzer Malin Kutinsky & Blatnikoff
Lawrence C. Mann, Bowman & Brooke
Robert H. Martin, Plunkett Cooney
Phillip B. Maxwell, Phillip B. Maxwell
Bonnie Mayfield, Dykema
Rik Mazzeo, Landry Mazzeo & Dembinski
Kenneth J. McIntyre, Dickinson Wright PLLC
S. David McNeill, S. David McNeill
Todd R. Mendel, Barris Sott Denn & Driker
David Scott Mendelson, David Mendelson
Brian J. Miles, D’Luge Miles & Miles
Donald B. Miller, Butzel Long
John G. Mitchell, Secrest Wardle
Jeffrey B. Morganroth, Morganroth & Morganroth
Mayer Morganroth, Morganroth & Morganroth
Mark Morley, Secrest Wardle
John Mucha, Dawda Mann Mulcahy & Sadler PLC
Patrick F. Mulcahy, Mulcahy & Mulcahy
Gregory J. Muller, Gregory J. Muller
Lawrence J. Murphy, Honigman Miller Schwartz & Cohn
Robert A. Obringer, Garan Lucow Miller PC
Francis R. Ortiz, Dickinson Wright
Edward H. Pappas, Dickinson Wright
James J. Parks, Jaffe Raitt Heuer & Weiss
Barbara A. Patek, Erman Teicher Miller Zucker & Freedman
David D. Patton, David D. Patton PC
Lee C. Patton, Sullivan Ward Asher & Patton PC
Peter W. Peacock, Plunkett Cooney
Marilyn A. Peters, Dykema
Mark W. Peyser, Howard & Howard Attorneys PLLC
Dennis R. Pollard, Thrun Law Firm
Harold D. Pope, Jaffe Raitt Heuer & Weiss
Steven M. Potter, Potter DeAgostino O’Dea & Patterson
Jeffry G. Powers, Sullivan Ward Asher & Patton PC
Charles E. Randau, Sullivan Ward Asher & Patton PC
Dennis M. Rauss, Giarmarco Mullins & Horton
Mark S. Roberts, Secrest Wardle
Lisa A. Robinson
Patrick K. Rode, Wilson Rode PLLC
Eric S. Rosenthal, Barris Sott Denn & Driker
Ronald M. Rothstein, Ronald M. Rothstein
John A. Ruemenapp, Weisman Young & Ruemenapp
Peter M. Ruggirello, Ruggirello Velardo Novara & Ver Beek
Patrick D. Ryan, Plunkett Cooney
Karen H. Safran, Carson Fischer PLC
Suzanne Sahakian, Dykema
Matthew W. Schlegel, Kupelian Ormond & Magy
Michael F. Schmidt, Harvey Kruse PC
Daniel J. Scully Jr., Clark Hill
Bruce L. Segal, Honigman Miller Schwartz & Cohn
Adam A. Shakoor, Shakoor Grubba & Miller
Robert D. Sheehan, Sheehan & Associates
Lynn A. Sheehy, Butzel Long
Jeffrey S. Sherbow, Sherbow & Associates
Marvin S. Shwedel, Faintuck Shwedel & Wolfram
John M. Simmerer, Sullivan Ward Asher & Patton PC
Mark A. Stern, Honigman Miller Schwartz & Cohn
James W. Stuart, Ogne Alberts & Stuart
James Sukkar, Harvey Kruse PC
George A. Sumnik, Jaffe Raitt Heuer & Weiss
Joanne Geha Swanson, Kerr Russell & Weber PLC
Stuart H. Teger, Honigman Miller Schwartz and Cohn
Mark L. Teicher Esq., Law Offices of Mark L. Teicher
James K. Thome, Vandeveer Garzia PC
William P. Thorpe, Fildew Hinks
Roger K. Timm, Dykema
Bruce A. Truex, Secrest Wardle
Stephen F. Wasinger, Stephen F. Wasinger
Peter H. Webster, Dickinson Wright PLLC
Robert B. Webster, Giarmarco Mullins & Horton
Mark R. Werder, Honigman Miller Schwartz and Cohn LLP
Joseph M. White, Phifer & White
I. W. Winsten, Honigman Miller Schwartz & Cohn
Timothy D. Wittlinger, Clark Hill
Morley Witus, Barris Sott Denn & Driker
Marsha M. Woods, Giarmarco Mullins & Horton
Daniel G. Wyllie, Dykema
James E. Wynne, Butzel Long
Boris K. Yakima, Monaghan
Michael J. Yockey, Yockey Yockey & Schliem
Dennis E. Zacharski, Lacey & Jones
Richard E. Zuckerman, Honigman Miller Schwartz & Cohn

Maritime Personal Injury

Alan Kellman, The Jaques Admiralty Law Firm
Dennis Michael O’Bryan, O’Bryan Law Center

Media Law

John J. Ronayne III, Bernardi Ronayne & Glusac

Medical Malpractice

Jody L. Aaron, McKeen & Associates
Frank T. Aiello, Shea Aiello Doxsie Coraci & Gursel
Gerard J. Andree, Sullivan Ward Asher & Patton PC
D. Jennifer Andreou, Plunkett Cooney
Anthony G. Arnone, Kitch Drutchas Wagner Valitutti & Sherbrook
Joseph F. Babiarz, Plunkett Cooney
David M. Baldridge, Toth Baldridge & Griz
Marc S. Berlin, Portnoy & Roth
Bruce E. Bigler, Bigler Barker
James W. Bodary, Siemion Huckabay
Richard A. Bone, Bone Bourbeau & Bourbeau PLLC
Cathy R. Bowerman, Siemion Huckabay
Charles D. Brown, Foley Baron & Metzger
Lamont E. Buffington, Garan Lucow Miller PC
William D. Chaklos, Kitch Drutchas Wagner Valitutti & Sherbrook
Boyd E. Chapin Jr., Garan Lucow Miller PC
Steve N. Cheolas, Kitch Drutchas Wagner Valitutti & Sherbrook
David W. Christensen, Charfoos & Christensen
Richard T. Counsman, The Hone Law Firm
Albert J. Dib, Dib Fagan & Brault PC
Sheldon D. Erlich, Erlich Rosen & Bartnick
Lynda Barbat Farnen, Merry Farnen & Ryan
Jon Feikens, Feikens Stevens Kennedy & Galbraith
Scott D. Feringa, Sullivan Ward Asher & Patton PC
Phyllis A. Figiel, Mindell Malin Kutinsky Stone & Blatnikoff
Charles W. Fisher, Kitch Drutchas Wagner Valitutti & Sherbrook
Lynn M. Foley, Cochran Foley & Associates
Craig G. Forhan, Hopkins & Forhan
David H. Fried, David H. Fried
Michael A. Gagleard, Ishbia & Gagleard
Linda Meza Galbraith, Feikens Stevens Kennedy & Galbraith
Linda M. Garbarino, Tanoury Nauts McKinney & Garbarino
Jane P. Garrett, Blake Kirchner Symonds Larson Kennedy & Smith
Richard J. Gianino, Plunkett Cooney
Milton H. Greenman, Thurswell Law Firm
Russell Gregory, Gregory & Reiter PC
Maurice Herskovic, Freedman Herskovic & Spagnuolo PLC
William C. Hurley, Riley & Hurley
Jonathan M. Jaffa, Sullivan Ward Asher & Patton PC
Arthur W. Jalkanen, Schwartz & Jalkanen
John C. Kaplansky, Law Offices of John C. Kaplansky
L. Neal Kennedy, Feikens Stevens Kennedy & Galbraith
Euel W. Kinsey, McKeen & Associates
Richard A. Kitch, Kitch Drutchas Wagner Valitutti & Sherbrook
John A. Klarr, Yockey Yockey & Schliem
Meria E. Larson, Blake Kirchner Symonds Larson Kennedy & Smith
Alvin L. Levine, Levine Benjamin Tushman Bratt Jerris & Stein
Edward N. Lynch, Yockey Yockey & Schliem
Paul J. Manion, Rutledge Manion Rabaut Terry & Thomas
Kenneth M. Mattson, Plunkett Cooney
Daniel J. McCarthy, Mellon McCarthy & Pries
Laurel F. McGiffert, Plunkett Cooney
Stephen D. McGraw, Kerr Russell & Weber PLC
James T. Mellon, Mellon McCarthy & Pries
Cynthia E. Merry, Merry Farnen & Ryan
David R. Nauts, Tanoury Nauts McKinney & Garbarino PLLC
Jules B. Olsman, Olsman Mueller Wallace & MacKenzie
David M. Ottenwess, Ottenwess & Associates
Andrew J. Paluda, Paluda Smolek PC (Dental)
J. Douglas Peters, Charfoos & Christensen
Arnold M. Podolsky, Podolsky & Associates
John J. Ramar, Ramar & Paradiso
Anne Loridas Randall, Portnoy & Roth
Jesse M. Reiter, Gregory & Reiter PC
Robert F. Riley, Riley & Hurley
Michael J. Rinkel, Siemion Huckabay
Mary Pat Rosen, Charfoos & Christensen
Norman H. Rosen, Erlich Rosen and Bartnick
Robert P. Roth, Portnoy & Roth
Morton E. Schneider, Morton E. Schneider Attorney at Law
Sherwin Schreier, Sherwin Schreier
Harry J. Sherbrook, Kitch Drutchas Wagner Valitutti & Sherbrook
Robert B. Sickels, Sommers Schwartz
Robert P. Siemion, Siemion Huckabay
Steven B. Sinkoff, Siemion Huckabay
Lee A. Stevens, Feikens Stevens Kennedy & Galbraith
Judith A. Susskind, Thurswell Law Firm
James E. Tamm, O’Connor DeGrazia Tamm & O’Connor
William A. Tanoury, Tanoury Nauts McKinney & Garbarino PLLC
David M. Thomas, Rutledge Manion Rabaut Terry & Thomas
Gerald Thurswell, The Thurswell Law Group
John M. Toth, Toth Baldridge & Griz
Ralph F. Valitutti Jr., Kitch Drutchas Wagner Valitutti & Sherbrook
William W. Vertes, Kitch Drutchas Wagner Valitutti & Sherbrook
Ronald E. Wagner, Kitch Drutchas Wagner Valitutti & Sherbrook
Donald K. Warwick, Giarmarco Mullins & Horton
D. J. Watters, Plunkett Cooney
David J. Winter, Sommers Schwartz
LeRoy H. Wulfmeier, Giarmarco Mullins & Horton
Kurt D. Yockey, Yockey Yockey & Schliem 

Medicare and Medicaid

P. Mark Accettura, Accettura & Hurwitz
Michael R. Sugar, Lacey & Jones 

Mergers and Acquisitions

George J. Christopoulos, Kerr Russell & Weber PLC
Ryan A. Husaynu, Husaynu & Plezia
John B. Kemp, Kemp Klein Law Firm
Donald M. Lansky, Couzens Lansky Fealk Ellis Roeder & Lazar PC
Jeffrey A. Levine, Couzens Lansky Fealk Ellis Roeder & Lazar PC
Christopher Lievois, McDonald Hopkins
Mark McGowan, Plunkett Cooney
Jeffrey T. Neilson, Lipson Neilson Cole Seltzer & Garin
Mary P. Nelson, Abbott Nicholson PC
John E. Young, Warner Norcross & Judd LLP


Brian A. Potestivo, Potestivo & Associates PC

Nonprofit and Charitable Organizations

John F. Burns, Plunkett Cooney
Christopher J. Dine, Bodman
LeClair L. Flaherty, Wright Penning & Beamer PC
Thomas M. Sullivan, Berry Moorman 

Nursing Home Litigation

Gerald H. Acker, Goodman Acker
Mark S. Baumkel, Provizer & Phillips
Jon P. Desenberg, Jon P. Desenberg
John Paul Hessburg, Kitch Drutchas Wagner Valitutti & Sherbrook
Brian H. Lonnerstater, The Sam Bernstein Law Firm
Cyril V. Weiner, Weiner & Associates

Occupational Disease

John I. Kittel, Mazur & Kittel
Michael S. Mazur, Mazur & Kittel
Michael B. Serling, Serling & Goodman


Andrew Basile Jr., Young Basile Hanlon & McFarlane PC
Andrew R. Basile Sr., Young Basile Hanlon & McFarlane PC
Michael J. Cantor, Paskel Tashman & Walker
William M. Hanlon, Young Basile Hanlon & McFarlane PC
Mark L. Mollon, MacMillan Sobanski & Todd
Steven L. Permut, Reising Ethington PC
Alex Rhodes, Alex Rhodes PC
David J. Simonelli, Reising Ethington
William J. Waugaman, Reising Ethington PC
Thomas N. Young, Young Basile Hanlon & McFarlane PC
Rodger D. Young, Young & Susser

Pension And Profit Sharing Plans

Jeffrey A. Heldt, Kotz Sangster Wysocki and Berg
Russell N. Luplow, Russell N. Luplow

Personal Injury

Jerald N. Aaron, Jerald N. Aaron
Douglas C. Abraham, Helmkamp Ellis Abraham & Carlson
Jonathan D. Abrahams, Abrahams Law
Darrell M. Amlin, Darrell M. Amlin PC
Beth A. Andrews, Garan Lucow Miller PC
Theodore S. Andris, Theodore S. Andris PC
Charles R. Ash, Sommers Schwartz
Steven O. Ashton, Draugelis & Ashton
Cheryl Auger, Levine Benjamin Tushman Bratt Jerris & Stein
Brian J. Benner, Benner & Foran
Gary C. Berger, Berger Miller & Strager PC
Samuel I. Bernstein, The Sam Bernstein Law Firm
Robert L. Blamer, Cummings McClorey Davis & Acho
Ronald S. Bowling, Worsham & Victor PC
William G. Boyer Sr., Boyer & Dawson PC
Daniel L. Buckfire, Buckfire & Buckfire
Lawrence J. Buckfire, Buckfire & Buckfire
Richard J. Carolan, Carolan & Carolan PC
Terry L. Cochran, Cochran Foley & Associates
James P. Colbert, Colbert Shepard & Sadowski LLP
Joseph R. Conte, Draugelis & Ashton
Louis G. Corey, The Corey Law Firm
Allen J. Counard, Counard & Heilmann PLLC
Michael J. Cunningham, Sommers Schwartz
Gene M. Currier, Law Offices of Currier & Batchelor PC
Matthew G. Curtis, Sommers Schwartz
Jeffrey A. Danzig, Fieger Fieger Kenney Johnson & Giroux
Ronald F. DeNardis, DeNardis McCandless & Miller PC
Lamberto DiStefano, Draugelis & Ashton
Paul F. Doherty, Morris & Doherty
John G. Dumasius, John G. Dumasius
Nathan J. Edmonds, Secrest Wardle
Gary Eisenberg, Eisenberg & Fields
Stuart Eisenberg, Stuart Eisenberg PC
Stanley J. Feldman, Hastings & Feldman
Brian E. Fischer, Secrest Wardle
Francis M. Fitzgerald, Francis M. Fitzgerald
Daniel J. Flaggman, Daniel J. Flaggman
Richard D. Fox, Sommers Schwartz
Stuart A. Fraser, Fraser & Souweidane
David F. Girard, David F. Girard
Robert M. Giroux, Fieger Fieger Kenney Johnson & Giroux
Allen I. Glass, Reifman & Glass
Henry Gordon, Galbraith Gordon & Penzein PC
Robert Goren, Goren Goren & Harris
Steven E. Goren, Goren Goren & Harris
Richard L. Groffsky, Sommers Schwartz
Richard T. Haynes, Draugelis & Ashton
Michael G. Heilmann, Counard & Heilmann PLLC
Thomas G. Herrmann, Thomas G. Herrmann PC
Paul W. Hines, Sommers Schwartz
Michael S. Hohauser, Hohauser Law Firm
Robert B. Holt Jr., Secrest Wardle
Stephen J. Hopkins, Hopkins & Forhan
Thomas H. Howlett, Googasian
Thomas L. Imbrunone, Law Office of Thomas L. Imbrunone PC
Paul D. Jablonski, Law offices of James C. Rabaut
Gregory M. Janks, Gregory M. Janks
Mark R. Johnson, Nemier Mathieu Nash & Johnson
Helen K. Joyner, Fieger Fieger Kenney Johnson & Giroux PC
Colleen V. Kavanaugh, Colleen V. Kavanaugh
Arthur G. Kirchner, Blake Kirchner Symonds Larson Kennedy & Smith (25, 196)
Lawrence D. Kohl, Lawrence D. Kohl
Leslie M. Kohn, Law Offices of Leslie M. Kohn PLLC
Robbie D. Lang, Robbie D. Lang
Richard A. Lenter, Richard A. Lenter
Norbert B. Leonard, Leonard Kruse
Stephen N. Leuchtman, Stephen N. Leuchtman
Richard Alan Levitt, Richard A. Levitt
Dani K. Liblang, Liblang & Associates
Marc E. Lipton, Lipton Law Center
Jody B. Lipton, Lipton Law Center
Susan E. Lister, Susan E. Lister
Thomas M. Lizza, Fieger Fieger Kenney Johnson & Giroux PC
Joseph R. Lobb, Joseph R. Lobb
Joseph F. Lucas, Skupin & Lucas
Terrance P. Lynch, Lynch Batalucco Sekerak & Rochau
Anthony M. Malizia, Anthony M. Malizia
William L. Martens, Martens Ice Klass Legghio & Israel
Thomas G. McHugh, Thomas G. McHugh
Samuel A. Meklir, Sommers Schwartz
Thomas S. Michael, Thomas S. Michael
C. David Miller, Garan Lucow Miller PC
Mark F. Miller, DeNardis McCandless & Miller PC
Neil A. Miller, Neil A. Miller PC
Wayne Miller, Miller & Tischler
Sheldon L. Miller, Sheldon L. Miller
Thomas C. Miller, Thomas C. Miller
David Moss, Moss & Colella
Kathy Contos Nash, Nemier Mathieu Nash & Johnson
Craig L. Nemier, Nemier Mathieu Nash & Johnson
J. Timothy Patterson, Booth Patterson PC
Donald L. Payton, Kaufman Payton & Chapa
Ward M. Powers, Ward M. Powers
Philip R. Reed, Hutchinson & Associates
John T. Rogers, Googasian
Jay L. Rothstein, Rothstein Erlich Rothstein & Andreopoulos
Robert Rubin, Matz and Rubin
Melvyn D. Saperstein, Fried Saperstein Abbatt PC
James H. Schoolmaster, Schoolmaster Hom Killeen Siefer Arene & Hoehn
Christopher R. Sciotti, Thomas Garvey Garvey & Sciotti
Paul D. Sherr, Paul D. Sherr
Charles G. Skupin, Skupin & Lucas
Edward E. Souweidane, Fraser & Souweidane
Paul H. Stevenson, Paul H. Stevenson
Ann M. Tobin-Levigne, Ann M. Tobin PC
Jeffrey L. Tolari, Nemier Mathieu Nash & Johnson
Lee I. Turner, Turner and Turner
Matthew L. Turner, Turner and Turner
Allan H. Tushman, Levine Benjamin Tushman Bratt Jerris & Stein
Andrew F. Valenti, Andrew F. Valenti PC
Jeffrey L. Ver Beek, Ruggirello Velardo Novara & Ver Beek
Howard J. Victor, Worsham & Victor PC
Craig Weber, Googasian
Mark D. Willmarth, Mark D. Willmarth
Richard B. Worsham, Richard B. Worsham & Assoc PLLC
Gregory Young, Weaver & Young
Gene B. Zamler, Zamler Mellen & Shiffman
Paul A. Zebrowski, Paul Zebrowski
Walter J. Zotter, Zotter & Molter

Personnel Policies

Joseph A. Bonventre, Clark Hill
Andrea M. Kanski, Clark Hill PLC
J. Thomas MacFarlane, Clark Hill
Thomas S. Nowinski, Clark Hill
Douglas J. Rasmussen, Clark Hill
Thomas F. Sweeney, Clark Hill

Police Misconduct

Vernon  (Ven) R. Johnson, Fieger Fieger Kenney Johnson & Giroux
Thomas M. Loeb, Thomas M. Loeb
Daniel G. Romano, Romano Law

Products Liability

Jacob I. Alspector, Alspector Sosin & Noveck PLLC
F. Peter Blake, Blake Kirchner Symonds Larson Kennedy & Smith
Thomas R. Bowen, Bowen Radabaugh & Milton
Cheryl A. Bush, Bush Seyferth & Paigeb
Eric Buikema or Tom Cardelli, Cardelli Lanfear & Buikema
Michael W. Cianciolo, Hickey Cianciolo Fishman & Finn
Kathleen A. Clark, Dawson & Clark PC
Henry B. Cooney, Plunkett Cooney
George J. David, Moffett Vitu Lascoe & Packus
Donald H. Dawson, Dawson & Clark PC
Dennis M. Day, Plunkett Cooney
Dennis A. Dettmer, Dennis A. Dettmer
Barbara Hughes Erard, Dickinson Wright PLLC
Walid Y. Fakhoury, Koory & Fakhoury
Susan Feldstein, Susan Feldstein
Thomas J. Foley, Foley Baron & Metzger
William C. Gage, Gage and Sickels
Kenneth G. Galica, Cummings McClorey Davis & Acho
Eric D. Geller, Eric D. Geller Attorney & Counselor
Dennis M. Goebel, Harvey Kruse PC
Arnold M. Gordon, Gordon & Gordon
Scott L. Gorland, Pepper Hamilton LLP
Antonia Fletcher Grinnan, Liedel Grinnan & Liedel
James J. Hayes, Garan Lucow Miller PC
Edward J. Higgins, Plunkett Cooney
George A. Hilborn, Hilborn & Hilborn
Mark A. Hypnar, Mark A. Hypnar
Michael R. Janes, Martin Bacon & Martin PC
John A. Kruse, Harvey Kruse PC
Robert E. Laramie, Law Offices of Robert E. Laramie
J. Michael Malloy, J. Michael Malloy III
James N. Martin, Martin Bacon & Martin PC
Brian Martinuzzi, Dickinson Wright PLLC
Steven J. Matz, Matz and Rubin
William McCandless, DeNardis McCandless & Miller PC
Thomas M. McGuire, Thomas M. McGuire
Shelley K. Miller, Vandeveer Garzia
Stephen T. Moffett, Moffett Vitu Lascoe & Packus
J. Mark Mooney, Foley & Mansfield PLLP
Thomas L. Mulcahy, Thomas L. Mulcahy
Thomas F. Myers, Garan Lucow Miller PC
William E. Osantowski, Foley & Mansfield PLLP
John R. Prew, Harvey Kruse PC
Thomas P. Rockwell, Vandeveer Garzia
Paul A. Rosen, Rosen & Lovell
Leonard B. Schwartz, Sommers Schwartz
Patrick G. Seyferth, Bush Seyferth & Paige
Gary D. Sharp, Foley & Mansfield PLLP
Matthew J. Stanczyk, Plunkett Cooney
Daniel P. Steele, Vandeveer Garzia
Jeffrey T. Stewart, Seikaly & Stewart PC
B. A. Tyler, Tyler Law Firm
Victor T. Van Camp, Martin Bacon & Martin PC
Paul R. VanTol, Martin Bacon & Martin PC
Anthony J. Vigliotti, Law Offices of Anththony J. Vigliotti
Richard A. Wilhelm, Dickinson Wright PLLC 

Professional Liability

Michael P. Ashcraft Jr., Plunkett Cooney
Theresa M. Asoklis, Collins Einhorn Farrell & Ulanoff PC
David A. Brauer, Rutledge Manion Rabaut Terry & Thomas
Donald C. Brownell, Vandeveer Garzia
Ronald W. Chapman, Chapman & Associates PC
Jeffrey R. Clark, Cummings McClorey Davis & Acho
Morton H. Collins, Collins Einhorn Farrell & Ulanoff
George M. DeGrood, Thomas DeGrood & Witenoff
Lawrence R. Donaldson, Plunkett Cooney
Brian J. Doren, Brian J. Doren
Frederick G. Ecclestone, McLeod & Associates
Brian D. Einhorn, Collins Einhorn Farrell & Ulanoff
Steven B. Galbraith, Galbraith Gordon & Penzien PC
Joseph P. Garin, Lipson Neilson Cole Seltzer & Garin
Angus G. Goetz, Angus G. Goetz
Harvey R. Heller, Maddin Hauser
Janice G. Hildenbrand, Collins Einhorn Farrell & Ulanoff
Miles A. Hurwitz, Hurwitz & Gantz
Anthony E. Kenny, Anthony E. Kenny PC
John M. Leh, John M. Leh PC
Edward G. Lennon, Edward G. Lennon
Norman L. Lippitt, Hyman Lippitt
John E. McSorley, Garan Lucow Miller PC
John R. Monnich, Esq., John R. Monnich PC
Richard M. O’Connor, O’Connor DeGrazia Tamm & O’Connor
Thomas M. O’Leary, Thomas M. O’Leary
Randall E. Phillips, Provizer & Phillips
Marcia L. Proctor, Proctor Legal Consulting PLLC
Vincent C. Rabaut Jr., Rutledge Manion Rabaut Terry & Thomas
Robert H. Roether, Robert H. Roether
Erwin A. Rubenstein, Rubenstein Isaacs
Michael Alan Schwartz, Schwartz Kelly & Oltarz-Schwartz
Michael J. Sullivan, Collins Einhorn Farrell & Ulanoff
Steven M. Wolock, Maddin Hauser Wartell Roth & Heller

Professional Practices

Kenneth M. Mogill, Kenneth M. Mogill 

Property Insurance

Gary R. Chopp, Denenberg Tuffley
Julius Denenberg, Denenberg Tuffley
Michael H. Fabian, Fabian Sklar & King
Paul B. Hines, Denenberg Tuffley
Patrick A. King, Fabian Sklar & King
James C. Klemanski, Klemanski & Associates
Dane A. Lupo, Lupo & Koczkur
Stuart A. Sklar, Fabian Sklar & King
Charles R. Tuffley, Denenberg Tuffley 

Property Tax

Leonard Rider Brice, Jaffe Raitt Heuer & Weiss
Carl Rashid, Butzel Long 

Railroad Accidents

Eric D. Holland, Holland Groves Schneller & Stolze 

Real Estate

James C. Adams, Butzel Long
Joel S. Adelman, Honigman Miller Schwartz & Cohn
Phillip G. Adkison, Adkison Need & Allen
James Allen, Miller Canfield
Frank L. Andrews, Miller Canfield Paddock and Stone
Paul A. Bailey
David M. Barbour, Kotz Sangster Wysocki and Berg
C. David Bargamian, Barris Sott Denn & Driker
A. Jeffrey Bean, Jaffe Raitt Heuer & Weiss
Robert A. Berlow, Taubman Nadis & Neuman
Joseph John Bernardi, Bernardi Ronayne & Glusacnot Inter.
Maurice S. Binkow, Honigman Miller Schwartz & Cohn
Jonathan R. Borenstein, Honigman Miller Schwartz and Cohn LLP
Paul A. Bringer, Dawda Mann Mulcahy & Sadler PLC
Stephen A. Bromberg, Butzel Long
Maureen H. Burke, Dickinson Wright PLLC
Richard J. Burstein, Honigman Miller Schwartz & Cohn
Gregory A. Buss, Gregory A. Buss PC
James N. Candler, Dickinson Wright PLLC
Michael S. Clawson, Hardy Lewis & Page
Kevin P. Cleary, Law Offices of Kevin Patrick Cleary
Mark S. Cohn, Seyburn Kahn Ginn Bess and Serlin
Peter M. Cooper, Peter M. Cooper
Kenneth M. Davies, Kenneth M. Davies
Stephen E. Dawson, Dickinson Wright
Gregory J. DeMars, Honigman Miller Schwartz & Cohn
Clark G. Doughty, Bodman LLP
Marvin Dubrinsky, Dubrinsky and Dubrinsky
Seymour N. Dubrinsky, Dubrinsky and Dubrinsky
William B. Dunn, Clark Hill
Harry M. Eisenberg, Jaffe Raitt Heuer & Weiss
Ernest J. Essad, Williams Williams Rattner & Plunkett
Ted C. Farmer, Ted C.Farmer
James S. Fontichiaro, Barris Sott Denn & Driker
Frederick J. Frank, Honigman Miller Schwartz & Cohn
Lawrence S. Gadd, Kecskes & Gadd
Geoffrey S. Gallinger, Butzel Long
Gregory J. Gamalski, Giarmarco Mullins & Horton
Gasper J. Gammicchia
Howard Goldman, Butzel Long
Bruce M. Gorosh, Lefkofsky & Gorosh PC
Dean J. Gould, Jackier Gould PC
Paul Green, Clark Hill PLC
Margaret E. Greene, Honigman Miller Schwartz & Cohn
Alan M. Greene, Dykema
Randall R. Hall, Plunkett Cooney
Steven E. Hall, Tilchin & Hall
Vicki R. Harding, Pepper Hamilton
Thomas Hardy, Hardy Lewis & Page
Mark R. Hauser, Maddin Hauser Wartell Roth & Heller
Samuel S. Herman, Cohen Lerner & Rabinovitz
Carl W. Herstein, Honigman Miller Schwartz and Cohn
David W. Hipp, Bodman
Hilda H. Hirata, Hilda H. Hirata
Ronald E. Hodess, Miller Canfield Paddock and Stone
Alan M. Hurvitz, Honigman Miller Schwartz & Cohn
Kenneth N. Hylton, Hylton & Hylton
Kenneth N. Hylton, Hylton & Hylton
Robert A. Jacobs, Jackier Gould PC
W. Anthony Jenkins, Dickinson Wright
Jeffery R. Jones, Jeffery R. Jones
Robert Z. Kaczmarek, Kaczmarek Kaczmarek & Kaczmarek
Patrick A. Karbowski, Butzel Long
Carl G. Karlstrom, Karlstrom Cooney
Burt S. Kassab, Kullen & Kassab
Norman D. Katz, Katz Victor & Yolles
Keith J. Kecskes, Kecskes & Gadd
Joel D. Kellman, Dykema
Edward F. Kickham, Kickham Hanley
Kevin Kohls, Kohls Law Firm
Timothy M. Koltun, Clark Hill
Joel M. Krugel, Honigman Miller Schwartz & Cohn
Mark P. Krysinski, Jaffe Raitt Heuer & Weiss
Leonard A. Krzyzaniak Jr., Leonard A. Krzyzaniak
Monica J. Labe, Dickinson Wright PLLC
R. Bradley Lambert, Lambert & Lambert
Daniel S. Landman, Swistak & Levine PC
Michael A. Lesha, Dykema
A. Bart Lewis, Hardy Lewis & Page
Denise J. Lewis, Honigman Miller Schwartz & Cohn
Howard N. Luckoff, Honigman Miller Schwartz & Co.
Richard J. Maddin, Maddin Hauser Wartell Roth & Heller
Michael W. Maddin, Maddin Hauser Wartell Roth & Heller
Mark F. Makower, Dickinson Wright PLLC
Joseph M. McGlynn, Strobl & Sharp PC
Lawrence D. McLaughlin, Honigman Miller Schwartz & Cohn
Mitch Meisner, Honigman Miller Schwartz & Cohn
David L. Morrow, Law Office of David Morrow
Michael D. Mulcahy, Dawda Mann Mulcahy & Sadler PLC
Reuben A. Munday, Lewis & Munday
Gregg A. Nathanson, Couzens Lansky Fealk Ellis Roeder & Lazar PC
Phillip J. Neuman, Taubman Nadis & Neuman\
Robert Royal Nix, Kerr Russell & Weber PLC
Linda M. Orlans, Orlans Associates
Paul Perry, Miller Canfield Paddock and Stone
Blair A. Person, Lewis & Munday
Robert V. Peterson, Dickinson Wright
Cameron H. Piggott, Dykema
Kenneth F. Posner, Couzens Lansky Fealk Ellis Roeder & Lazar PC
Richard E. Radner, Radner and Radner
Robert M. Radner, Radner and Radner
Cecil G. Raitt, Jaffe Raitt Heuer & Weiss
Thomas C. Rauch, Kemp Klein Law Firm
Lee Ravitz, Lee G. Ravitz
Alan C. Roeder, Couzens Lansky Fealk Ellis Roeder & Lazar PC
J. Adam Rothstein, Honigman Miller Schwartz & Cohn
Phyllis G. Rozof, Honigman Miller Schwartz & Cohn
Mark D. Rubenfire, Jaffe Raitt Heuer & Weiss
Roberta R. Russ, Honigman Miller Schwartz & Cohn
Lowell D. Salesin, Maddin Hauser Wartell Roth & Heller
Steven D. Sallen, Maddin Hauser Wartell Roth & Heller
Nicholas P. Scavone Jr., Bodman
William D. Serwer, Ehrlich Foley & Serwer
Daniel M. Share, Barris Sott Denn & Driker
John Sharp, Strobl & Sharp
Stuart Lee Sherman, Jacob & Weingarten
John M. Shureb, John M. Shureb
John D. Sills, Sills Fiedler & Charboneau
Kenneth F. Silver, Hertz Schram PC
Thomas C. Simpson, May Simpson & Strote PC
James A. Simpson, Miller Canfield Paddock and Stone
Marilynn K. Smyth, May Simpson & Strote PC
David S. Snyder, Sullivan Ward Asher & Patton PC
Wilfred A. Steiner Jr., Dykema
Scott A. Steinhoff, Dykema
Norman W. Stern, Norman W. Stern PC
Martin Stoneman, Ehrlich Foley & Serwer
Thomas J. Strobl, Strobl & Sharp
Richard A. Sundquist, Clark Hill PLC
Richard M. Taubman, Taubman Nadis & Neuman
J. Kevin Trimmer, Miller Canfield Paddock and Stone
David A. Trott, Trott & Trott
Steven I. Victor, Katz Victor & Yolles
Kurt R. Vilders, Kerr Russell & Weber PLC
Miroslav P. Vlcko, Strobl & Sharp
Robert G. Waddell, Beier Howlett
Sheldon P. Winkelman, Honigman Miller Schwartz & Cohn
Laurence E. Winokur, Dickinson Wright
Joseph F. Yamin, Beier Howlett
Kathy Zelenock, Dickinson Wright
William J. Zousmer, Honigman Miller Schwartz and Cohn

School Law

John A. Carlson, Shifman & Carlson
Burton R. Shifman, Shifman & Carlson 


Brad B. Arbuckle, Miller Canfield Paddock and Stone
Gary August, Zausmer Kaufman August Caldwell & Tayler PC
Gerald C. Davis, Cummings McClorey Davis & Acho
Seth D. Gould, Wienner & Gould
Karen Gould, Saretsky Hart Michaels & Gould
Fred B. Green, Bodman LLP
Miles D. Hart, Saretsky Hart Michaels & Gould
David D. Joswick, Miller Canfield Paddock and Stone
Timothy E. Kraepel, Howard & Howard Attorneys PLLC
Jack J. Mazzara, The Mazzara Law Firm
Lynn Stevens Naoum, Payne Broder & Fossee
Gary M. Saretsky, Saretsky Hart Michaels & Gould
Laurence S. Schultz, Driggers Schultz & Herbst
Stuart Sinai, Kemp Klein Law Firm
Peter Sugar, Jaffe Raitt Heuer & Weiss
Anthony V. Trogan Jr., Anthony V. Trogan PLLC
Jeffrey M. Weiss, Jaffe Raitt Heuer & Weiss
S. Thomas Wienner, Wienner & Gould 

Securities and Investments

Michael J. Eizelman, Jackier Gould PC 

Sexual Abuse

Stewart I. Erlich, Rothstein Erlich Rothstein & Andreopoulos

Small Business Law

Renard J. Kolasa, Couzens Lansky Fealk Ellis Roeder & Lazar PC
Michael B. Staebler, Pepper Hamilton LLP
Steven T. Stokfisz, Steven T. Stokfisz

Social Security

Patricia E. Kefalas Dudek, Dudek Patricia E. Kefalas
Wm. Michael White, Wm. Michael White

Social Security Disability

George F. Borgelt, Rock & Borgelt
Gregory L. Gilbert, Gregory L. Gilbert
Michael J. Zelenock, Michael J. Zelenock PC

Tax Planning

Ronald D. Bassey, Bassey & Selesko
Roger Cook, Honigman Miller Schwartz & Cohn
Michael A. Indenbaum, Honigman Miller Schwartz & Cohn
George L. Morris, Morris Rowland Prekel & Lewinski
Leonard J. Prekel, Morris Rowland Prekel & Lewinski
Thomas J. Ryan, Thomas J. Ryan
Joel H. Schavrien, Joel H. Schavrien
Bruce H. Seyburn, Seyburn Kahn Ginn Bess & Serlin
Jerald D. Shatzman, Shatzman and Associates PC
Aaron H. Sherbin, Jaffe Raitt Heuer & Weiss
William E. Sider, Jaffe Raitt Heuer & Weiss
Richard S. Soble, Honigman Miller Schwartz and Cohn
Stevan Uzelac, Honigman Miller Schwartz and Cohn
Alan M. Valade, Honigman Miller Schwartz & Cohn LLP
Arthur A. Weiss, Jaffe Raitt Heuer & Weiss 


William B. Acker, Kemp Klein Law Firm
Jess A. Bahs, Howard & Howard Attorneys PLLC
William D. Belski
E. David Brockman, Jacob & Weingarten
Orin D. Brustad, Miller Canfield Paddock and Stone
Eric Thomas Carver, Dykema
Jay Barnett Colvin, Bodman LLP
Jason Conti, Honigman Miller Schwartz & Cohn LLP
Michael G. Cumming, Dykema
William J. Davis, William J. Davis
Sam DuBois, Vestevich Mallender DuBois & Dritsas
James M. Elsworth, Dykema
Joanne B. Faycurry, Miller Canfield Paddock and Stone
Stephen M. Feldman, Finkel Whitefield Selik
Fred A. Foley, Ehrlich Foley & Serwer
Brant A. Freer, Miller Canfield Paddock and Stone
William C. Fried, Fried & Associates PC
Eric J. Gould, Couzens Lansky Fealk Ellis Roeder & Lazar PC
Steven E. Grob, Dykema
Stephen L. Gutman, Bodman
Laura M. Hallahan, Hafeli Staran Hallahan & Christ PC
David M. Hempstead, Bodman
John P. Herrinton, Berry Moorman
Anthony Ilardi Jr., Dykema
Andrew B. Janies, Vestevich Mallender DuBois & Dritsas
John W. Jehle, John W. Jehle
Thaddeus J. Kedzierski, T.J. Kedzierski & Associates
Jay A. Kennedy, Warner Norcross & Judd LLP
Coleman E. Klein, Coleman E. Klein
Terry O. Lang, Butzel Long
Jeffrey B. Levine, Strobl & Sharp
David J. Lieberman, Seyburn Kahn Ginn Bess and Serlin
Stewart L. Mandell, Honigman Miller Schwartz & Cohn
Curtis J. Mann, Dawda Mann Mulcahy & Sadler PLC
Douglas L. Mann, Dickinson Wright PLLC
Paul L. B. McKenney, Varnum LLP
Samuel J. McKim III, Miller Canfield Paddock and Stone
Robert E. Miller, Rubenstein Isaacs
Allan Neef, Allan Neef
R. Peter Prokop, Butzel Long
Karl Schettenhelm Jr., Strobl & Sharp
John D. Selesko, Bassey and Selesko
Richard A. Shapack, Butzel Long
Michael B. Shapiro, Honigman Miller Schwartz & Cohn
Robert W. Siegel, Siegel Greenfield Hayes & Gross
Brian J. Simmons, Doeren Mayhew
Carl F. Stafford, Bodman LLP
Marc E. Thomas, Bendure & Thomas
Sherrill D. Wolford, Dykema 

Technology and Science

James W. Heckman
James W. Heckman

Telecommunications Law

Neil J. Lehto, Neil J. Lehto

Toxic Torts

Robin Keith Andrews, Hayduk Andrews & Brucker
Timothy J. Batton, Secrest Wardle
R. Michael John, Highland & Zanetti
Shannon M. Kos, Collins Einhorn Farrell & Ulanoff
Mark Wisniewski, Kitch Drutchas Wagner Valitutti & Sherbrook 


Richard A. Herman, Richard A. Herman
Kathleen G. Mellon, Young Basile Hanlon & McFarlane PC


David S. Anderson, Ward Anderson Porritt & Bryant
David J. Berkal, Curley & Berkal
Richard A. Dietz, Foster Meadows & Ballard
George T. Fishback, Sachs Waldman
Paul D. Galea, Foster Meadows & Ballard
Michael J. Hutchinson, Hutchinson & Associates
Michael J. Liddane, Foster Meadows & Ballard
Joseph J. McDonnell, Durkin McDonnell Clifton & O’Donnell
Mary Colette O’Donnell, Durkin McDonnell Clifton & O’Donnell
Arvin J. Pearlman, Pearlman Piain PLLC
Thomas M. Peters, Vandeveer Garzia
Robert D. Schuler
Michael K. Sheehy, Plunkett Cooney
Renee S. Siegan, Saurbier & Siegan

Trucking Accidents

J. Martin Bartnick, Erlich Rosen & Bartnick
Michael D. Crow, Secrest Wardle 

Trusts and Estates

Benson J. Barr, Gourwitz and Barr PLLC
Thomas H. Bergh, Varnum LLP
W. Robert Chandler, Chandler Bujold & Chandler
Sebastian V. Grassi Jr., Grassi & Toering
George W. Gregory, George W. Gregory
Walter O. Koch, Bodman LLP
David P. Larsen, Bodman
Lynn L. Lower, Lynn L. Lower
Mark W. Lyon
Robert R. Maxwell, Gandelot & Associates
Charles Nida, Honigman Miller Schwartz & Cohn
Dennis J. Pheney, McElroy & Pheney
David A. Sims, David A.Sims
Linda A. Wasserman, Honigman Miller Schwartz & Cohn
Duane S. Weed, Law Office of Duane S. Weed
Wayne G. Wegner, Wegner and Associates
Allen Zemmol, Kemp Klein Law Firm


Kathryn A. Buckner, Buckner Law Group

White Collar Crime

David F. DuMouchel, Butzel Long
Robert E. Forrest, Kerr Russell & Weber PLC
Michael J. Lavoie, Butzel Long
Walter J. Piszczatowski, Hertz Schram PC
Clyde B. Pritchard, Clyde B. Pritchard PC
Carole M. Stanyar, Law Offices of Carole M. Stanyar

Wills and Probate

James E. Beall, Stark Reagan
Leslie Cary Braverman, Les C. Braveman PC
Keith D. Cermak, Keith D. Cermak PC
John M. Chase III, John M. Chase PC
John M. Chase Jr., John M. Chase PC
Salvatore A. Ciaramitaro, Evans & Luptak
Victor A. Coen, Sommers Schwartz
William D. Cohan, Wallace D. Riley & Associates
Walter J. Czechowski, Bieber & Czechowski
Gregory V. DiCenso, Miller Canfield Paddock & Stone
Mark L. Gantz, Hurwitz & Gantz
Ann L. Gessert, Ann L. Gessert
Harold Gurewitz, Gurewitz and Raben
Richard D. Haskins, Richard D. Haskins
Burton E. Isaacs, Rubenstein Isaacs
Robert G. Isgrigg, Schmidt Isgrigg Anderson & Miller
Charles E. Lowe Jr., Lowe & Lewandowski
William P. Lyshak, Cheli & Lyshak
John A. MacLeod, John A. MacLeod
Alan A. May, Kemp Klein Law Firm
Thomas P. McKenney, McKenney & McKenney
Theodore Monolidis
James E. Mulvoy, Denison Mulvoy PLC
Michael Muma, Muma Michael & Associates
Patricia Gormely Prince, Prince Law Firm
Thomas W. Ricard, Thomas W. Ricard, Esq.
Wayne W. Wilson, Wayne W. Wilson

Workers Compensation

Victor J. Abela, Kitch Drutchas Wagner Valitutti & Sherbrook
Barry D. Adler, Adler Stilman PLLC
Joel L. Alpert, Alpert & Alpert
Todd D. Barry, Garan Lucow Miller PC
Allan W. Ben, Allan W. Ben PC
David J. Berge, Conklin Benham
Raymond A. Booms, Raymond A. Booms
Terrence T. Boyle, Phifer & White
Barrie R. Bratt, Levine Benjamin Tushman Bratt Jerris & Stein
Richard F. Brennan, Richard F. Brennan
Douglas Campbell, Rich & Campbell
John S. Chapman, Conklin Benham
Myron B. Charfoos, Charfoos Reiter Peterson Jones Dorland & Hebert
John P. Charters, Charters Heck O’Donnell Petrulis & Tyler
Gilbert M. Chinitz
Norton J. Cohen, Miller Cohen
William M. Crawforth, William M. Crawforth PC
Martin L. Critchell, Conklin Benham
William A. Day, Lacey & Jones
Michael J. Dennis, Mancini Schreuder Kline & Conrad PC
Thomas K. DiPietro, DiPietro & Day
Robert C. Domol, Robert C. Domol
Donald G. Ducey, Conklin Benham
Michael R. Dunn, Michael R. Dunn
Rick J. Ehrlich, Zamler Mellen & Shiffman
Murray R. Feldman, Strobl & Sharp
Thaddeous F. Felker, Conklin Benham
Thomas L. Fleury, Keller Thoma
Charles G. Gale, Charles G. Gale
Gary S. Galin, Garan Lucow Miller PC
Alan J. Gebauer, Langford & Gebauer
James R. Geroux, Plunkett Cooney
Ronald D. Glotta, Glotta & Associates PC
Thaddeus A. Gorny, Law Offices of Catherine A. Gofrank
Donald H. Hannon, Humphrey Hannon Moriarity & Schoener PC
Stephen J. Harris, Stephen J. Harris
James P. Harvey, Kelman Loria PLLC
Michael A. Heck, Charters Heck O’Donnell Petrulis & Tyler
Alan S. Helmore, Sullivan Ward Asher & Patton PC
Douglas W. Hoste
Robert J. Humphrey, Humphrey Hannon Moriarity & Schoener PC
Kenneth E. Jones, Charfoos Reiter Peterson Jones Dorland & Hebert
Stephen L. Kinsley, Kluczynski Girtz Zamler & McCubbrey
Roger R. Kline, Mancini Schreuder Kline & Conrad
Michael P. Krut, Law Offices of Michael Krut
Dwight D. Labadie, Conklin Benham
Richard L. MacArthur, MacArthur MacArthur & Associates
Robert W. Macy, Robert W. Macy
Gerald M. Marcinkoski, Lacey & Jones
Robert J. McCubbrey, Kluczynski Girtz Zamler & McCubbrey
Michael T. McManus, Michael T. McManus PC
Richard A. Meyer, Kluczynski Girtz & Vogelzang
Lawrence A. Meyerson, Rosenbaum Bloom Meyerson & Galinsky
Carl Mitseff
Timothy P. Moriarity, Humphrey Hannon Moriarity & Schoener PC
Walter F. Noeske, Conklin Benham
Robert L. O’Connell, Law Offices of Robert L. O’Connell
Daniel V. Padilla, Padilla Kostopoulos
Paul J. Palgut, Paul J. Palgut
Charles W. Palmer, Charles W. Palmer
Dennis P. Partridge, Garan Lucow Miller PC
Donald L. Petrulis, Charters Heck O’Donnell Petrulis & Tyler
Dwight W. Phillips, Phifer & White
Mark F. Pimlott, Law Offices of John D. Rodman
Mark J. Pletkovic, Evans Pletkovic & Rhodes
James A. Reiter, Charfoos Reiter Peterson Jones Dorland & Hebert
Mark D. Robins, Plunkett Cooney
Carlton R. Roeser, Carlton R. Roeser
Paul S. Rosen, Zamler Mellen & Shiffman
Seymour H. Rowe
Daryl Royal, Law Office of Daryl Royal
John W. Simpson, John W. Simpson
Martin M. Summer
Paul R. Swanson, Esq., Paul R. Swanson & Associates PC
Allen J. Wall, Collins Einhorn Farrell & Ulanoff
L. Graham Ward, Ward Anderson Porritt & Bryant
Richard L. Warsh, Richard L. Warsh
David J. Watts, Kelman Loria PLLC
Ronald A. Weglarz, Plunkett Cooney
Roy R. Winn, Law Offices of Roy R. Winn
Craig M. Zamler, Kluczynski Girtz & Vogelzang

Wrongful Death

Robert F. Garvey, Thomas Garvey Garvey & Sciotti
Martin C. Oetting, Clark Hill PLC

Wrongful Termination

William B. Balke, Littler Mendelson
Michael L. Bosnic, Michael L. Bosnic
Ralph C. Chapa, Kaufman Payton & Chapa
Sandra J. Chapp, Advantage Legal Services
Steven Fellows, Steven Fellows
John R. Foley, John R. Foley
Barry J. Goodman, Goodman Acker
Deborah L. Gordon, Deborah L. Gordon PLC
Barbara A. Roulo, Feikens Stevens Kennedy & Galbraith
Victoria A. Valentine, Valentine & Associates
William J. Vincent, Littler Mendelson
O’Neal Oliver Wright, O’Neal O. Wright & Associates
David F. Zuppke, David F. Zuppke

Zoning, Planning and Land Use

William B. Beach, Miller Canfield Paddock and Stone
Sherwin M. Birnkrant, Birnkrant & Birnkrant PC
James M. Ginn, Seyburn Kahn Ginn Bess and Serlin
Gregory K. Need, Adkison Need & Allen
Timothy A. Stoepker, Dickinson Wright