Working Together to Elect Accountable Leaders


The economic environment of the Detroit region is not predicted to change in the immediate future; however, our local and statewide leadership is. Thus, there is tremendous opportunity for a strategic effort by the business community to help ensure accountability in elected offices and a positive future for Michigan’s economy.

The Detroit region — and Michigan for that matter — are not only competing with other metropolitan regions around the nation, but are also competing with regions around the globe. These regions, located in countries like Ireland, the United Arab Emirates, India, and China, are fiercely vying for business investment and job creation with regions such as Detroit. The regions that illustrate they can work collaboratively toward a common economic vision and creatively find the resources to execute a strategy, will prosper in the global economy.

That is why the business community’s involvement in electing leaders at the local, state, and federal levels is crucial to the success of the city, region, and state. It’s time for the business community to be more vocal and provide support for candidates that will become the leaders who acknowledge the importance of changing the direction of Detroit, not only for job creation and investment, but also with the goal of changing our image across the nation and the world.

It’s imperative for the business community to be recognized as an important stakeholder in the decisions elected officials ultimately make. Businesses bring tax revenue and employment, plus provide the investment for growth and prosperity. Currently in Michigan, we’re repressing businesses both large and small with excessive taxes, restrictive regulatory requirements, and lack of capital. We need leaders that will create a new future for Michigan and a competitive advantage for doing business here.

In the upcoming August 2009 primary election, the Detroit Regional Chamber’s political action committee has endorsed several candidates for city council and mayor that align with the chamber’s business policy agenda, including the re-election of Dave Bing as mayor of Detroit (see the full list of endorsements). The Detroit Regional Chamber PAC consists of business members, small and large, that take on a volunteer leadership role in interviewing and endorsing political candidates at all levels of government.

It is our hope that by playing an active role to elect leaders who understand the importance of pro-business issues and are willing to operate with integrity and accountability, together we will work to change the future economic environment of Michigan.

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