NITC — Governor Supported, Chamber Approved


At its annual Detroit Regional Chamber conference, Michigan’s business leadership received a carefully prepared report by the Anderson Group supporting the financial feasibility and common sense for a proposed publically bonded New International Trade Crossing (NITC). The Chamber has announced that it will back the development of the NITC.

This support may very well carry the day in pushing the project forward. The Detroit Regional Chamber is not a liberal or conservative lapdog, but a body of concerned participants in the overall success of our state.

This Chamber support will and should be carefully reviewed by the Republican Legislature delegation. Clearly, it is up to Republican legislators to decide whether the rights of the community as a whole pervade over the private interest for what is at best an oligopolistic, and more likely monopolistic, entity controlling the Crossings. It is not possible for many large trucks to utilize the tunnel. The Bridge Crossing is the only Detroit crossing for many vehicles. Given the situation, a careful and diligent review of the presentations will be required. Hopefully, the Legislature will take the rational action argument into careful consideration and leave the emotional support for what is arguably a “private enterprise” as a consideration, but not the overriding consideration.

The reality is the Bridge should be built and it is likely that our Legislators will provide for such building after they review the factual context of how the Bridge is to be built and how favorable the likely results for metro Detroit, Michigan, and the United States will be.

As an aside, the recent alleged ties of the Snyder administration in China are telling. The Red Herring attacks, which impute that the State of Michigan’s attempts to bring business into China are in some way tied to the funding of the Ambassador Bridge, simply makes no sense. By example, if the Chinese buy the bonds, thereby lowering the interest amounts to be paid, would the lower interest not allow the state to make money off the Bridge after the bonds are paid off?


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