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Feature Film 05-14-09

601 Cleveland St., Ste. 930 Clearwater, FL 33755
170 Kimberly Court Senoia, GA 30276
PHONE – 727-442-5775 – 678-817-0102
FAX – 727-442-5755 – 678-817-5999

STATUS – October 2009 LOCATION – Grand Rapids, Michigan
PRODUCER/DIRECTOR: Philippe Martinez PM: Nir Amran WRITER: Nick Vallelonga – Paul Sloan
CAST: Ray Stevenson – Jaime King – Stephen Moyer – Robert Duvall – James Caan
BAUER MARTINEZ ENT. 8439 W. Sunset Blvd., Ste. 100 West Hollywood, CA 90069 727-582-9939 Fax 727-582-9709

At an unspecified time in the future, a post-apocalyptic New York City has become surrounded by an endless desert due to a heat wave that happened many years ago. Digital technology was rendered useless and nothing made after the 1960’s works. The city is very dangerous and is ruled over by the elusive crime lord Samhain, a mysterious being who has no known identity. On Halloween, the most dangerous night of the year, Detective Sonny Egan is beheaded by figures cloaked in shadow. Our hero, Detective Michael Hillburn and his partner, Detective Edward Cave, are ordered by Police Captain Willis Ramsey to investigate Egan’s murder and bring his killers to justice. Beneath a scorching sun and a searing yellow sky, Hillburn will come to find that not everything is as it seems in this world as he races to find the truth before the chaotic city burns itself to the ground.


Feature Film 08-13-09

479 Columbia Art District Holland , MI 49423 P.O. Box 2633 Holland, MI 49422
PHONE – 616-393-6800
STATUS – September 28 LOCATION – Michigan

PRODUCER: Christine Vachon – Eric Watson – Gus Van Sant – Susan Johnson – Michelle Weisler – Hopwood DePree – Scott Brook – Jay Froberg – Greg Suess
WRITER/DIRECTOR: Dustin Lance Black PM: Matt Myers CAST: Jennifer Connelly – Liam Neeson
KILLER FILMS, INC. 526 W. 26th St., Ste. 715 New York, NY 10001 212-473-3950 FAX – 212-473-6152
MENO FILM COMPANY 1300 NW Northrup Ave., 3rd Floor, Portland, OR 97209 503-223-5732 FAX – 503-223-5735
BRAVEART FILMS 8306 Wilshire Blvd., #1035 Beverly Hills, CA 90211 310-535-9767
FILM BRIDGE 1316 Third St. Promenade, Ste. 105 Santa Monica, CA 90401 310-656-8680 Fax 310-656-8683

A pariah to most in her small beach boardwalk town, Virginia was diagnosed early-on as a hair shy of mentally stable. Her closest friend and 15-year-old son, Emmett,, is more father than son to his impulsive, ill-behaved mother. Their shared dream: to skip town for California. They’ve been packed for years. Mussing things up, we discover Emmett’s father is likely the older married-Mormon-Sheriff his mother’s been having an affair with for decades, and whose daughter Emmett dreams of eloping with. But secrets have a way of not staying so secret, and circumstances surrounded by madness have a way of getting dire. In their bent world a perfectly reasonable solution arises: to rob Virginia Beach blind on the day the President of the United States pays a much-anticipated visit.


Feature Film 07-23-09

101 Burton St., Flint, MI 48503

PHONE – 810-422-9168 FAX – 810-422-9228
STATUS – September 2009 LOCATION – Flint, Michigan PRODUCER: Kevin Reidy – Dave Ross DIRECTOR: Tom Hines WRITER: Fred Foote – Brian Godawa
DEAN RIVER PRODUCTIONS, INC 5721 W. Slauson, Ste. 110, Culver City, CA 90230 310-410-9405 FAX – 310-410-9447

A romantic drama based on the events (using both historical and fictional elements) occurring behind the scenes and outside the courtroom of the famous Scopes” Monkey Trial” of 1925.