Michigan’s Commercial Talent


In Detroit there is a lot of talk about the movies, but it’s really all about commercials. Michigan talent have been incredibly successful at landing parts in recent films, and while the movies are exciting and get a great deal of press coverage, it is the volume of commercial and industrial bookings that keep talent steadily active in the Detroit market.

Commercials are being produced in Detroit constantly, and they have been for many years; it’s just been under the radar. To put this into perspective, our talent base at The I Group have landed roles in every movie produced in Michigan this year. We also have booked over 17 national commercials and created over 850 other jobs hiring over 1,800 talent. Hopefully this trend will continue as Detroit attracts an increasing proportion of national commercial business.

These commercials are not limited to just on-screen talent, as several national voice-over pieces were produced in Michigan in 2009, including spots for Quicken Loans, Dodge, ACE Hardware, Expedia, The U.S. National Mint, Lowe’s, and The Home Depot.

So what does this mean for Detroit exactly?  First, it means that Motor City talent rivals the best in the nation, securing work that airs throughout the Unites States. Second, it is a testament to the high quality of work produced by Michigan’s creative community. The I Group is fortunate to have innovative clients that brilliantly adapt, gaining new national business despite the ebb and flow of the current media market. Advertising agencies such as BBDO-Detroit, Campbell-Ewald, Doner, Global Hue, Leo Burnett, and Mars, with production houses Avalon Films,  Castorri & Company, Millennium Films, and Red Orange USA, to name only a few, persevere through the struggling economy with their exceptional vision and creativity, establishing new and exciting opportunities for Michigan. Without them there would be few opportunities for our extraordinary actors and models.

As the Michigan commercial community continues to impress, the potential for continued growth is limitless. To capitalize on this trend, The I Group has reached out into other regional markets in the Midwest to increase the exposure of Michigan’s talent, including castings and bookings for Illinois, Ohio, Missouri, and Pennsylvania based productions. Combined with in-state opportunities, this growth points to a future for our industry that seems to defy the fluctuations of the current economy, defining Detroit as a regional leader for the best in commercial talent, innovation, creativity, and production. Altogether, this growth and potential is just another reason to make a capital investment in the people and products of Michigan.