Making It in Michigan



Detroit, Michigan, my hometown and the automotive capital of the world, supports a flourishing and established media production community of multimillion-dollar advertising agencies, production studios, auto shows, industrial producers, actors, and models. Often unnoticed, Michigan’s creative community of dedicated, highly educated and experienced professionals once produced more film footage than Hollywood and drive the media campaigns of one of the world’s essential industries.

However, most of the media buzz this past year is from the high profile film projects that entered Michigan from Tinsel Town. Industry veterans, however, know another side of the film making community here in Michigan…that we’ve been steadily turning out great products for years. Frequently behind the scenes, our voice-overs, stage productions and on-camera media, reflect an industry dedicated to producing the best and most creative projects possible. From commercial shoots, radio spots, print ads, voiceover projects, auto shows and events to independent and industrial films, the foundation for great productions is alive and well in Michigan. The variety of talented executives, producers, art directors, photographers, copywriters, event planners, actors, and models with experience proves it.

I believe you cannot adequately cover Michigan’s growing creative and film community unless you acknowledge the years of dedication from the people that built our industry from the ground up. It’s because the talent is already here that Michigan is now an essential source for film and commercial projects, made right here in our own backyard.

This dedication and professionalism is extraordinary and I hope to provide, in upcoming blogs, the detailed coverage this industry deserves. For example, next time I will write about the current and future projects utilizing Michigan’s exciting and lucrative film incentives, so check back soon to get all of the details.