Film Extras In Michigan

Working In Front of The Camera
Becoming a Film Extra in Michigan
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I’m sure it’s no surprise to you by now that the film industry in Michigan is on the rise. You’ve heard all about the film tax incentives that were established to create more jobs in Michigan. You’ve also probably heard about the various film industry training programs around town trying to educate our workers in order to develop and sustain the Michigan film industry.

And while films are adding valuable employment opportunities for crewmembers, they are also creating opportunities for actors that are now securing roles in front of the camera. Michigan talent has landed principle roles in all of the films produced in Michigan in the past year.

Of course, not everyone can secure a major role in a movie. Becoming an extra is a great way to get involved and augment an income while being a part of the film industry here in Michigan. An “extra” is an individual hired by the day to play a minor part in a scene. It requires very little experience and these positions are best filled by people with a great work ethic and patience to withstand a long day of shooting on a set.

Now, not all extra opportunities are paid positions. However, the majority of extras that secure work through a talent agency are paid, but there are those few opportunities that provide no compensation for a day’s work. These opportunities can earn Michigan residents, many of which are unemployed, approximately $100 per day, sometimes for days at a time.

And while $100 may not seem like a considerable of money, it certainly can be if you are chosen to be an extra for multiple days of shooting or in multiple productions. The film Red Dawn alone hired over 4,000 extras here in Michigan, many of them for multiple days.
Michigans’s film industry is growing, and offering income opportunities for many in the state. Still, it’s important to realize that the opportunities are not just for those working behind the camera. Extras are a valuable commodity. For those Michiganders looking for work; this is a great opportunity to start making money right away.

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