Entrepreneurs Drive Detroit Recovery


I get it. I really do. We live in the Motor City and the auto industry is our bread and butter. It has and will continue to be a primary driver of our local economy.

But if you pick up the local dailies, you’d think that was all that was going on here. As I did a quick scan of both business sections today, roughly 90 percent of the coverage was automotive oriented. I saw one major story about downtown development and another about a tech start-up that had relocated from Silicon Valley. And that was pretty much it for the non-auto world.

But, we all know that Detroit is far more than just cars. It’s heath care, it’s high tech, it’s higher education…and it’s entrepreneurialism. And that’s where we come in — Entrepreneurs’ Organization Detroit. We are the Detroit chapter of the national Entrepreneurs’ Organization, which is dedicated to helping entrepreneurs grow their businesses.  Here in Detroit, we are 144 members strong and represent companies with combined revenue of $1 billion, employing more than 6,000 people.

Of course, there are thousands more entrepreneurs out there in Detroit and this blog is dedicated to helping them succeed. DBusiness Magazine and its website, DBusiness.com, have always looked for ways to dig beneath the large corporate stories that tend to dominate other headlines. The team at DBusiness understands the importance of the entrepreneurial community. Their support has been important to our chapter and to the entrepreneurial drive that is helping rebuild and reshape Detroit.  We look forward to working with them through this blog to bring important information to entrepreneurs here in Southeast Michigan. 

A couple times a month, we will use this space to present topics that are important to sustaining and growing an entrepreneurial organization. This will include things such as the impact of health care legislation on small to mid-size businesses; how to build a motivated and productive team; tax and financial strategies; real estate strategies; and case studies of how several of our members have succeeded. We also want to hear from you … what are the topics that are important to you as a business owner? What questions can we address to help you succeed? We look forward to hearing from you.

By Pete Davis, President, EO Detroit