Downsizing Detroit Part II: Ensuring Equality


Providing his initial contemplated plan, Detroit Mayor Dave Bing noted that certain neighborhoods would receive greater benefits to the detriment of other likely less desirable and certainly less viable neighborhoods, at least in the mind of the city of Detroit administration. The effect of not providing services to those neighborhoods that are likely to not survive assures the total demise of the neighborhoods. The loss of protection and basic public services would be unfair discrimination against the owners and businesses in the neighborhoods receiving less support.

In response, Mayor Bing has justifiably and reasonably concluded that what he really wants to do is provide “more” support to neighborhoods that he believes can be retained and succeed for years into the future. One certainly hopes that this process will be successful. In the final analysis, had Mayor Bing chosen to provide fewer services to those neighborhoods that the administration did not foresee as surviving, inverse condemnations against the city would have run rampant.

Mayor Bing sought something out and changed the course of the ship just a little in order to comply with fairness to owners and through the retention of constitutional protections for the public in general.