Ultimation in Roseville Boosts Material Handling via Lifters and Conveyors

Roseville's Ultimation Industries has partnered with Qimarox to maximize material handling and space efficiency. // Courtesy of Ultimation Industries
Roseville’s Ultimation Industries has partnered with Qimarox to maximize material handling and space efficiency. // Courtesy of Ultimation Industries

Ultimation Industries, an automotive manufacturer in Roseville, has partnered with Netherlands-based machine manufacturer Qimarox to help distributors move totes, cartons, and pallets from one level to another while maximizing vertical space without costly facility expansions.

“Manufacturers and distributors who are growing need cost-effective ways to get more productivity out of their existing facilities,” says Richard Canny, president of Ultimation Industries. “Better utilization of vertical space through lifters and overhead conveyor systems is an affordable, effective solution that can be deployed relatively quickly.”

Ultimation now is part of the Qimarox system partner network for the Americas, which can design, build, and install lifting solutions mixed with existing material handling systems. Qimarox combines high performance with low cost by offering modular designs that are efficient and durable for installations and modifications that function to complete several different tasks.

Ultimation provides Qimarox lifters with a variety of carrier capabilities to handle multiple load sizes and weights such as the ProRunner MK1, a “discontinuous” vertical lifter that moves from one level to another, stops, unloads, and returns. The self-supporting system can move goods weighing up to 160 pounds and achieve up to 360 cycles per hour to support high-volume distribution center conveyor process speeds.

The ProRunner MK5 is a continuous vertical conveyor made to handle high-volume distribution needs due to its standardized modular design, making it affordable and faster. The unit can handle 200 products per hour, ranging from sizes 10 by 10 feet to 24 by 24 feet. There is an option to add up to nine carriers to achieve 2,000 products per hour and can be paired with an optional gravity or MDR roller conveyor for infeed and outfeed.

The pallet lifters Prorunner MK9 and MK10 are compact, space-efficient vertical conveyor lifters that can be equipped with gravity rollers or motor drive rollers to hold  up to 3,300 to 4,400 pounds worth of goods. Depending on load and elevation change, machines complete 60 cycles per hour or faster and can be paired with an optional CDLR or powered MDR roller conveyor for infeed and outfeed.

“Partnering with Qimarox was a natural fit because we were already using their lifters as part of a custom conveyor and materials handling system for the world’s largest indoor vertical farming facility,” says Canny.

Qimarox recently introduced two new modules, both of which are available through Ultimation, such as the ProRunner 12 and ProRunner 15. The ProRunner 12 is a new high-speed, precision vertical reciprocating conveyor that can move automated guided vehicles to different levels, lifting 440-660 pounds at vertical speeds of nearly 4 to 6.5 feet per second. ProRunner 15 is a simpler option for emptying buffer lanes in batch mode and reduces component costs more than 50 percent.

“With the incorporation of Ultimation to the Qimarox System Partner network, we are strengthening our presence in the American markets,” says Pieter Hannessen, owner of Qimarox. “Ultimation’s capability to deliver turnkey solutions with both standardized as well customized components, results in extremely added value to end users ensuring always the best automation solution for their process challenges.”

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