Rightware Releases First All-in-one Tool for the Advanced Intelligent Cockpit

Rightware has released Kanzi One, the first automotive HMI toolchain to be fully compatible with Android. // Courtesy of Rightware
Rightware has released Kanzi One, the first automotive HMI toolchain to be fully compatible with Android. // Courtesy of Rightware

Finish automotive software company Rightware, which has an office in Troy, has released Kanzi One, the first automotive human-machine interface (HMI) toolchain to be fully compatible with Android.

According to Rightware, Kanzi One delivers industry-leading 3-D graphics and a new user interface (UI) workflow, empowering automakers to create new user experiences with visual excellence and maximum productivity.

“As announced at IAA in Munich, Kanzi One is a game-changer for creativity and productivity by automakers,” says Freddie Geier, CEO of Rightware. “We are grateful for the positive feedback from customers and partners since our product launch, and we eagerly await the new Signature UIs they create with Kanzi One.”

Rightware says its goal with Kanzi One is to inspire OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers with “impressive rendering capabilities” and a “powerful” 3-D graphics engine, the deepest Android integration for next generation infotainment systems, and a straightforward workflow that unleashes HMI possibilities.

Kanzi One lets manufacturers deliver future-looking user experiences for advanced HMIs in less than half the time with teams half the size and with significantly less coding compared with traditional methods, according to Rightware.

In addition to the core Kanzi framework consisting of Kanzi Studio and Kanzi Engine, Kanzi One delivers further value to automakers by including a growing list of feature packs.

Initially, five feature packs are included: Kanzi Connect makes it “easy” to share data, content, and services across screens and devices; Kanzi Maps enhances navigation with “creative” visualization; Kanzi Particles enables “astounding” visual effects and animations; Kanzi Autostereoscopy enables realistic depth effects; and the new Kanzi VR (virtual reality) makes it easy to validate designs in an early phase by placing live UIs inside a virtual car interior and interacting with the screens with or without a virtual reality headset.

“We are certain that Kanzi One will transform the in-car user interfaces of today into tomorrow’s signature UIs — highly appealing, easy-to-use, and true to their brand,” says Geier. “We invite all friends and observers of innovation in the automotive industry to explore the possibilities of Kanzi One, and count on us to drive HMI development to the next level.”

To request a virtual or in-person meeting and to read descriptions of the latest Kanzi One demonstrations, visit here or contact sales@rightware.com.