Livonia Insulin Therapy Company Hygieia Licenses Technology in Israel

3d rendering of insulin vials and syringe isolated over white background
Livonia’s Hygieia has licensed its d-Nav insulin management technology to Movement Group in Israel. // Stock Photo

Hygieia, a digital therapeutics company for insulin therapy in Livonia, has licensed its d-Nav insulin management technology to Movement Group, an Israeli provider of health and wellness programs to integrated health delivery networks.

The d-Nav technology is the first FDA-cleared technology to autonomously adjust insulin dose recommendations to correspond to a patient’s changing insulin needs. Patients get the correct insulin dose at each injection, without the need for physician intervention.

Hygieia says studies have shown that nearly 90 percent of d-Nav patients have improved A1C levels within 90 days without increasing the risk for hypoglycemia.

The d-Nav license agreement enables Movement, which currently offers a diabetes prevention program, to add an insulin management program to its existing services. Movement is offering the program to patients within the largest integrated managed care and delivery networks in Israel.

To assist in expanding the d-Nav Technology internationally, Hygieia has appointed technology entrepreneur Gilad Lederer as its new head of global business development. Lederer is the co-founder of OTM Technologies Ltd., and an investor in and advisor to several technology and private equity companies.

“This agreement with Movement extends access to potentially lifesaving technology for patients in Israel with type 2 diabetes taking insulin,” says Lederer. “This is an exciting chapter in Hygieia’s international journey, and we are looking for additional partners worldwide to license the d-Nav Technology.”

On the heels of the Movement agreement is the news that the National Health Service in Northern Ireland extended its d-Nav license. Northern Ireland’s NHS was the first international licensee of the d-Nav Technology.

Many patients from Northern Ireland who have been on the d-Nav program for more than seven years continue to show results with an average A1C at 7 percent throughout their time on the program.

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