Lansing’s AP Lazer Debuts Engraving Machines for Indoor Retail Use

AP Lazer CEO Tong Li sees the SN1812LR System as a device that can make any retail experience memorable. // Courtesy of AP Lazer
AP Lazer CEO Tong Li sees the SN1812LR System as a device that can make any retail experience memorable. // Courtesy of AP Lazer

Lansing-based AP Lazer has introduced the AP Lazer SN1812LR System, a compact, open architecture engraving and cutting machine combined with a fume extractor. The machines are designed for retailers that want to create interactive indoor shopping experiences.

The patented SN1812LR laser machine features a low-rider carriage cart, allowing it to effortlessly move from its top position to the floor and can engrave objects of any weight, size, or shape, adding personalization revenue onto store products.

The laser system can fit into retail spaces without overshadowing displays, and all accessories are included. It features a fume extractor, a rotary table for cylindrical engraving of products such as tumblers and wine glasses, computer software, complete training, and 24/7 365 tech support. The system is designed for brick-and-mortar retailers to adapt the technology in-house, or an entrepreneur to partner with local retailers.

AP Lazer discovered a high market potential for their open architecture laser machines in the retail space through a successful Crate & Barrel 2021 holiday season promotion, when AP Lazer customer, Cutting Edge Lazer Engraving, was hired to engrave products in-store.

“It was a good promotion for the store, my company, and for the customers who were wowed when watching their holiday ornaments, cutting boards, platters, wine glasses, and other items engraved in real time before their eyes,” says Nicole Smith, owner of Cutting Edge Lazer Engraving. “Customers literally teared up in front of us as they saw their items transformed into timeless treasures.”

Tong Li, CEO of AP Lazer, sees the millennial generation leading the trend of increasing consumer spending on experiences, creating memories, and purchasing meaningful products over luxury items.

“When a meaningful message is engraved onto the store product, the shopping experience is elevated to an interactive and emotional level. At the same time, the extra profit can be added to the product without increasing the cost of goods. Having a gift laser engraved in front of your eyes with a message of love, memory, friendship, or inspiration is interactive, memorable, and emotional.”

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