Guidepoint Systems in Madison Heights Strikes Embedded Data Partnership with Stellantis

Businesswoman buying car in automobile dealership and shaking hand of manager as symbol of successful deal
Madison Heights’ Guidepoint Systems announced its embedded data lot management services will be offered to dealership customers that have Stellantis vehicles. // Stock Photo

Guidepoint Systems in Madison Heights, a global provider of vehicle telematics solutions for OEMs, dealerships, rental agencies, and commercial fleet managers, has announced its embedded data lot management services will be offered to dealership customers that have Stellantis vehicles, including Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, and Ram brands.

“We understand the needs of our dealership customers and we’re confident this new embedded data lot management service will be a valuable innovation for them,” says Samuel Spencer, president and CEO of Guidepoint. “This will reduce time and money spent on the installation of GPS hardware and will integrate data from embedded and non-embedded vehicles into one easy-to-review data file.”

The embedded data lot management service is the outcome of the recent partnership between Guidepoint and Free2Move, a global mobility hub company that is part of Stellantis.

The collaboration enables Guidepoint Air to receive data from properly equipped and eligible model year 2018 and newer Stellantis vehicles. The service delivers cost effective and convenient inventory management data to dealers and other fleet management professionals.

Vehicle lot management has been the focus for Guidepoint, but recent worldwide increases in fuel costs, labor shortages, and supply chain issues has led some dealers to seek new data options that help them reduce staff demands and save money.

“We are already implementing the integrated embedded and OBD dongle data service with a dealership in Kentucky and are in discussions with several other dealerships,” says Spencer. “And we’re just getting started. We have recently expanded our embedded data abilities through Otonomo’s OEM connectivity, enabling access to many vehicle manufacturers.”

As part of the new product launch promotion, Guidepoint will provide limited free embedded data inventory management services to early-adopter dealerships with eligible Stellantis vehicles.