Guardhat Launches Software to Keep Isolated Industrial Workers Safe

Automated safety check-ins within the Guardhat Lone Worker solution help ensure worker safety of isolated workers. // Courtesy of Guardhat
Automated safety check-ins within the Guardhat Lone Worker solution help ensure worker safety of isolated workers. // Courtesy of Guardhat

Guardhat, an end-to-end connected worker solutions company based in Detroit, announced the release of the Guardhat Lone Worker solution, which automates critical safety alerts and incident management so that industrial operators that work alone, distributed, or in remote locations get home safe after each shift.

“Industrial work can be hazardous and is made more so when it’s done in isolation,” says Nirmal Chudgar, chief product officer at Guardhat. “Many of the solutions available today for lone worker safety fall short.

“They can be cumbersome in the field, and to supervisory or administrative staff and corporate IT teams. Even the best solutions don’t provide a lot of value beyond the immediate alert. That’s why we built this.”

The solution is designed to help companies respond to safety threats in real-time, better understand and act on threats in the field, and transition to proactive safety — preventing incidents before they occur — via location awareness, audio/visual communications, automated check-ins, trend and root-cause analysis, and sophisticated rules-engines around hazard notifications and incident response.

It can be deployed in as quick as two days via a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model with flexible hosting options, and integrations can include ruggedized wearable devices from Guardhat, Guardhat partners, as well as the Guardhat Lone Worker App downloadable to commercial-off-the-shelf devices, already in the field today.

It also offers hazardous work check-ins, fall-detection, worker-down alerts, and digital incident management with workflows configurable to each organization’s standard operating procedures.

It can automatically trigger emergency response, supervisor alerts, and follow-up activities like training, hazard mitigation, and more as needed. A sophisticated alerts engine shares urgent notifications to specified users or groups via SMS, phone calls, emails, and the centralized, cloud based Guardhat Safety Control Center (SCC) dashboard.

“The technology already embedded in our Guardhat Platform offers the infrastructure provide connected safety at the edge while going further,” says Chudgar. “By adding some key functionality to create a Lone Worker solution, we can offer emergency alerts and response as well as remote support, sophisticated and automated incident response, and the ability to scale with additional solutions like, controlled access zoning, worker condition monitoring and more.

“You also gain the power of the platform to contextualize, analyze and use all that information to make work safer, easier, and higher quality over the long term, so teams can work smart and safer, even when distributed.”

The Guardhat Lone Worker solution will be available globally in March 2022. Pilot programs are available now. For more information, click here.