Detroit’s Waymark Launches Machine Learning Platform to Speed Video Creation

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The next generation of Waymark’s machine learning platform is designed to streamline video production, scripting, and editing. // Stock Photo

Waymark, an internet marketing service in Detroit, announced the next generation of its platform to allow TV and over-the-top (OTT) companies to script, produce, and customize videos in minutes.

Waymark works with companies from small agencies up to the Fortune 100 to generate millions of dollars in ad revenues by helping them create professional videos quickly and easily to close more deals with local advertisers.

“Professional quality video production is time-consuming and expensive. For most companies we talk to, it’s at best a loss leader and at worst a total blocker for working with the majority of local businesses,” says Alex Persky-Stern, CEO of Waymark.

“We’re removing all of the roadblocks to creating high-quality local content, so your team can make commercials in minutes, not hours or days. Our technology optimizes and automates the process for creating visuals, writing scripts, matching music to motion, etc. — basically everything that goes into high quality commercial production. It’s a great complement to traditional production so your team can do more with less.”

With the rise of social video platforms and streaming services, video has become the primary language of business to create more ways for brands to connect with audiences. This has created an unprecedented demand for engaging video content on shorter timelines with modest or no increase in available resources.

Waymark makes it possible to meet that demand by providing a new model for high quality commercial production powered by breakthrough AI technologies. With a natural language interface that is radically fast and easy to use, it’s now achievable to produce unique local commercials at real scale and take advantage of the latent demand for quality commercials at the local level.

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