Detroit Lions Add BrainLit BioCentric Lighting Tech for Players and Staff

The Detroit Lions players and staff say using BrainLit's BioCentric Lighting technology is improving performance and recovery. // Courtesy of BrainLit
The Detroit Lions players and staff say using BrainLit’s BioCentric Lighting technology is improving performance and recovery. // Courtesy of BrainLit

BrainLit North America Inc., a New York-based provider of BioCentric Lighting, and the Detroit Lions, have joined forces to develop that they call a world-class health-enhancing environment for their players and staff.

The Detroit Lions underwent an extensive period of testing and validation and have determined that BrainLit’s BioCentric Lighting technology will be an important performance and recovery tool for players and staff alike.

BrainLit developed BioCentric Lighting to replicate the “perfect light day,” every day, in any indoor environment, to boost performance, promote recovery, and strengthen sleep — the preeminent pillar of health.

Testing has shown BioCentric Lighting improves human performance within a very short space of time, the company says. For example, BrainLit user data shows a 15 percent improvement in deep sleep, a 9 percent jump in general readiness, and an average 11.8 percent increase in cognitive performance.

“The feedback from our users was very positive,” says Jill Costanza, director of sports science for the Lions. “We have now coaches and staff who use the BioCentric Lighting on a regular basis at the practice facility. We are extremely pleased with our purchase of the BrainLit system.”

As seen in the HBO television series “Hard Knocks,” BioCentric Lighting can be delivered to staff and players in several ways to support daily tasks while also strengthening a foundational pillar of health — the circadian rhythm.

“Brainlit is proud to add the Detroit Lions to our global customer base of organizations benefiting from the performance-enhancing properties of Biocentric Lighting,” says Kyle Harris, CEO of BrainLit, North America.

“The Lions’ world-class performance personnel are innovative and quickly understood the power of BioCentric Lighting to deliver better focus, greater energy, faster recovery, and deeper sleep across their organization. We look forward to helping many more teams, both athletic and commercial, to enhance the health and wellness of their employee workspaces with BioCentric Lighting.”

BrainLit is addressing the chronic light deficit most people are operating within modern day life by designing and delivering BioCentric Lighting environments across facilities in athletics, health care, education, hospitality, office, retail, and others. Today, more than 20,000 people live, work, learn, perform, or recover in BioCentric Lighting environments, including world-class organizations such as the new Nokia Arena in Tampere, Finland, the New York Institute of Technology, EY, Sony, and the Alliance of European Hockey Clubs.

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