DAVCO in Saline Invests $3.5M in Advanced Electronics Manufacturing Center

DAVCO Technology in Saline announced a $3.5 million capital investment to create an Advanced Electronics Manufacturing Center. // Courtesy of DAVCO Technology
DAVCO Technology in Saline announced a $3.5 million capital investment to create an Advanced Electronics Manufacturing Center. // Courtesy of DAVCO Technology

DAVCO Technology in Saline, which provides fuel heater/water separators and filter systems for diesel-powered medium- and heavy-duty trucks and part of Southfield’s Clarience Technologies family of brands, announced it is investing $3.5 million to create an Advanced Electronics Manufacturing Center.

The company says it is preparing to capitalize on the growing electric-powered commercial vehicle market. The facility will sit adjacent to the existing DAVCO manufacturing facility — inside the company’s corporate office campus — and is expected to be fully operational in the next few weeks. Company officials expect it to create 20 new positions.

“Over the past 45 years, DAVCO has proudly served customers with industry-leading products and unparalleled customer support and that will not change,” says Laurie Beegle, president at DAVCO.

“This new electronics manufacturing facility ensures we will continue to be able to serve commercial fleet customers as their needs evolve once they begin putting electric vehicles into service.”

The investment includes a clean room for component manufacturing, which is an important element in next-generation vehicle technologies. The company expects it will be used to showcase the capabilities of the company. There are plans for a second phase that will include a Customer Experience Center.

Renovations and construction on the new facility have been underway since fall of 2021, and some operations are already underway. Initially, the facility will manufacture electronics hardware for Road Ready advanced telematics — a Clarience company. Hardware that will be manufactured includes mobile communications units, smart bridge integrators, proprietary sensors, and other related items.

Road Ready offers advanced telematics solutions for commercial transportation. By consolidating manufacturing to the new facility, the hardware will be assembled more efficiently by an experience team.

As commercial transportation adopts electric vehicle technology in the coming years, DAVCO states its customer focus will help them find right tools that helps deliver more agile and scalable solutions.

For this reason, the company is expanding its capabilities to include advanced electronics solutions. For DAVCO, it says partnering with and providing more flexible solutions to customers will help position the company to grow.

“The dramatic fluctuations in vehicle demand experienced in the North American commercial vehicle market — unlike anything seen in any other industry — will only be amplified with electric vehicles.  We believe customers will take solace in the fact that we understand what’s required as these fluctuations occur,” says Beegle.

Clarience Technologies was established in 2020 as a company designed to lead and thrive in the future of transportation. It has transportation technology brands that range from LED smart lighting, safety and alarm components, and advanced telematics.