Caster Concepts Breaks Ground on $2M Expansion in Albion

Caster Concepts Inc. is planning a $2 million expansion of its headquarters in Albion. // Courtesy of Caster Concepts
Caster Concepts Inc. is planning a $2 million expansion of its headquarters in Albion. // Courtesy of Caster Concepts

Caster Concepts Inc., a maker of industrial, heavy-duty wheels and casters, is planning a $2 million, 16,000-square-foot expansion of its headquarters in Albion, west of Jackson.

The expansion will accommodate a larger engineering department and additional space for product development and testing and recent business acquisitions. The company plans for more office space, truck docks for increased orders and deliveries, and a larger manufacturing work area and employee facilities.

“We’re betting on future growth,” says Bill Dobbins, president of Caster Concepts. “Unlike most companies, we function better with lots of space. We create unique solutions for customers, and that requires more room for testing. We want to be prepared for the next great innovation.”

The expansion comes on the heels of a robust 2022, according to Dobbins. The company’s success is due in part to its design solutions, fast lead times, record of on-time deliveries. Dobbins credits the company’s success to its production process, which requires little off-site support.

“Over many years and significant investments, Caster Concepts has developed and refined its manufacturing process,” Dobbins says. “By combining on-time delivery, short lead times and getting the customer what they want, Caster Concepts creates value for all stakeholders.”

The company started in 1987 with three employees in a 6,000-square-foot workspace. Now, it has 125 employees, multiple machine shops and four subsidiaries (Aerol, Conceptual Innovations, Reaction Industries, and Fabricating Concepts) all under one roof.

With the expansion, that roof will span 90,000 square feet of combined manufacturing and office space. Caster Concepts hired D.H. Roberts Construction of Jonesville, Mich., to build the addition and Driven Design from Battle Creek to oversee the design and engineering. The project is slated for completion in March.

Caster Concepts’ expanding footprint matches its growing impact on Albion. The company says it invests in the well-being of its employees, education and technology initiatives for youth, and community redevelopment. In 2022, the company was awarded the 2022 Corporate Impact Award by the state of Michigan.

“Our community initiatives are an essential part of our purpose to manufacture greatness within our employees to positively impact their families, communities and customers,” Dobbins says.