Welcome to the Tea Party, America



When the greatest nation in the history of mankind is being pulled off its axis by Washington, D.C.’s unchecked, left wing ideologue legislation, of course the sons and daughters of the Greatest Generation are going to protest … and protest loudly.

Welcome to the tea party, America.

Grass root Americans, the Silent Majority, are understandably nervous and upset. I’ve worked for these people for nearly 35 years, and one would be wrong to underestimate their innate intelligence. There is a steadily growing, almost galvanic response, to the costly legislation rolling out of Washington, unchecked. These taxpayers have the ability to do the math and reach alarming conclusions: First there was the $700 billion TARP program, followed closely by the $800 billion stimulus program (of which 10 percent is actually deployed). Then came the astronomical 2009 budget, which added $1.2 trillion to our national debt. The Mom and Pops around America realized something the Congress was willing to overlook: Their grandkids would be saddled with repaying this government largesse.

But the new Obama led Congress, unleashed by its filibuster proof majorities in both houses, was only warming up. Next came the infamous Cap and Trade energy legislation, which is estimated to add another one trillion plus to the debt. Then the 2010 budget increased the growing debt by $800 billion. Bottom line, according to the Congressional Budget Office, these measures will add another $3.3 trillion to the national debt over the next 10 years.

And we haven’t even discussed the newest, and potentially, the most costly effort of Emperor Obama’s first six months of his reign in office, the threatened rewrite of one-sixth of our economy: Health care. Space limits my ability to detail what’s wrong with this senseless race towards socialism in America. I will concede for the record our health delivery system in America is not perfect. Last concession. At the same time I will argue it is the best system in the world. The American health care system is the envy of sick people around the world who must wait months, if not years, to even see a doctor for their first consult. If they even live that long.

So the sons and daughters of the Greatest Generation, taxpayers all, have added it all up. They sense the virtual destruction of a way of life their parents fought and died for. They sense the financial burden of higher and higher taxes on their grandchildren to pay for these socialistic experiments. And you know what? They don’t like what they see.

So they are starting to protest. For many, their first appearance was at a tea party. They try to get in to their Congressman’s town hall meeting (if there are any seats left after the Congressman doles out the preferential seats to his staff and friends).

And what do the sons and daughters of the Greatest Generation hear? They are called “racists,” because they dare to challenge Obama on his so-called health care reform. When they come to a town hall meeting and passionately decry what’s happening, it is called “mob rule.” Not “grass roots,” proclaimed an arrogant Nancy Pelosi. “It’s astro turf.”

These worried citizens have an absolute Constitutional right to protest. I’ve attended two “tea parties.” Your neighbors who love their country and don’t like the direction it is going populated them. The sons and daughters of the Greatest Generation deserve better.

And if a Congressman returns to Washington, DC after this summer break and writes these good people off as “an irrational mob,” he does so at his or her own peril. Ignore these citizens, insult them as you have, but your vote for Obamacare could be a career ending mistake.

P.S. No doubt this blog will get me on the Obama “snitch list.”