Ziebart Introduces New Paint Protection Film


TROY — On Wednesday, Ziebart International began a statewide launch of “Z-Shield,” a clear paint protection film designed to safeguard cars against chips and scratch marks from stones, sand, and road debris.

In addition to being markedly tough, resilient against UV exposure, and optically clear, thus unable to fade or sallow, the new Z-Shield film is engineered to “self-heal” paint jobs from minor abrasions to keep paint finishes looking new.

“This is simply the best paint protection film and professional installation process we have ever offered our customers,” said Daniel C. Baker, president of Ziebart Co. “We have spent years and an unprecedented amount of resources to develop, refine, and deliver to our franchisees and our customers Z-Shield film.” The Z-Shield film comes in gauges of .6 mil and .8 mil and carries a national warranty backed by Ziebart.

Customers may choose to have just the forward or front portions of their vehicle protected by Z-Shield, the entire hood, doors and many have the rear bumper top done to guard against scratch marks from hauling things in and out of the trunk. Ziebart’s pricing for Z-Shield allows for customers to choose select areas, bundle or even wrap the entire vehicle if desired.

The release of Z-Shield coincides with Ziebart’s 55th anniversary, and continues the company’s attempts to diversify its line of products and services. Although Ziebart remains best known for its initial specialization in automotive rustproofing, it now offers various aftermarket products and services like glass repair, remote starters, window tint, and other accessories.