Wylie Studios Commits to Detroit Area


DETROIT, May 27 /PRNewswire/ — Global Renaissance Entertainment Group Inc. (GREG) will build its movie studios in the Detroit area, CEO Arthur Wylie announced. Wylie Studios has secured commitments from some of Hollywood’s most successful movie producers for six major films to be made at the new facility over the next three years.

Wylie Studios is the latest commitment of Arthur Wylie to the Detroit area. Expanding and combining his Los Angeles, Atlanta and Charlotte operations, he moved the headquarters of Global Renaissance Entertainment Group to Allen Park earlier this year. Wylie Institute for the Study of Entrepreneurship (WISE), a Film and New Media Division is located on the campus of Stautzenberger Institute, also in Allen Park.

“The movie industry is blossoming in Michigan, and we are finalizing our location for a major studio complex to meet the needs of our productions,” Wylie said. “We have committed our future to movie-making in the Detroit area.”

Michigan is becoming the “hotspot” in American movie production making it the fifth most popular state in the United States for filming. It has the best film incentive in the United States with a tax credit of up to 42 percent of the production company’s expenditures incurred during film production. An estimated $325 million has been generated so far in Michigan with more than 87 major film productions and TV projects creating 7,000 jobs. Films include Gran Torino, Dreamgirls, Transformers, Up In the Air and 8 Mile to name a few. In 2010, three more major studios are expected to open in Michigan with the number rapidly growing.

Wylie said he hopes that GREG can build the studios at Allen Park alongside his corporate headquarters and education institute but there are several attractive options in the downtown Detroit area. “I have never been more thrilled to be part of a project such as this, because in this instance, we can benefit one of the regions hardest hit by the recent recession,” said Wylie. “We hope to add value to these communities by creating opportunities for local businesses while supporting the education and training required for current and future generations of workers to thrive in industries such as entertainment.”

Among producers currently in discussions with Wylie Studios are Mark Ordesky, executive producer of the Lord of the Rings trilogy and Scott Mednick, executive producer of 300 and Superman Returns.

“Detroit is becoming a major film city, and we intend to be a leader as the movie industry grows in Michigan,” Wylie said.

About Global Renaissance Entertainment Group Inc.:

Global Renaissance Entertainment Group Inc. is a full service film and television production company located in California and Michigan. Its primary focus is to develop solid brands that have built in audiences, facilitating the successful release of content across multiple platforms of media. This consists of films originating from Global Renaissance Entertainment Group, as well as outside content from top production companies. We strategically structure the financing, marketing, distribution and production for films and television content to be released globally.

About Wylie Institute for the Study of Entrepreneurship:
Wylie Institute for the Study of Entrepreneurship: Film and New Media Division is a Master Class Program within Stautzenberger Institute. WISE is dedicated to entrepreneurship in various businesses. The WISE Film and New Media Division will take the top students in Stautzenberger to develop their entrepreneurial skills, and upon graduation, support them in developing the startup of their own production companies, studios and marketing/PR firms. An additional goal of WISE is special placement of graduates with established entertainment-related companies.

Source: Wylie Studios